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January February March refren

  • January - Goldfinger
    "I know you've told me this before I know you've told me this a million times You say you don't know how you feel You don't know if you even love me anymore If she was a good kisser Then I'd know how much"
  • February - Dar Williams
    "I threw your keys in the water, I looked back, Theyd frozen halfway down in the ice. They froze up so quickly, the keys and their owners, Even after the anger, it all turned silent, and The everyday turned"
  • The January Man - Bert Jansch
    "Oh the January man, He walks the road in woollen coat And boots of leather; The February man still shakes the snow from off his hair And blows his hands; Oh the man of March, he sees the spring And wonders"
  • The January Man - Christy Moore
    "The January man he goes around in woollen coat and boots of leather The February man still shakes the snow from of his clothes and blows his hands The man of March he sees the Spring and wonders what the"
  • February - Richie Aufrichtig
    "And I notice that you're gone You who so sweetly proves me wrong I asked you, "please just stay with me" And then you leave Sign like I expect you to sign Another pointless memory Waiting around to hear"
  • February - The Appleseed Cast
    "Sister's gone, a crown of red You said, I missed, a mistake In the dark, I thought her you, and shot The room was tilting I hear your voice calling me From a calendar anniversary I hear your voice calling"
  • February - Appleseed Cast
    "Sister's gone, a crown of red, you said, I missed, a mistake... In the dark, I thought her you, and shot, the room was tilting I hear your voice calling me from a calendar anniversary I hear your voice calling"
  • February - Ten Shekel Shirt
    "92 I lost you, I got the call in February He tried and tried to pull you out from the wreck but it was too late You know I need to get alone, get out of here For my mind to find the space Where memories"
  • February - Imagine Dragons
    "Close my eyes so tight I might not realize you're gone I tell a million stories like I'm old and she's young It's cold out here and I, I don't mind I feel the heat creeping up my spine, but it's alright It's"
  • February - Typecast
    "the floor is empty where we used to lie i remember every moments im with you the season is changing the summer is here i wish to be with you i want you here here i am expecting for the best and there you"
  • February - The Berzerker
    "It is febuary 1998, with too many mindless bodies, walking the face of the planet, and too many mindfull bodies, without enough motivation, to do anything constructive with their lives, i despise these"
  • February - A Thorn For Every Heart
    "My home shrinking in the distance. (it's just my time to leave. it's not the time to cry.) I'm leaving but I'll return (did you think before we got it) Every time you breathe I hope you think of me. Those"
  • January - Hank Snow
    "January January that's when I am blue January January when the year is new I found you in January then you proved untrue That's why January makes me blue That's why January makes me blue [ guitar ] Once"
  • January - Brandtson
    "i can't feel my fingers as i hold on for my life. quiet as this blanket hurts to breathe hurts to try. i have defined january. the end of another new beginning draws me out to white. the cold of what i"
  • January - 28 Days
    "January January to the one January to the nine I swear I've found my piece of mind Can you let me tell you the rest of your life That you can be anything if you so please and you try You just try"
  • January - Pilot
    "January sick and tired you've been hanging on me You make me sad with your eyes you're telling me lies Don't go don't go January don't be cold Don't be angry to me. You make me sad come and see. Oh January don't"
  • January - Hope Of The States
    "I want to be a kid again I want to wash my eyes out I want to mean everything I say And never be scared again I refuse to be ashamed However many doomed attempts it takes To forget my history and my mistakes And"
  • January - Bonnie McKee
    "(Spoken) Yeah, I'm really excited about seeing you again The other night was really great You know, it was kinda scary I mean, I've never really done anything like that before But I trust you You say"
  • January - Paolo Nutini
    "Oh, oh oh oh La da da da, da La da da da, da I sit around and wonder About the fire in your eyes The movement of your fingers The way you slowly complicate my life From the time we spent together Which"
  • January - Elton John
    "Must have been the right month Must have been a good time Must have counted every cloud in the sky that night Every single glass of wine Must have learned some home truths Sitting in that cool grass Must"

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