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Jana Kramer- Why Ya Wanna

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Jana Kramer- Why Ya Wanna

  • Why Ya Wanna - Jana Kramer
    "out of all the places in this little town you had to come walkin’ in here and sit down I am hidin and hopin’ my face ain’t too red since we’ve been over I’ve been tryin’ like crazy to get you out of my"
  • Jan Jan - Inga & Anush
    "How can I stay? When you are away What can I say? If ya gonna tell me nothing How can I smile? When you are alone How can I be without me? Without me you cannot be Cant you see? We arent free Fixed like"
  • Jana - Chayanne
    "Tus ojos tan llenos de estrellas me miran Tu boca de rosa tan tierna y tan viva Tus manos de nia me dicen te quiero Y me hablan de historias de nubes y cielo Y no puedo vivir sin tu amor Ya no puedo"
  • Why You Wanna - T.I.
    "Hey T.I.P pimpin Hey shorty why you gotta act like that, I'm sayin I'm just tryin to be nice to you Go and tell a nigga no, wit a ass so fat Hey why you wanna go and do that love, huh? Hey-Hey why you"
  • Why You Wanna? - Charlotte Hatherley
    "Feeling the warmth of the sun Wash across the ocean Rise into the heavens above Rivers have spun, rivers have spun I wanna feel something new Don't wanna leave this scene with you Something gonna happen"
  • I Wanna Thank Ya - Angie Stone
    "(feat. Snoop Dogg) Ladies & Gentlemen This is a Jazze fizzle product-shizzle (Let's do it) Angie Stone, sing it baby (Ooh, let's do it) Fo'shizzle, dizzle, and you can't forget about The big snoopy deegle"
  • Save Me (Why Don't Ya) - Agnetha F
    "Agnetha Faltskog Miscellaneous Save Me (Why Don't Ya) I talk to my mirror now Why does it have to be me? Oh, listen to the rumours now Pick up the pieces and see. Oh, but I'd never hurt you, I wouldn't"
  • I Just Wanna Love Ya - Jay Sean
    "Woah Woah It's such a shame that my girl She just ain't giving me anything and everything She don't know the kinda man that I am Does she really give a damn? Coz she don't treat me like you Always out,"
  • Why, Why, Why? - Foxy Brown
    "Hook 1: Why, why, why, why? I'ma in love, I'ma love with this man. Why, why, why, why? I'm in love, I'm in love... 1st Verse: PIMPIN'! Don't you get enough pussy at home? Tell me. What really make this"
  • Janie - Bon Jovi
    "This ain't a song for the broken-hearted No silent prayer for the faith-departed I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd You're gonna hear my voice When I shout it out loud Chorus: It's my life"
  • Why ? - Des'ree
    "You can always win me over, with your cool vibes and logical point of view. For you I'd go babe, the extra mile, But you confuse me, so I'm gonna ask you, Why are you making me blue? Is it because baby,"
  • Why - Twista
    "The New Testament These are the Street Scriptures for all my riders, niggaz, and hoes Let me ask you a question: Why give a bitch fame by sayin' his name? When all I gotta say is you's a bitch Yeah, I'm"
  • Why - Amanda Perez
    "I need everybody all around the world to listen I'm gonna talk about what people have a hard time talkin' about Pay close attention Many days I done cried myself to sleep Many days I done asked God to"
  • Why? - Heartless Crew
    "oooooooooo (woman) im sittin here.... cryin (bridge) lookin back i never thought that things would be this messed up i never dreamed that you and me would be breaking up i cant believe i've lived to"
  • Why - Da Band
    "Dylan talking] Open the book And I saw an angel come down from heaven Having the key of the bottomless pit And a great chain in his hand I laid whole on the dragon, That old serpent Which is the Devil,"
  • Why - Bad Boy's Da Band
    "Dylan talking] Open the book And I saw an angel come down from heaven Having the key of the bottomless pit And a great chain in his hand I laid whole on the dragon, That old serpent Which is the Devil,"
  • Why - Bad Boys II
    "Da Band Out and aboutAnd I saw an angel come down from heavenHaving the key of the bottomless pitAnd a great chain in his handI laid whole on the dragon, That old serpentWhich is the Devil, and Satan,"
  • I Wanna Know Why - Aerosmith
    "Kickin' down the road feelin' mighty slowed with the likes of you gettin' mighty spaced never had a taste of what you're goin' through I can't bitch went from rags to riches then to ragtime screamin'"
  • Why you wanna treat - Prince
    "There's some talk going 'round town That U really don't give a damn They say U really put me down When I'm doing the best I can I gave U all of my love I even gave U my body Tell me baby, ain't that enough?"
  • Why You Wanna Funk? - Spice 1
    "(feat. E-40 & The Click) Intro: (*some dred woman*) Dere's no time for dem future Come short wit me 9 milimeter Body beater, doesn't pick up Fully automatic collar point beater, uhh *repeat* Verse 1:"

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