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Jack Garratt - Weathered

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Jack Garratt - Weathered

  • Weathered - Creed
    "I lie awake on a long, dark night I can't seem to tame my mind Slings and arrows are killing me inside Maybe I can't accept the life that's mine No maybe I can't accept the life that's mine Simple living"
  • Weathered Wall - David Sylvian
    "You were someone to believe in A place for hope in a changing world Feeling every moment Every one of the years spent in your arms After a lifetime of living These soiled hands show no life at all Working"
  • Weathered Tome - AFI
    "They're coming 'round again. I've returned and they've been waiting. Their aged offererings received and returned, passed through wet eyes. I tremble as I feel them rolling in for, my sins, the old"
  • Weathered Tome - A.F.I.
    "Oh my God! My God this can't be happening! God tell me, tell me this isn't real! I can't believe all that I have foreseen is finally happening. I cannot for a single second stand the way I feel. I always"
  • Torn And Weathered - Yesterdays Rising
    "I see why its so hard To see through a shattered dream Or see myself in my own well being I see why its so hard for you to see Through this broken window. Was it wise, to have the thrown the rock? (rock,"
  • The Weathered Tome - AF1
    "AF1 Miscellaneous The Weathered Tome they're coming round again. i've returned and they've been waiting. their aged offerings received and returned, passed through wet eyes. i tremble as i feel them rolling"
  • The weathered tome - AFI
    "They're coming round again. i've returned and they've been waiting. their aged offerings received and returned, passed through wet eyes. i tremble as i feel them rolling in for, my sins, the old ghosts"
    "I want your body, everybody wants your body, so let's jack. Let's jack. I want your body, everybody wants your body, so let's jack. Come on, let's jack. /3x Jack, jack, jack... I want your body, everybody"
    "Jack when we were younger we hung out We were inseparable But now Jack you stole my thunder Like my girl became my nemesis He might be Mr. Popularity but I wouldn’t wanna change a thing about me Uh oh"
  • Jack - And Also The Trees
    "Jack went out one stormy day To see where his feet would go They took him from his sleeping town Across land both high and low They took him through the velvet streets Where men walked on their toes And"
  • Jack - Xavier Rudd
    "Jack would stand one Foot in front of the Other foot and then Lick his lips again The train came past about Three o'clock or so His mother told him so All the kids should know His hand was sore from All"
  • Jack - Toploader
    "Don't you cry for you and I Don't know why the reasons why Why you had to spread your wings Cos changes are the hardest things Out of sight and out of mind Out of my hand and out of my life The leaves"
  • Jack - Avant
    "Mi Mi Mi girl close your eyes Mi Mi Mi got a surprise Mi Mi Mi don't run and hide let me take you on ride First We'll go to Cleveland We'll kissin and huggin is what we'll do Next We'll go to Miami And"
  • Jack - Aurora
    "Hey little girl I would like to show you my photo collection Here I stand with Jack in my hand You were perfect little girl So perfect Hey yellow girl Here I stand in No-mans-land With a stupid sun in"
  • Jack - Iced Earth
    "I...I am a bastard son Conceived of a hundred men Now I'm the Chosen One Back, looking back Father William called me Johnny But my mother called me Jack I...I scream out to you As I see them take you Hell,"
  • Jack - Widespread Panic
    "Jack was really a jester Who held his one good eye on the queen And there sat the king beside her He's pointing his sword up and down with every scene And the wizard's in the corner Catching peanuts between"
  • Jack - Attacker
    "Dark and gloomy London streets In the shadow lurks this evil Twisted soul, his heart grows gold Anger brewing, tension seetheing Psychopath is on the loose taking life, his hatred crime No one stops this"
  • Jack Kerouac - Jack Johnson
    "Listen to the sex and music in the stereo.Cruisin' in my Cadillac, Ya know I'm gonna losing in JackKerouac.Now I'm Cruisin' in my Cadillac, I'm gonna lose me, JackKerouacI said I'm Cruisin' in my Cadillac,,"
  • Captain Jack - Captain Jack
    "Ejo Captain JackBring me back to the railroad trackRunning to the railroad trackRun along with Captain JackRun into the peacecamp backRun along with Captain JackBadadadideido, left right right leftBadadadideido,"
  • Jack Queen Jack - Koma
    "Primer testigo de la acusación Seor del aparato policial Un punto ms para su promoción Y a mi se me acabó la libertad Tengo amigos dentro que daran lo que fuera Por tenerme contento Uno en especial te"

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