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Janson derulo love

  • Baby You (ft. Jason Derulo) - The Game
    "Baby you know you got me going crazy You run around my head like these waves Yes baby you You know that you the one that I adore The one I introduce to Tom Ford at dinner That was you! You see you’re the"
  • Secret Love Song (feat. Jason Derulo) - Little Mix
    "When you hold me in the street And you kiss me on the dance floor I wish that it could be like that Why can't it be like that? Cause I'm yours We keep behind closed doors Every time I see you, I die a"
  • 1 2 3 (ft. Jason Derulo) - Sofia Reyes
    "1 2 3 Freeky Freeky ula ula ula la la ula ula ula la"
  • Stupid Love - Jason Derulo
    "Walking the dog in my neighborhood Said: 'I never would for you' I got drunk on a money night Hope it looks alright Tattoo a few, uh I'm a yes man on the loose Black star on my credit card Bought your"
  • If It Ain't Love - Jason Derulo
    "(Could use a little love) (Why can't you get enough?) (Could use, could use a little love) (Why can't you get enough?) (Could use...) Short days, long nights tangled up with you I don't wanna move Your"
  • Drive You Crazy (feat. Jason Derulo & Juicy J) - Pitbull
    "Do you wanna ride baby Cause I don't mind driving you crazy I heard you like to go fast girl Cause no, I don't run out of gas girl So would you let me pull up to your bumper In my new black car Girl rev"
  • When Love Sucks (Feat. Dido) - Jason Derulo
    "My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all The morning rain clouds up my window And I can't see at all And even if I could, it'd all be grey But your picture on my wall It reminds me"
  • Savage Love (with Jawsh 685) - Jason Derulo
    "If i woke up withoyt ya I don’t know what i would do Though i could be single forever till met you Usuallt don’t be fallin’ fallin’ first You gotta way of keeping me comin’ back to back I just found out"
  • Slidin' (feat. Kodak Black) - Jason Derulo
    "Ooh (Ayy, Kodak, yeah) Slip, slip, slide in (Ayy) Slip, slip, slide in (Slip and slide) Ooh, oh (Slip, slide) Jason Derulo (Yeah, Kodak) Check it, I can tell you got what I want 'Cause I can see that"
  • If I'm Lucky - Jason Derulo
    "Who are you to say that I didn’t love you cuz I didn’t love the way you wanted And who am I to blame When I didn’t trust you Enough to let you in the way I wanted Stop, ok! Vodka on my lips took to many"
  • Cheyenne - Jason Derulo
    "I'm a little unsure how it got so complicated If I let go I know, I'll regret it Every heart that I held before I was sure to break it I don't know what she did, but I just can't stop thinking 'bout you"
  • Breathing - Jason Derulo
    "I only miss you when I'm breathing I only need you when my heart is beating You are the color that I'm bleeding I only miss you when I'm breathing This ain't no ordinary feeling You are the only thing"
  • Acapulco - Jason Derulo
    "I can't read ya, my sexy Mona Lisa Can't tell if you gon' leave here, or if you wanna stay Girl, just ease up, Don't yell in my two-seater You say that you a freak or fall asleep at eight Sheesh But"
  • If I'm Lucky Part 1 - Jason Derulo
    "Who are you to say that I didn’t love you cuz I didn’t love the way you wanted And who am I to blame? When I didn’t trust you Enough to let you in the way I wanted Stop, ok! Vodka on my lips took to"
  • Tip Toe (feat French Montana) - Jason Derulo
    "Big fat thang overflowing skinny tight dress couldn’t hold it way too thick like it’s swollen girl, you’re too bad and you know it when you drop down lose focus when that thing clap that’s a bonus back"
  • Lifestyle (feat. Adam Levine) - Jason Derulo
    "You shine bright just like Rihanna Always be fuckin’ up some commas Girl, we notice your body the coldest Everybody fall in love Everybody fall in love I am a rolling stopne Baby come on Tell me what"
  • Get Ugly - Jason Derulo
    "Girl, ladies, let your hurr down Let your hurr down We's about to get down Oh my, oh my, oh my god This girl straight and this girl not Tipsy off that peach Ciroc Like la la la Ching-a-lang-lang, ching-a-ling-a-lang-lang Jeans"
  • Swalla (ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign) - Jason Derulo
    "Drank Young Money Love in a 1000 different flavors I wish that I could taste them all night No, I ain;t go no dinner plans So you should bring your friends I swear that to Allah you’re my type Shimmy"
  • Marry Me - Jason Derulo
    "A hundred and five is the number That comes to my head When I think of all the years I wanna be with you Wake up every morning with you in my bed That's exactly what I plan to do And you know one of theses"
  • Naked - Jason Derulo
    "My favorite I treat my penthouse like basements, yeah I treat a bad bitch like she basic, oh yeah I hit 300 hoes way before I was famous, yeah I’m faded, I’m faded I usually don’t say shit Faded Faded She"

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