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Jaden - Summertime In Paris Willow

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Jaden - Summertime In Paris Willow

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Jaden - Summertime In Paris Willow
  • Milburn Summertime
    "We only go out in the summertime, Well its gone, Things dont look too good from the other side, But hold on, Something good, Is on its way, Strong enough, To force a change, We only go out in the summertime, (We"
  • Amelle Summertime
    "You are the one who brightens up the day You're always there to take my pain away Yeah yea-yeah, you're my summertime Oh lord, you are the one You are the light of summertime You shine so bright, the"
  • The Rembrandts Summertime
    "I see the world pass by Dressed in their winter blues A tear in my eye For someone that I knew And ya....You know it won't be long Before I melt away Like a river runs...into the bay Today the sun is hidin' Tomorrow"
  • New Kids On The Block Summertime
    "Spoken: Jones Beach 1988. Come on! Do you remember, Or should I rewind, To that summer when you caught my eye, I played it cool, The weather was hot, You had the beauty and the beach on lock. With your"
  • Sioen Summertime
    "in the summertime in the summertime do come near, hope is in a loop can you feel it, shining like a tube in the centre, in the brass you came to surrender those who really shame in the summertime, drink"
  • Mae Summertime
    "Summertime, summertime brought me back to thinking you were mine all those times. We laid it down and left it all behind, we were blind. Oh, the summertime. We could ride, we could ride. Take my hand"
  • Robbie Williams Summertime
    "This is how I pray in the summertime, this is how I pray in the summer Got my glass of shandy, now I feel fine, this is how I pray yeah The more you say, the more you pray, the less it's getting you down The"
  • Sublime Summertime
    "Summertime and the livin's easy Bradley's on the microphone with Ras-MG All the people in the dance will agree that we're well qualified to represent the LBC Me and Louie we're gunna run to the party"
  • Audio Adrenaline Summertime
    "I want to play all day And swim out in the waves In a lagoon that has no shark to bite my legs A perfect place where we can all laugh out loud With palm trees, an ocean breeze And never any clouds Get"
  • The Sundays Summertime
    "Some people wind up With the one that they adore In a heart-shaped hotel room It's what a heart is for The bubble floats so madly Will it stay sky-high? Hello partner, kiss your name bye-bye Ooh sometimes Romantic"
  • Another Level Summertime
    "Damn, I think I've got a hangover, too much mo the nite before, lady at my front door with a big booty and a cheque for me. Why in the hell is it so damn hot? And its only 110'clock Lord help me cause"
  • The Busters Summertime
    "Summertime is back in town Time to get your scooter out Winter days so far away Take you for ride Show them all your custom bits Get your chromate gats polished Seaside run is back again And you will meet"
  • TQ Summertime
    "Ha ha, yeah On a whole nother level Cool Westside Guys On the summertime Summertime Breeze is out, got to weed us out Come on In the summertime Yeah Yeah Damn i think i gotta a hangover Too much"
  • Larue Summertime
    "What have we done? We have lessened our thoughts on love Some say, there is as many as three But I believe that there's one for me One for me If God could make the stars in the sky Then why can't He make"
  • Carina Round Paris
    "Paris is beautiful during the summertime, I hearHere is so dull and grey after the April snow has clearedI keep New York in mind, rain on the streets this time of yearI saw you in my mind, I conquer your"
  • Brooke Jonatha Paris
    "L'Allemand used to visit me in Paris, in Paris I remember the men, I remember the houses in Paris His station nearby, I was his afternoons We didn't mind, we shared everything, everything, in Paris And"
  • BT Paris
    "Ya mon... another day another time... set another fire... {Less than behold when I and I come to take control and cause}... Come on BT... drop the {???} Let me come... {???} BT {?????} guarantee each and"
  • Post Malone Lonely (ft. Jaden Smith & Téo)
    "I just... Can I... I just... I just, Can I... I just... Can I... I just, I just Can I, I just I just want to see you (Damn) Something I can see through baby (Man) You make my dreams come true Can I... Can"
  • Jeff Finlin Summertime
    "Summertime Blowing kisses in the park Summertime, staying out till after dark Oh it feels so good Feels so right Feels so good, you and me and summertime Summertime. Summertime I'm drunk on"
  • Van Morrison Summertime In England
    "Can you meet me in the country In the summertime in England Will you meet me? Will you meet me in the country In the summertime in England Will you meet me? We'll go riding up to Kendal in the country In"

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