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James Blunt Bonfire Heart

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James Blunt Bonfire Heart

  • Bonfire Heart - James Blunt
    "Your mouth is a revolver firing bullets in the sky Your love is like a soldier, loyal till you die And I’ve been looking at the stars for a long, long time I’ve been putting out fires all my life Everybody"
  • OK (feat. James Blunt) - Robin Schulz
    "I really need you /2x Love right now I’m fading fast Not gonna last I’m really stupid I’m burning up I’m going down I win it back Don’t even ask When I found in the middle in the middle /2x Could you"
  • Melody (feat. James Blunt) - Lost Frequencies
    "hey melody every night you play me something sweet and when I’m down you always change the key I need you now my heart has lost the beat and I’m counting on your love hey melody we both could use a reason"
  • Bonfire - Beat Happening
    "Drums along the beach at night keep pacing... Drum stop heart and start the rites of mating... What's it gonna be? (Bonfire...) Is it him or me? (Bonfire...) Keep throwing the wood on 'til one is gone... Bonfire,"
  • Bonfire - Cat Stevens
    "I can't budge baby I can't move without your love to guide me I don't know honey that's the truth what laid you down beside me, Heat me with your love oh, your lips were meant for mine Nobody else can"
  • Blunt - Wild Strawberries
    "I don't want to be beautiful No one ever hears her speak I don't want to be a diplomat With a heart attack for peace All that I need is a fire escape All that I need is a stone Everything that starts"
  • Blunt Ashes - Nas
    "Yo, I want the Langston Hughes and Alex Haley got blazed before they told stories I'ma get blazed before I tell y'all stories I saw on tv today, this man lost his son, his son died So he had him cremated,"
  • James - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon/Mike Mainieri) James, Your voice is like the water When I lift this shell to my ear I can hear you pourin' out your heart to me James, The beauty of your voice Lifts us from sadness James, Let"
  • James - Lloyd Cole
    "ugly children with poor complexions and greasy hair receive no concessions and it`s a heartless world and it`s a thoughtless heartless world oh james oh you're a terrible child hide yourself away from"
  • James - O.A.R.
    "You said, "Young man, don't rely on a sword, Cause your words will outlive even time." I've counted my blessings. The rest are for you. Please listen close for a while, And breathe, breathe, deep for me"
  • Bonfire - Lamb
    "Have you ever wondered why those days exist When life just seems to be the conspiracy against you I don't know where the answers lie But I try not to get hung up on the questions I burn like a good bonfire In"
  • Heart To Heart - James Blunt
    "There are times when I don't know where I stand (woah, sometimes) You make me feel like I'm a boy and not a man (woah, sometimes) There are times when you don't give me a smile (woah, sometimes) I'll lie"
  • Blunt - Tapes 'N Tapes
    "Late at night in the bedlum back rooms they sought you out breakers come in the dark crowds hits all hits all around you say i come look down you're wrong in the night i wanna go home In the night I'm"
  • Blunt - Sunk Loto
    "Another finger to be pointed Another voice to be heard Another finger to be pointed An eye for an eye And your presence is annoying And you never got burned I could never decide for life or suicide Save"
  • James River - Cracker
    "You come across the James River For a needle and a spoon Would you come across the James River To be my woman again To be my woman again You come across the old lee bridge For a dollar fifty in change Would"
  • Jessie James - Bruce Springsteen
    "Jesse James and his boys rode that Dodge City Trail, Held up the midnight Southern mail, And there never was a man with the law in his hand That could keep Jesse James in a jail. It was Frank and Jesse"
  • James Connelly - Tones Wolfe
    "James Connolly Collected and Arranged by The Wolfe Tones The man was all shot through that came to day into the Barrack Square And a soldier I, I am not proud to say that we killed him there They brought"
  • Jesse James - The Pogues
    "(Traditional) Jesse James we understand Has killed many a man He robbed the Union trains He stole from the rich and gave to the poor He had a hand and a heart and a brain Well it was on a Saturday night The"
  • James Connolly - Wolfe Tones
    "The man was all shot through that came to day into the BarrackSquare And a soldier I, I am not proud to say that we killed him there They brought him from the prison hospital and to see him in thatchair I"
  • Jesse James - Skew Siskin
    "You're struttin' into town like you're slinging a gun Just a small town dude with a big city attitude Honey are you're looking for some trouble tonight Well alright You think you're so bad, drive the"

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