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Ive been do good last night i lodt my mind


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Ive been do good last night i lodt my mind

  • Ive Never Been In Love - Suzi Quatro
    "Oh no I can't write my name Oh - don't you know I'm so blasted. How this revelation it is hotter Than a matchhead And I'm ready to go Ready to fly away with you And I may lose everything But I don't"
  • Where Ive Been All Day - Luniz
    "I'm spoilin' all bitches!! Uh, if ya wanna, side to side, let me get some, side to side, let me get some, side to side, let me fuck, side to side, let me fuck, let me fuck. It's like front, back, side"
  • Ive Learned - Andy Griggs
    "Ive learned that sex can sell anything on TV Ive learned that what you get aint always what you see Ive learned that politics and acting are the same profession And the soul gets mighty sick when it goes"
  • Ive Been Waitin For Tomorrow - The The
    "****************** I watch the sun go down on London town I wait for the night voices to sound I smell the pain upon the breath of the lost & lonely I hear the thoughts that whisper in the hearts of all"
  • Last Night - Ralph Tresvant
    "to long ive waited for this moment tormented by the thought that i could lose a good thang not yet, i havent completed my mission only wishing that you could be my only lover know i support, guilty of"
  • Do You Mind? - Robbie Williams
    "This is a song full of metaphors All I've been eating is tobacco and chaw They let me into your country though Then I can show you what you're missing me for I'm a night kind of animal You're a reciever,"
  • You Been On My Mind - Emmylou Harris
    "(Rodney Crowell) Guess it's time for me to say just how it is that I feel today Today is just like any other day cause you've been on my mind It really hasn't been that long but it's funny where the time"
  • Last Night - Gloria Gaynor
    "I've been spending too much time Living in your world instead of mine Telling myself that's where I'd rather be Pouring the coffee and pouring the wine Waiting for you to have forever in mind So much more"
  • Last Night - Vanessa Hudgens
  • Girl Ive Got A Date - Alton Ellis
    "Girl I've got a date And I just mean, I can't stay late, whoah-ooo-oo. All my life and I've warning you, girl And not just once or twice Take this from me: I'm as free as the birds in the tree-eee Girl"
  • Last Night - Montell Jordan
    "Chorus Let's cuddle up I'll wrap my arms around your waist And lie down naked by the fireplace On a bearskin rug We can make sweet love And then snuggle up We don't need no sheets tonite Just"
  • Been Good - Deepface
    "I been good but... I been good but.. I been good but.. I been good but.. ..i can be better. ..i can be better. In the night, alright.. I'll fly on silver wings. When the morning comes, i'm gonna to do"
  • We've Been Holding Back - Our Last Night
    "And there's something missing I guess I'll never come to my senses Never have another chance like this (And if I did) I'd do it all (Over again) When this falls apart And all plans break down Into meaningless"
  • If I Lose My Mind - Porter Wagoner
    "Mama it's so good to be back home again I'm so proud to see that you are looking well Yes I know that I look a little weary oh but mama I have been through living hell Mama you know how much I've always"
  • Been Away - Jermaine Dupri
    "Q "The Kid" ft. Jermaine Dupri "Been Away" JD its been a long time comin, im here now nobody can stop that verse 1 (JD) i done traveled long distances im the meaning of what persistence is and music is"
  • Ive Got My Love To Keep Me Warm - Les Brown
    "MY DREAMS ARE GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME Les Brown - introduced by Marion Hutton in the film "In Society" - lyrics as recorded by Doris Day with The Les Brown Orchestra Well, what do you know, he smiled"
  • Ive Loved Enough To Know - Deana Carter
    "I hear what you're telling me but that don't make it so Two timing talking sweet from the time your feet hit the floor My heart is telling me it's time to let you go Oh baby let go... I've loved enough"
  • Good Night - Kanye West
    "(Bridge - Mos Def) I'm not sure anymore-more Who is knocking at my door-door All the faces that I know You make them sunny and new (Chorus - Mos Def) I don't wanna say goodbye to you So I'll just say"
  • Back Where Ive Stayed - Choclair
    "You dont have to worry cause Im comin YEAH I see your hammer, I see your car, We see you Mr Norm Back to where I still have always stayed I see your circle, I see your figures, I see your paranorm You"
  • Last Good Sleep - Company Flow
    "At night I cover my ears in tears The man downstairs must have drank too many beers But one day you'll pay Doomed to this kid that you fueled with anger actions Disgust mostly sick most, never have satisfaction Till"

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