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Jamaica, Land We Love

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Jamaica, Land We Love

  • Jamaica - Jah Cure
    "Looking for a place to have a perfect vacation, Or even a honeymoon I know the place to make the perfect reservation, Come let me take you there soon, yeah To a place called Jamaica, Where the island"
  • Jamaica - Dr. Evil
    "Jamaica ,jamaica right now im talking to, Jamaica ,jamaica all the leaders of, Jamaica ,jamaica the ghetto people from Jamaica, jamaica all the garrisons Why minime Verse 1 Prime minister ,prime minister"
  • Sweet Jamaica - Tony Rebel
    "Sweet Jamaica man a I and I land that Me no stop love it And me know the whole massive love it And them respect it to man, hear this Help me big up Jamaica The land of wood and water The systems might"
  • Jamaica girl - Sailor
    "The sands of time slip through our fingers Here in the cool of the Caribbean night Please don't cry when tomorrow I fly away And have to find a way of saying our last goodbye Jamaica girl, right from the"
  • Jamaica Mistaica - Jimmy Buffett
    "Some folks say that I've got the perfect life. Three swell kids, lots of toys and a lovely wife. I fly. I sail. I throw caution to the wind. Drift like a stratus cloud above the Caribbean. But every now"
  • Nah Gwan A Jamaica - Elephant Man
    "Intro: Yep, Davjoa Voo bun dem out Fadda God say fi me fi bun down Saddam and Gomara so When mi done with dem, dem nah do live fi see tomorrow so Fadda God say fi me fi bun down Saddam and Gomara so Jamaicans"
  • Jamaica - Alborosie
    "Jamaica.. ouhhh jamaica i hope u're find i must consert u're always on my mind i can't pretend to be right next to you and the all the think that we just to do i should say i be beg to you i should say"
  • Jamaica - Elephant Man
    "J-A-M Jamaica I-C-A Jamaica, J-A-M Jamaica I-C-A Jamaica Yu na see us walk, me say if yu nu hear we man bumbaclat talk Jamaica anywe unu de, shot up yu nine ca we a represent, YU KNO Jamaicans lif up"
  • Jamaica - G.G. Anderson
    "A long long time ago there was a boy He lived his life alone without any joy; One day he found a bird with broken wings Oh he called him Andy and they shared everything. Days becoming shorter at the end"
  • Here In Jamaica - Bunny Wailer
    "Come along every goodie Come and hear what I have to say Come and listen and I will tell you What is the talk of the town today and every corner that you may walk You see a group of people balk They're"
  • Sun Of Jamaica - Goombay Dance Band
    "Long time ago, when I was a young boy I saw that movie 'Mutiny on the Bounty' Starring my idol, Marlon Brando And I felt a yearning for that great adventure So many nights I woke up out of a dream A dream"
  • Christmas In Jamaica - Toni Braxton
    "Written by Toni Braxton, Donnie Scantz, Keri Lewis, O. Burrell, Craig Love, Dave Kelly We'll be having fun Under the golden sun Christmas in Jamaica here we come... We'll just sail on, just sail... Lovers"
  • Sun Of Jamaica - Boney M
    "Long time ago, when I was a young Boy, I saw that movie, "Mutiny on theBounty" Starring my idol, Marlon Brando. And I felt a yearning for that Great adventure. So many nights I woke up out of aDream A"
  • Sun Of Jamaica - Boney M.
    "Long time ago, when I was a young Boy, I saw that movie, "Mutiny on theBounty" Starring my idol, Marlon Brando. And I felt a yearning for that Great adventure. So many nights I woke up out of aDream A"
  • Land - Duran Duran
    "Baby, I'm really sorry To break your dream When it's so early Headlights On the windowpane They're getting lost In the light of day Tomorrow is today And soon my ship will sail Away from here To walk"
  • Love Land - Martina McBride
    "Wasn't wearing a wedding dress in a Vegas wedding chapel They were herding us in and out of there like we were cattle Not exactly the fairy tale that I had planned But mama said aren't you supposed to"
  • Love Land - Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
    "I have heard all about Love Land And all of its little charms But I know I'll never get to Love Land Unless I'm wrapped up in your arms Got to take me with you Baby please, take me with you How I'd love"
  • Miss Jamaica - Jimmy Cliff
    "Roses are red, violets are blue Believe me, I love you Let's not be apart Because you're the rose of my heart My sweet rose, you are my queen You're my Miss Jamaica My Miss Jamaica You're my Miss Jamaica"
  • Jamaica Reggae - Los Pericos
    "I feel so good in your leaves, ganja everything it's OK. I want I get my fingers burnt I feel I feel no pain I walk alone I'm not worried I wanna feel you in my head. Ganja, ganja it's not polution Why"
  • Jamaica Jerk - Right Said Fred
    "I love the summer The sea and clear blute waters Mother nature her sons And all her daughters If you've come to boogie But you've got no plans 365-24-7 Join us on the sand Hey now hey now doing the Jerk"

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