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Ivan B - Starlights Ft. Deven Coleman

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Ivan B - Starlights Ft. Deven Coleman

  • Vato(Ft. B-Real) - Snoop Dogg
    "Asking where I'm from while he running up, Gangbang my setll nag one of them, Some things, sons they just wont change, Fools dont respect nothing but the gang bang, What's seen is what's sawn, Dogg"
  • Twerk (ft. Cardi B) - City Girls
    "do it baby stick it baby move it, baby lick it, baby suck up on that clit until that pussy got a hickey, baby watch big, coulda bought a Range Rover chain little, but I spent some change on it nigga mad,"
  • Ivan The Birdman - Leningrad Cowboys
    "I had two friends Ivan and the seal We had a deal Named by a thrill It was far out Over the hill Flying all day Flying all night People came all over To see warriors of skies Ivan's Birdman shout Always"
  • Dinner With Ivan - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "I took dinner at seven. With a tablecloth and wine. And my poor brother Ivan. Who could laugh but couldn't smile. Stories filled the evening. Of his job and of his wife. How they somehow cheated him. How"
  • End Credits (ft. Plan B) - Chase And Status
    "When the blood dries in my veins And my, heart feels no more pain I know, I'll be on my way To heaven's door I know when I knock I'll be hoping I don't drop To a place where I will rise, like before /2x I"
  • La Modelo (Ft. Cardi B) - Ozuna
    "yo quiero hacerte tantas coss sin enamorate quiero que te sientas como asi vamos aparte asi como tu quierar que te haga el amor y pa mi medelame babe en ropa interior for me to think that you are the"
  • Thotiana Remix (ft. Cardi B) - Blueface
    "Blueface bust down , Thotiana yeah right I wanna see you bust down bust down , Thotiana I wanna see you bust down pick it up now break thet shit down speed it up then slow that shit down on the gang bust"
  • Ivan i Delfin - Kabaret Pod Wyrwigroszem
    "Dla mnie to życie dziwne jeest Laski i sława ścigaja mnie Mogę uciekać mogę niee Jedno i drugie dopadnie mniee Kiedy nawiedzam dziwne skru często czyszczee damski biust jebut jebut jebut Ja śpiewam nie"
  • B.Y.O.B. (ft. Wallpaper) - Bobby Brackins
    "Bring Your Own Bot Bring Your Own Bottle /x4 It's B.Y.O.B. and my girl real appealing Kleptomaniac Your girls what I'm stealing I you ain't knowing you should get with it My pimpin' ain't knowing you"
  • Nie b - Ivan i Delfin
    "Taki szary dzień Tysiąc jasnych lamp nie rozświetli go. Wielkich małych trosk Więcej albo mniej. Tylko kilka słów Niczym mur od ludzi dzieli cię. Ile zwiędłych róż Będzie, któż to wie?! Już nie, Nie bój,"
  • Ride Or Die (ft. Misha B) - Angel
    "yeah yeaah yeaah yeaah what the hell is happening? all she did was give it to me once and now i back up and dagging 'em like i had to hit the back again turned edgy on the couch man trying to be the traffican i"
  • Bring it Back (ft. Terri B.) - Global Deejays & Niels van Gogh
    "Bring it back Back to the way where it used to be Bring it back 'Cause I know, I know, I know Bring it back Back to the way where it used to be Bring it back 'Cause I know, I know, I know Bring it back Bring"
  • Girls Like You (ft. Cardi B) - Maroon 5
    "spent 24 hours i need more hours with you you spent the weekend getting even we spent the late nights making things right between us but now it’s all good, babe roll that back wood, babe and play me"
  • No Guns Allowed (ft. Drake & Cori B) - Snoop Lion
    "Money makes a man, and that’s a crime If we all were rich, we’d spend more time With our daughters and sons, they’re losing their minds We all feel hurt, here’s mine… hear me now No guns are allowed in"
  • House Party (Ft. B-Case & U-Jean) - DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark
    "Parents out of town You know it's going down Mix me that jack and coke And watch me drink it now We going hard No doubt about it all So many shots I can't even count 'em all Freaks only Welcome to my"
  • Wish Wish (ft. Cardi B, 21 Savage) - DJ Khaled
    "I went to the club and guess who I seen? a mother* that been stunnin’ on me I told them wanted to match? or back the thing out ain;t showin’ off my jewels but shots gon’ ring out now that’s what I get"
  • Remain Nameless (Pete Coleman Original Mixdown) - Napalm Death
    "No place. My number's up. Still not good enough. Sequested, should I bow my head? Unlucky? Not to be a part . Accept the ordeal, bar-coded. Cut the deals, downloaded. Succession strains. Misinformed."
  • Shoulda Been There (ft. B.o.B.) - Sevyn Streeter
    "They say you never know what you got 'til it's gone You shoulda been there, now she's singing this song Before this goes wrong, we should take a break Cause you feel like you know, you know everything Before"
  • B.O.R. (ft. Gedz) - Paluch
    "Paluch:. (ehhee) Biuro Ochrony Rapu (B.O.R) Donatan Syntetyczna Mafia (Syntetyczna Mafia) Ta.. Biuro Ochrony Rapu to B do O do R Polujemy na pojebanych łaków ich rap to epikfejl Jesteś z nami chłopaku"
  • Ivan Meets G.I. Joe - The Clash
    "So you're on the floor, at 54 Think you can last - at the Palace Does your body go to the to and fro? But tonight's the night - or didn't you know That Ivan meets G.I. Joe He tried his tricks- that Ruskie"

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