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JILL SCOTT Wondering Why

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JILL SCOTT Wondering Why

  • Jill - Mr. T Experience
    "I was here when the call came through, Jill and I screened it like I always do, Jill and they hung up on the machine just like you, Jill well, that sounds like one of your stunts, Jill and I'm only gonna"
  • Wondering Why? (You Don't Talk To Me) - Jill Scott
    "You don’t talk to me no more I’m wondering why not Things have changed dramatically I’m the same Queen That cares for you unconditionally Here’s your friend and definitely I ain’t frontin’ girlfriend,"
  • Wondering Why - Anders Johansson
    "Maybe it's the matter of time Maybe it's a question of faith Maybe that's the way the cards fall Maybe it's still not too late Neither one of us wants to go through this And maybe we will never know what"
  • Wondering Why - Hanson
    "I'm wondering why... Once again I'm playing Lies are all you're saying Got me wondering why Just wondering why While you're on the breaking Feel my spirit sinking Got me wondering why Just wondering why With"
  • Wondering why - Twiztid
    "Off the windows in my mind at night There somethings going on, some of them are not right I've been locked in this house, and it's confused and cold No one is there on the couch, and I'm alone Inside of"
  • Wondering - Widespread Panic
    "I've been working 'neath The grey sky And I'm wonderin' Still, I'm wondering why Must I lay low In a room full of strangers? Well, I'm thinking Thinking makes the danger My emotions they get all tangled"
  • Wondering - Blind Melon
    "The lyrics are right but the name of the song is I Wonder. hey i'd like to daze away to a place no one has known in a state of mind i could call mine and only i could own where i can hum a tune any time"
  • Scott - Deathray
    "scott if i ever see you i am gonna kill you and then... i will get sent back to jail the pope'll send the bail in tens... and twenties cause his god is funny spent all my f***in' money and i still feel"
  • Funky For You (feat. Bilal & Jill Scott) - Common
    "(feat. Bilal, Jill Scott) Chorus: Bilal, Jill Scott Alright.....Okay [4X'] Alright......We'll make it funky for you now I'm a child of the ahh - The 87 ahh From the streets - Get on a beat and go"
  • 8 Minutes To Sunrise (feat. Jill Scott) - Common
    "(featuring Jill Scott) Yeah, yo, yo, yo-yo, yo, yo Yo, a touch of jazz y'all, yeah, yeah ?? y'all, yo they got us on the run, like 8 minutes to sunrise Oh baby now, what are we gonna do? (I don't"
  • Rip jill - Mia X
    "Its not a day in my life that goes by That I don't get high as the tears fill my eyes And I scream why, did my sister have to die Lord Take these evil plots off my mind Lord Its not a day in my life that"
  • Keeps Me Wondering Why - Steve Miller Band
    "(Gary Mallaber and Kenny Lee Lewis) Sensations drift away When I'm all alone How can you take away my feelings Bet our love until you lose Then give back what you've been stealing All these changes I"
  • Can't Help Wondering Why - Nick Drake
    "I could have done better things If someone shut my mouth Or somebody clipped my wings So many wasted evenings Talking the same sweet talk Always the last ones leaving Waking up when fortunes knock I've"
  • Can't Help Wondering Why - Blue Rodeo
    "I could have done better things If someone shut my mouth Or somebody clipped my wings So many wasted evenings Talking the same sweet talk Always the last ones leaving Waking up when fortunes knock"
  • Why (Scott Moffatt Solo) - The Moffatts
    "Why do you always do this to me Why couldn't you just see it through me how come if you act like this like you just don't care at all Do you expect me to believe that I was only one to fall I can feel"
  • Wondering Who - Jacksons
    "(By Jackie Jackson and Randy Jackson) I've got you wondering who Look what you put me through No more planning to start anew I've got you wondering who I come to you to love you once again But you never"
  • Forever wondering - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "I woke up late this morningThat's the second lime this weekIf my boss finds out I'm late againHe's sure to make me leaveIs there no end to my worriesI'm forever wonderingMy girlfriend's name is SusanWe"
  • Jill - Harry Connick Jr.
    "I know a girl Who says she loves me She says she needs me And I have reason to believe her Good reason Like when we kiss My eyes won't open My heart won't listen And I don't have a word to say No, not"
  • You're probably wondering why i'm here - Frank Zappa
    "You're probably wondering why I'm here, And so am I! Som am I! Just as much as you wonder, 'Bout me bein' in this place, That's just how much I marvel At the lameness on your face - You rise each day the"
  • Why Bother Wondering When Wonders All You Got - Moneen
    "I am scared as I can be, to where I can't breathe. I am lonely as I can be, lonely as I will let me be here alone with you. With you. I wished too hard, too much, too fast. I can't believe in... And it"

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