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  • Los clonos de J.t - Babasonicos
    "Somos los clonos de Travolta obvio, nos gusta, bailar dos anfetas dentro de un baso de vodka calzando un pene, particular mi camisa apretada huele a saturday night entro en flash a 2001 silbo melodas de"
  • Willow - Sarah Slean
    "Willow tree by the sea Where the guards lie How I love to look at you With all my aching lie Winter comes winter kills Let it go by Therell be better days Willow Dont cry Willow star shine afar in a dark"
  • Willow - Joan Armatrading
    "I may not be your best But you know good ones Don't come by the score If you've got something missing I'll help you look You can be sure And if you want to be alone Or someone to share a laugh Whatever"
  • willow - Taylor Swift
    "I am like the water When your ship rolled in the night Rough on the Surface But you cut through like a knife And if it was an openlshut case I never would’ve known from look on your face Lost in your"
  • Willow - The Creatures
    "I remember the island There's a tale to spin of the water wheel Snap of a conger eel A triangular canvas in a sea of green Translucent Man O' War staring to the shore Roller coaster rides, a wish"
  • Willow - Diary Of Dreams
    "Just give me nails To be my burden Crucified emotions struggle to survive And the truth, she has not heard for long Cold and bare, but sacred ? Who has the guts to spread such lies A picture of a willow"
  • Willow - JJ72
    "by the bright leaves in the garden of my saviour as the parasol gently shades her i can't see you when i want to where i am now with our old lives left behind us we are new now oh yeah only way i want"
  • Willow - Phantom/Ghost
    "You don't have to go to school What you do is beautiful What you do is luxury Enchanting, witchcraft, misery You should see you Through my eyes I do believe Your spells arise And therefore Mrs Rosenberg Your"
  • t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l (ft. Travis Barker) - WILLOW
    "I don't fucking know If it’s a lie or it’s a fact All your littel fake friends Will sell your secrets for some cash Smile in my face Then put your cig out on my back If you ever see me just get running"
  • Willow Tree - Johnny Tillotson
    "(Willow willow) weeping willow willow willow weep for me I found my love neath the willow tree Her kiss was sweet as a kiss could be And oh she loved me tenderly beneath the willow tree Willow willow"
  • Willow tree - Ferlin Husky
    "Willow tree willow tree you're weeping too Blue grows the willow tree outside my door it knows my heart will be happy no more Willow tree willow tree green leaves turned to blue Willow tree willow tree"
  • Little Willow - Paul McCartney
    "Bend, little willow Wind's gonna blow you Hard and cold tonight Life, as it happens Nobody warns you Willow, hold on tight Nothing's gonna shake your love Take your love away No one's out to break your"
  • Willow Tree - Alton Ellis
    "They say that once the tear has fallen, the willow cries eternally cry not for me, my willow tree don't shed your tears eternally cause I have found the love I've searched for I need your tears no"
  • Willow tree - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Let me be your weeping willow treeSurround you with my long limbsMy dear, let me grow in the shadeIn the sands by the bank of your riverLet I drink from your streamsThe cool breeze fill my leavesWe will"
  • Willow Tree - G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE
    "Let me be your weeping willow tree Surround you with my long limbs My dear, Let me grow in the shade In the sands by the bank of your river Let I drink from your streams The cool breeze fill my leaves We"
  • Willow Tree - The Waifs
    "Under the willow tree, that's where I wait for you to come back to me, but you're so far away. I just sit by here in the morning sun, and I wait under the willow tree. It was a bitter seed that you left"
  • Weeping willow - Kingston Trio
    "Chorus: Bury me beneath the willow, 'neath the weeping willow tree. When she hears that I am sleeping, maybe then, she'll think of me. My heart is sad and I am lonely. Dreaming of the one that I love."
  • Weeping Willow - The Kingston Trio
    "Bob Shane/Nick Reynolds/John Stewart Chorus: Bury me beneath the willow, 'neath the weeping willow tree. When she hears that I am sleeping, maybe then, she'll think of me. My heart is sad and I am lonely."
  • Willow (Demo) - Emilie Autumn
    "Willow, weep for me Bow your tallest tree Down to the infamous hands Of someone no one understands I'm not unique in this It's based on none but my mistake And as I lie awake Thinking of all the hearts"
  • Pussy willow - Jethro Tull
    "In the half-tone light of a young morning she sighs and shifts on the pillow. And across her face dancing, the first shadows fly to kiss the Pussy Willow. In her fairy-tale world she's a lost soul singing"

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