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  • Miller - Stan Tutaj
    "Co to się stało, Że ciało nie wybrało Znów Józefa Oleksego, Chociaż chłop jest czysty. Idą młode lwy Na szczyt partyjnej listy, Ze świecą tu, kolego, Szukać komunisty. Już tylko Miller Popłynie każdym"
  • Miller - Darkbuster
    "Millers made the American wayBorn and brewed in the USAThere just as proud as the people that are drinkin it todayMillers Made..The American WayMillers made the American wayBorn and brewed in the USAThere"
  • Jacob - Allister
    "Allister Miscellaneous Jacob jacob sits outside the door and runs into the class when i sit down he takes a seat right next to me i never thought about it until now and even if a boy"
  • Jacob - Lennon
    "VERSE: I'm dancing in your story Find myself lost in the words I'm looking for the ending I'm looking for our happiness in the folds CHORUS: And it's all good till you realize There's no happiness to"
  • Jacob - Jackopierce
    ""Jacob's a fine boy but his parents don't get along they hardly talk, when they do he thinks he's done something wrong he heard all the screaming as he lay down to bed he should have been sleeping but"
  • jacob - młody nykiel
    "Zajebałem szkołę ale dziś mam kurwa klasę. Powyciągałem wnioski, że kurwa wciągałem. Pytają mnie "Kuba kiedy znajdziesz pracę?" Nigdzie nie emigrowałem ale jestem w ciężkim stanie. "Czemu tyle pijesz Kuba"
  • Dusty Miller - Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
    "Verse 1: Hey, the dusty Miller, And his dusty coat, He will win a shilling, Or he win a groat Dusty was the coat, Dusty was the colour, Dusty was the kiss That I gat frae the Miller. Verse 2: Hey the"
  • Brother Jacob - Head East
    "Hey Brother Jacob I trust you're well today You've been dealin' with the devil And cast your soul away Ol' Brother Jacob lived 93 years Not a second of it on his knees He lived in a little wood shanty Down"
  • Jacob Black - The Mitch Hansen Band
    "Jacob Black She's not coming back La Push has come to shove And she's through with you Can't you see You're just a dog to me If you come near her again I'll eat you too First you missed her Then you kissed"
  • Jacob Shock - Himsa
    "Unleashed - he will unleash with brutal backlash That holds my bane and beauty I'll grant him vengeance to render them powerless Punish me bitter battle of bottled beasts So sick and deranged masochistic"
  • The Dusty Miller - Robert Burns
    "The Dusty Miller (Robert Burns) Hey, the dusty miller, And his dusty coat! He will win a shilling, Or he win a groat. Dusty was the coat, Dusty was the colour, Dusty was the kiss That I gat frae the miller! Hey"
  • Jak Mac Miller - ZBUKU
    "kur* czuję się jak Mac Miller w żyłach mam już tylko kokainę trochę smutne kocie, ale chyba tak odpłynę mam dopiero 26 lat, jak Mac Miller to co przeżyłem to już moje kocie ostatni raz bez spadochronu"
  • Susan Miller Rag - Bright Eyes
    "When all the knots attention keep you from getting loose Relax your love Relax your living And cruise... past the People's Choice and their backwards attitudes. When you're done all sleeping and all your"
  • Fly Away - Jacob Miller
    "yo no tengo la cancion acima,pero yo vengo tentando buscala en todos los sites nacionales e internacionales non solamente este,pero varios e varios.es como se jacob miller jamas ouviera cantado en su vida.el"
  • Voice Of Jacob - Seven Witches
    "When you look into his eyes (sensing haunting deja-vu) Do you see yourself inside (a child, reflections of me) Are your questions finally asked (Jacob run, run, Jacob run) The voices keep haunting me (Jacob,"
  • Jacob Marley's Chain - Aimee Mann
    "Well, today a friend told me this sorry tale as he stood there trembling and turning pale he said each day's harder to get on the scale sort of like Jacob Marley's chain. *** Verse 2: But it's not like"
  • Jacob Marley's chain - Alimee Mann
    "Well, today a friend told me this sorry tale As he stood there trembling and turning paleHe said each day's harder to get on the scale sort of like Jacob Marley's chain. But it's not like life's such a"
  • Wake Up Jacob - Porter Wagoner
    "Far away on yonder hill old Blue's a barking at a coon I guess he's chased all night And it's just about two hours before dawning and Jacob's cabin doesn't show a light In the ruffle of the leaves beside"
  • Everything (Jacob Hoggard) - Canadian Idol
    "You steal my heart And you take my breath away Won't you take me in? Won't you take me deeper now How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you? Won't you tell me how could it be any better than"
  • The Ronald Miller Story - Kid Dynamite
    "No one ever told me what to think when I'm alone. No one ever told me how to feel when emotion is cold. Can she save me from my disease? A token sunrise sickens the incomplete. It's an off day when I'm"

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