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Japan video bokeh full (29)

  • Full-Time Video Girl - Dreadlock Pussy
    "Picture perfect groomed to a t Positively and utterly empty See the vultures on their knees groveling before their queen She looks real nice like a shiny perfect thing Blinking on the edge of your sight And"
  • April 29 1992 - Sublime
    "April 26th 1992 there was a riot on the streets Tell me where were you you were sittin' home watchin' your tv While I was participating in some anarchy First spot we hit it was my liquor store I finally"
  • Film-Video - Ninja High School
    "F**k that! the hypocrites won that shit, and like ten years on folks say "it's in the evidence." the coincidence that slipped is the populace is split, "and there's not a goddamned thing you can do about"
  • 29 - Trina
    "Turned on the TV, there he was Lookin' at me, this vision of love Was caught in a trance And I just couldn't catch my breath I waited around to hear his name The next thing I knew was the end of the game"
  • April 29, 1992 (Miami) - Sublime
    "(I don't know if you can, but can you get an order for Ons, that's O-N-S, Junior Market, the address is 1934 East Aneheim, all the windows are busted out, and it's like a free-for-all in here and uh"
  • 29 - Loïc Nottet
    "She said I never want to hurt you again I said i never want to this to come to an end she said look at me baby these tears we run out i said i took i you for granted but i can’t be without you please"
  • Someday (August 29, 1968) - Chicago
    "Would you look around you now And tell me what you see Faces full of hate and fear Faces full of me Do you feel the rumblings As your head comes crumbling down Do you know what I mean Run, you better,"
  • 29 - Gin Blossoms
    "Time won't stand by forever if I know it's true And I've learned not to say never Or else I'll seem the fool Twenty-nine you'd think I'd know better Living like a kid When my lies may seem less than clever Is"
  • 29 - Lloyd Cole
    "life begins at thirty so i have been told i can easily believe it the way I'm getting on yeh I'm getting on you hang around backstreet bars for what you wish you knew you say give me something cheap something"
  • 29 - Demi Lovato
    "Petal on the vine, too young to drink wine Just five years a bleeder, student and a teacher Far from innocent, what the fuck's consent? Numbers told you not to, but that didn't stop you Finally twenty-nine Funny,"
    "RICE wa suki ka, JAPAN no otoko nara POWER wo tameruze, ashita no RISING SUN CHICKEN wa suki ka, BODY ni iize SLIM na karada wa, omae no tame ni Yume wo misete yo, futari no yume DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES I'M"
  • Charlie (T Finn) 5:29 - Split Enz
    "-=====================- Wake up Charlie, rise and shine Pour the tea, I'll draw the blind Sunlight halo, you look wonderful Darling Charlie, pale and deathly still For heaven's sake, wake up Charlie "
  • Japan - The Presidents of the United States of America
    "Big shiny jet plane in the sky Please drop us off as we go by We're an American band And everything is rockin' out of control When we hit Japan Faxes from the veiwers on tv Karioke hokey-pokey on the"
  • Japan - Vertical Horizon
    "I saw a young man by a telephone He was sitting alone in the rain I said, "Hey, young man what you doing here?" He said, "Sir, I'm going insane" See I love an American beauty But nobody here understands So"
  • Japan - Cocorosie
    "Life is like a rollercoasterIt does flips and throws you overBoard your ship thats going nowhereIf you stop, youll end up somewhereEverybody wants to go to JapanEverybody wants to go to JapanEverybody"
  • Liar (Video Version) - Rollins Band
    "So you think you're going to live your life alone in darkness and seclusion... yeah, I know you've been out there and tried to mix with the animals and it just left you full of humiliated confusion but"
  • Thriller (Video Version) - Michael Jackson
    "(A white convertible pulls up, deep in the woods, then suddenly stops. Michael puts the Break on, realizing that his car is in need of gas. He looks over at his girlfriend, Ola, Who thinks he has stopped,"
  • Full moon - Common
    "Intro: Freak freak y'all And you don't, don't stop Keep on y'all And you don't, don't stop (repeat 4 times) Follow me like one time Everybody love me like they do the sunshine Niggas just got off work"
  • Full Moon - Armand Van Helden
    "f/ Common Intro: Freak freak y'all And you don't, don't stop Keep on y'all And you don't, don't stop (repeat 4 times) Follow me like one time Everybody love me like they do the sunshine Niggas just got"
  • Full Mode - Noreaga
    "(Intro) Oh, yeah, yeah Hahahahahahahahaha Oh, We ain't gon stop Oh, Militainment, (gangsta nigga), Militainment (Chorus x2) I hit you till you drop, (What?) I hit you till you shake (What?)(x3) Niggas"

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