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Janes Addiction Mountain Song

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Janes Addiction Mountain Song

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Janes Addiction Mountain Song
  • Jane's Addiction Mountain Song
    "Comin' down the mountain One of many children Everybody has Their own opinion Everybody has Their own opinion Holding it back Hurts so bad Jumped out of my flesh And i said Cash in! Cash in"
  • God-Des And She Addiction
    "this is the song dedicated to addiction or obsession call it what u like, its very unhealthy it can make the sane go crazy it can make the sane go crazy VERSE 1 At first it was love, bliss, and happiness."
  • Away From Here My Addiction
    "...As I sit back Watching by Yourself inside Inside of my mind Wrapped into your thoughts Into my mind We've got to fight These hands of time Love in my heart Head held high Never hurt you Or set you"
  • Snapcase Mountain Song
    "comin' down the mountain one of many children everybody has their own poinion everybody has their own opinion holding it back hurts so bad jumping out of my flesh and i said - cash in! cash in now honey cash"
  • Sepultura Mountain Song
    "comin' down the mountain one of many children everybody has their own opinion everybody has their own opinion holding it back hurts so bad jumping out of my flesh and i said - cash in! cash in now honey cash"
  • Cat Stevens Mountain
    "(Cat Stevens, Milton Nascimento) Midnight come, colors are melting White moon shivering on the sea Like a ghost up to the mountain Wax Queen will carry me I can see the forest for miles All the creatures"
  • Los Lobos Two Janes
    "(David Hidalgo/Louie Perez) Two Janes running along the tracks Saying "We don't want to live this way Ain't never coming back" Jane number one looked as happy as can be Jane number two knew what could"
  • k.d. lang My Old Addiction
    "(David Wilcox) My old addiction Changed the wiring in my brain So that when it turns the switches Then I am not the same So like the flowers toward the Sun I will follow Stretch myself out thin Like"
  • Vertical Horizon The Mountain Song
    "This mountain we must climb over This mountain we must climb I will follow you over We will survive It's time now We must be moving onward It's time for us to fly Take care and look over your shoulder I'm"
  • John Denver Wrangle Mountain Song
    "Sunday and it's rainin' in Alaska Seven days, I haven't seen the sun Flyin' bush, flyin' low along the shore line Doin' everything I can to make it home I can't wait to see the Wrangle Mountain I can't"
  • Slapshot Addiction
    "You thought you'd make it so easily Teetering on the brink of insanity Just for kicks, but then it grew You had a problem, but no one knew Feel the pressure run through your veins Now the pressure has"
  • Simon Townshend Addiction
    "How many times will I cry like I do in addiction to you How many nights will I stare into the mirror an affliction for you And how many lives will be lost by using you- using you And how many heads will"
  • Ryan Leslie Addiction
    "(feat. Cassie, Fabolous) You've got fashion and style I'm lovin' your smile and The way you get down I can't see no one else It's you by yourself, yea In spite of the crowd (Baby no one else matters) "
  • Link 80 Addiction
    "addiction.. two faces of. addiction... it's always an addiction, that makes your life an all out race. addiction... so face your. addiction... cause when you race addiction, you'll always end up in"
  • Bonnie Pink Addiction
    "Maru de hizume no oto no you ni semarikuru shoudou Ima made watashi nemutte ita you ne Dare ga tomeyou to mo dare ga nakou to mo Mezameta doubutsu wa emono wo sagashi ni iku no Akaku kareta daichi no hate"
  • Mutya Buena Addiction
    "He's not you But I guess he'll do Did you hear tonight to treat me right? Then I would never call him over (I would never call him) Did you come around when I was down? You know I'd never use his shoulder"
  • Lefty Addiction
    "morning comes slow when you don't know if your gonna make it there so you bite your nails and pull your hair you grind your teeth and man don't you do your share it's a wicked addiction, pure friction and"
  • Diana Anaid Addiction
    "I want to Stay and wake up in your room Like I use too. What do you say? I just want to make it all up to you. I never Meant to chase you away, Can we take an hour and make up in the shower, and I won't"
  • Tilt Addiction
    "addiction, but when you finally did you didn't skip a beat, or alter = your inflection. Where do you live? You change your home so fast, I got = you penciled in and then you're gone, your hand is out but"
  • Kasia Moś Addiction
    "... I be waiting for you, baby My body wants to feel you there I found the answers to my pray You give me something I can replace I’m give with an ancient shield … Just stay with me .. my dreams I lost"

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