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Jean-Michel Jarre, Little Boots - If..!

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Jean-Michel Jarre, Little Boots - If..!

  • If..! - Jean-Michel Jarre, Little Boots
    "I like to talk with someone I know Who can listen I feel the wall Save and sound Save and sound No distraction Interaction .. Face to face No escaping Concentrating .. When we never try win the race If,"
  • Jean-Michel - Cordae
    "Yeah, uh Brink of extinction, hell-bent on survival This life's a continuous cycle Consider this a venomous haiku This ain't a verse, nigga And I done dealt with the worst niggas The type to steal your"
  • Boots - Noe Venable
    "I go to the corner where it all goes down And i do things i'll regret but not right now They say "angel, you been here before" Yeah, i had my boots to carry me Just like pandora with her box I let everything"
  • Boots - Imagine Dragons
    "Always be careful Don't ever feel good How is J-U-D-G-M-E-N-T Kiss, lights, big news It's open places Question rose Stop tryin' Are you there, come on What you see is what you get Stop trying to be somebody"
  • Every Little Earthquake - Little Boots
    "I can remember this Things weren't always this way I used to make you smile If only for a while But now you can't get through There's no way I can lose I know some days are hard But don't you make mine"
  • Little Jeanie - Rez Band
    "Little Jeanie, twelve years old: old enough to know it's Christmas in Hell's kitchen, and Jeanie's pushing snow, Miss Candy runs the family business; Jeanie calls her "Mom," Now Jeanie's got a beeper,"
  • Michel - Anouk
    "Hey Michel how's life are you okay? I wonder if you ever think of me It's been nine years since that kiss I can't help but reminisce Hey Michel do you remember? We walked the street to the beat Hand in"
  • Dirty Boots - Kotoko
    "Here we go to another candle I know All the girls there playin' on a jelly roll Time to take a ride Time to take it in a midnight eye And if you wanna go Get on below Pinkin' out the day Dreamin' out"
  • Black Boots - Paula Cole
    "Why do you think she wears those black boots? Why do you think she dyes her hair black? She's awfully insecure She's trying to be cool She's hoping to be more in those black boots Why do I think I wear"
  • Big Boots - Elvis Presley
    "(Wayne - Edwards) They call your daddy Big Boots And Big Boots is his name It takes a big man to wear big boots That's your daddy's claim to fame They know your daddy Big Boots Wherever soldiers are 'Cause"
  • Cowboy Boots - Dave Dudley
    "Well all of my life I been a tryin' to save to get a pair of cowboy boots Sixteen years of my life I gave to get a pair of cowboy boots I wanna go where the money's free Hollywood is a callin' me Oh what"
  • Dirty Boots - Sonic Youth
    "Here we go to another candle I know All the girls there playin' on a jelly roll Time to take a ride - time to take it in a midnite eye And if you wanna go - get on below Pinking out the day - dreaming"
  • Gypsy Boots - Hanoi Rocks
    "I'm just a white boy, lived like a gypsy all my life One in a billion born with a baby-face like mine Got these boots made for rockin', kickin' ass and steppin' over lines Passed down to me from my"
  • Baddest Boots - Toby Keith
    "I saw her turn her head In a drop-dead gaze She was peekin' out over the top Of those wire-rim shades Now it wasn't my charm And it wasn't my grin That had that little secretary Dialed right in She"
  • These boots - Jessica Simpson
    "Are you ready boots? Start walkin' Yee Hah! come on Lets go You keep sayin you got somethin for me (uh) Well officer I dont mind to say you do Now your lookin right where I thought you'd be looking Legs"
  • Chingo Boots - Chingo Bling
    "(Chorus: Chingo Bling (Kids)) (I want them Chingo Boots) What you want kids, tell them what you want (Chingo Boots) What you want kids, tell them what you want (I want them Chingo Boots) Because we got"
  • Same Boots - Neal McCoy
    "The bottom of my boots could use some new cowhide My soles are wearin' thin but it ain't breakin' my stride I'm steppin' higher 'cuz of her sweet love I'm into every little thing she does So when you see"
  • Ostrich Boots - Chingo Bling
    "Ostrich Boots With A With A Pimped Out Nike Swoosh Got No Green Card But I Go Hard Tamale Stashed In My Tank Of Gas I Got That Work My Bird Is Chirred So Fresh So Clean Like A Cumbia King But Thats Alright"
  • Leather Boots - Alice Cooper
    "Leather boots poundin' the floor Black and shiny kickin' the door The police, hit the streets They would never take the boots off of their feet If I break the law and get caught I could get smashed in"
  • War boots - Van Langen
    "Send me a letter or sing me a song if you think, you've got me, you sure got me wrong! Go feed your pussy, feed it with me, go feed your puyys, feed it with me. My Rock N' Roll war boots -, kick your ass"

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