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Jann Arden Cuts

  • Cuts - Jann Arden
    "There will be ice on the moon There will be glass in my eyes There will be thorns in my heart There will be broken bits inside There won't be sun on my face And not one smile to be seen There will be salty"
  • Will You Marry Me - Alabama/Jann Arden - Alabama
    "I come here today, I'm kind of nervous You know how words get in my way It should come easy, I've been rehearsing I don't know why, I'm so afraid to say Will you marry me? Put our love and life together Will"
  • Will You Marry Me (Alabama With Jann Arden) - Alabama
    "I come here today, I'm kind of nervous You know how words get in my way It should come easy, I've been rehearsing I don't know why I'm so afraid, to say Will you marry me Put our love and life together Will"
  • Cuts - Guano Apes
    "It's a tied rope Life flips Someone else have found the mood Break to another world I got to tell them I was the one before and it's not my fault I'm what you adore Take my flesh I am real What you gonna"
  • Jann Meri Hindi - Salman Khan
    "aake bharlo baazuu'o.n me.n tumko hai kasam jaan merii jaa rahii sanam kya muhabbat hai kya nazaara hai kal talak yeh dil tha mera ab tumhaara hai kya tamanna hai kya ishaara hai hamne to pal pal taRapke"
  • Linden Arden Stole The Highlights - Van Morrison
    "Linden Arden stole the highlights - With one hand tied behind his back - Loved the morning sun, and whiskey Ran like water in his veins Loved to go to church on Sunday Even though he was a drinking man When"
  • Jann Meri (English Translation) - Salman Khan
    "Promise me that you'll hold me in your arms. I'm dying here for you, my love. What love this is, what a sight this is! Till yesterday my heart was my own; now it belongs to you. What desire is this; what"
  • DEEP CUTS - You me at six
    "Utwór 'DEEP CUTS' z albumu 'Truth Decay' od You Me At Six (premiera 27 stycznia 2023r.)"
  • Face Cuts - Electric Six
    "Where you gonna be when your cells divide? They're coming and you've got no place to hide You better listen to the beautiful girl inside who wants her face cuts Face cuts Just enough to survive Will you"
  • Micro Cuts - Muse
    "Hands are red with your blame Megaphone screaming my name Whimpers someone I should've loved Souls weeping above I've seen what you're doing to me Destroying puppet strings To our souls Micro waves me"
  • Paper Cuts - 3ohblack
    "Renegade, renegade, renegade I make it rain in this bitch, drippers mad cause I'm giving 'em paper cuts, hey We put a bag on your head, get him knocked off, I told him don't play with us, hey Only the"
  • Dz Cuts - Planet Hemp
    "Lio um.. Lio dois.. Lio trs.. Lio quatro.. Na porta da escola onde comea o vcio, Fuma uma vez sem nenhum compromisso. Quer fumar um baseado fatal? Um baseado fatal ser que faz algum mal? Que fumaa "
  • Hallways & Cuts - Turk
    "What chu no (What chu no) What chu no (What chu no) What chu no bout them hallwayz and cutz What chu no , What chu no look look Niggaz be servin brown in them hallwayz and cutz Niggaz will lay you down"
  • Nuff Cuts - Lightyear
    "(These eyes are burning through the walls) My wings are like a, my wings are like a shield of steel (Deflecting any death rays from a girl) Purple Y-fronts without the hole What do I do? What do I do when"
  • Short Cuts - Run Level Zero
    "Hands trembling / rusting veins Feverish dreams / I see myself from above Bitter cold / frozen tears All love / brings fear We had nothing / we had nothing to fear The world was silent / a whisper, load"
  • Tribalist Cuts - Tribal Ink
    "You tried to find a reason why it all went away And you think of what you could have done different When you thought you were complete You opened up your eyes When you thought You had it all That's when"
  • Paper Cuts - Nirvana
    "When my feeding time She push food through the door I crawl towards the cracks of light Sometimes I can't find my way Newspapers spread around Soaking all that they can A cleaning is due again A good"
  • Mend - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Mend why are you weeping yes i still love you we fight and fall down and mend here drink some water soon you'll feel better i know we have all my love whatever it was"
  • Life Is Sweet - Jann Arden
    "Life Is Sweet { Written by Jann Arden Richards/Russell Broom } Life is sweet (look at the endless sky) Life is dear (and your face is beautiful) Life is bliss (I dont want anything from you) Life is joy"
  • Beautiful Pain - Jann Arden
    "Beautiful Pain { Written by Jann Arden Richards } Beautiful pain Beautiful hurt Beautiful face Beautiful earth And you my love, most lovely of all Wont fall Beautiful heart Beautiful words Beautiful"

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