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Jennifer Lopez-Aint your mama

  • Sweet Spot (ft. Jennifer Lopez) - Flo Rida
    "Let’s hit the sweet spot away, way, way, I I’m ready to go, I want candy tonight, Let’s hit the sweet spot away, way, way, I I’m ready to go, I want candy tonight, Yeah, I wanna take you back to my spot You"
  • Stressin (ft. Jennifer Lopez) - Fat Joe
    "Black bottles, black models Cuban cigars, Domincanos Colombianos, it's [?] 100 dope boys on the sofa I'm [?] with Versace on Stars on the roof for the ambiance Dug up some more hundreds, fought a few cases Now"
  • Back It Up (Spanish Version) feat. Jennifer Lopez - Pitbull
    "What's up, baby? It's your new boyfriend Royce You know, this got that dancehall feel to it Prince Royce Mr. Worldwide J Lo, that's right Ese cuerpo me mata (Yeah!) Y esos ojos de gata Oh my God, oh my"
  • Jennifer - Letters To Cleo
    "Started out with defeat. Everyone was asleep. And now you know that it's time to make up you mind like me. Now I'm not one to complain but you're driving me insane. And now you know that it's time to"
  • Jennifer - Aberfeldy
    "Jennifer, Jennifer Please come out walking with me Don't say you'd prefer to stay home watching tv I don't mind whatever you do I'm alright when I'm with you And I don't want to kiss nobody Nobody but"
  • Jennifer - Blank Logic
    "Verse 1: Jennifer im really sorry for all the headaches caused by me, and I realize you are always there, why I cannot see. But I've got to let you know it's not in vain. Confusions the best to describe"
  • Jennifer - Chynna Phillips
    "Jennifer beautiful child Close your eyes You can lay down your head Don't you know it's time for bed Angels fly all around you They won't let anything harm you While you rest So good night now my child Sleep"
  • Follow The Leader (ft. Jennifer Lopez) - Wisin & Yandel
    "Ole, ole Bori, bori, bori Aha Ehhh Histórico Ole, ole W, Yandel Ole, ole Quien Ole, ole J.Lo Ole, ole Baby, the way that I'm working my body Can tell that you already like it I make you lose your cabeza,"
  • Ain’t Your Mama - Jennifer Lopez
    "I ain't cooking all day I ain't your mama! I ain't gonna do your laundry I ain't your mama! (I can't do that!) Ain't your mama Boy, I ain't your mama!"
  • NIE UMIEM W FORTNITE (Jennifer Lopez - Waiting for tonight PARODIA) - Na Pełnej
    "Czy to kiepski film a ja jestem w nim, już wolałem Ligę Legend znów kolejny hit, pasek życia znikł znów zawiodłem kolegę fioletowy shot gun ze złotej skrzyni jest perfekt, to znaczy że los sprzyja"
  • Jennifer Louise - Of Montreal
    "Jennifer Louise you don't know me but we're cousins your mamamama and my mamamama are sisters Jennifer Louise I haven't seen you since I was a kid when my family spent the weekend at your house and your"
  • Jennifer Goodbye - Dream Street
    "Been there, done that One time too many This time I'm hoping You won't come back to me, jenny Oh, when you get lonely, girl And you come on so sweet When things get better, baby You start to retreat (Chorus) So"
  • Adrenalina (ft. Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin) - Wisin
    "Me gusta cuando se excita y me pegas Tu seduccion a la hora de bailar Es el juego que tiene tus caderas A cualquier hombre pone a delirar Es que tu cuerpo es pura adrenalina que por dentro me atrapa Me"
  • El Mismo Sol (ft. Jennifer Lopez) - Alvaro Soler
    "Te digo claro claro no es nada raro raro asi se puede amor un mundo enano enano estamos mano a mano solo hace falta el amor se puede amor Yo quiero que este sea el mundo que conteste del este hasta oeste y"
  • Jennifer Save Me - Golden Smog
    "Intro E B A ( repeated ) Jennifer save me ooh-ooh, Jennifer save me ooh-ooh Verse 1 I'm sick of all the faces staring back as if to say I know that you're half crazy but I wish you would"
  • Jennifer Falling Down - Nields
    "Message to all my friends I've fallen down again Please send help Please send your horses and your men Please send your very best doctors and lawyers to put me together again Chorus I've spent my whole"
  • Jennifer - inside out - Star Search
    "verse 1 jump jump up and down everybody anybody hear my sound i feel so crazy now anybody scream out loud dance dance see me now everybody anybody asking how I feel so inside out having crazy fun is what"
  • Waltz For Jennifer - FFH
    "Another long day is gone and I'm ready For another long night where I'll be by your side Another long day will come and I'll thank Jesus That I am alive and that He made you mine We belong together, you"
  • That's How Strong Our Love Is (feat. Jennifer Lopez) - Bryan Adams
    "They said we couldn't make it They said it wouldn't last But look who's talkin' now We had the last laugh Yeah, we seen some fire And we felt some pain We been through the toughest times And we'd"
  • Tell mama - Grateful Dead
    "Your dogs aint found a good girl, one that love you and give you warningNow you find that you been misused, well how many girls can think all rightShed embarrass you anywhere, shed make her friends think"

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