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Ius primae noctis

  • Primae Noctis - Cryptic Carnage
    "A tradition old and cruel It's rulers pleasure, it's peasant's pain A rule that was born long ago Only for the benefit of one! Einst ein Frst ohne Gnaden Hat Weib, hat Kind, hat keine Plagen Ihn qult"
  • Ad Noctis - Rotting Christ
    "Ad Noctis I am the healer and the deceiver I am the sober eye of fate I always take to be the giver I am the crimson eye of hate My love is sloth corrupting order I am the secret hand of pain I am the"
  • Opus Noctis - Gardens Of Gehenna
    "(lyrics by Birgit Lages / Uli Bauer) l'ombra della notte circonda la materia della terra I corvi fanni grandi cerchi sapra dimenticati nell'passato. posti, dore fuerrieri sono diventati eroi e la spade"
  • Mother Darkness - Personal War
    "Senses sharp as ice darkness my paradise what does it matter it is all the same to me Too fast for human eyes my presence paralyzes a silhouette that is one with time and space Born between life and death"
  • Veni, Veni Emmanuel - Robbi McMillen
    "Veni, veni Emmanuel! Captivum solve Filasn! Qui gemit in exilio, Privatus Dei Filio. Gaude, gaude, Emmanuel Nascetur pro te, Filasn. Veni, veni o oriens! Solare nos adveniens, Noctis depelle nebulas, Dirasque"
  • To Magic Horizons - Luca Turilli
    "Welcome to shadow world far under northern skies Mountains and raging seas, valleys and icy winds Inter fulmina et in tenebris / mihi horror membra percipit Quantum mortalia pectora / tora caecae noctis"
  • Boomin' In Your Jeep - Crystal Fighters
    "we did it /4x take your guard down come into my card house race the car down all he way to San Jose with you babe for you I throw my heart out catching all your stardust feel the fallout coming nut it’s"
  • Angoris Nox - Ordo Equitum Solis
    "Pavoris tempora me circumvolvunt Timores effrenati animam intercludunt enervem Silentium noctis animum obscuro afficit metu Inanis angor spem frangit reliquam Procul elabor, per silvas altas currens umbriferasque Parietes"
  • Veni, Veni, Emmanuel - Heather Dale
    "Veni, veni Emmanuel; Captivum solve Israel, Qui gemit in exilio, Privatus Dei Filio. Refrain Gaude! Gaude! Emmanuel, Nascetur pro te, Israel! Veni, veni, O Oriens; Solare nos adveniens, Noctis depelle"
  • With No Half-Measures - Void Of Silence
    "its criteria are easy 'n' fast hidden behind... the sun he lights you through the moon and you're great and he's your friend these are the criteria ov 666 ego decore domine sathanas ego decore domine sathanas his"
  • The Luciferian Revolution - Elend
    "''Flores solis, ardentes in aeternum, Ne secuti sitis fatum floris venenati... Colores delectant, inebriant odores, At siccatur sinus perpetuo lacrimando... Nam angeli cursus firmamentum lacrimarum... '' I"

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