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Jentaro ft. Lil Witness - Murder (prod. by Jo

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Jentaro ft. Lil Witness - Murder (prod. by Jo

  • Witness - The Wallflowers
    "I'm standing outside your window, baby And there you are Another year, another candle's burning for the party girl No one even knows that you're there Happy Birthday, no one cares You come around here, You'd"
  • Jo - Goldfrapp
    "Heard a shout of someone calling, Strange and darkness. People lack all feelings Over the city tonight. Hanging by behind the trees of, Blood red mornings. Watching all this waiting for you Dread in my"
  • Witness - Tori Amos
    "Thought I had a witness to this crime Thought I had a witness Thought we were on the same side of becoming Then the judges called in a witness C'mon... So then when did you then begin your cravin for"
  • Witness - Katy Perry
    "If I lost it all today would you stay? Could my love be enough to stimulate? If shit hit the fan, grenades get thrown Would you still show? Could you go down with me to the mat? Could we get back up And"
  • Witness - Joan As Police Woman
    "There’s a story that’s been in my life And I’ve taken it as gospel sure as the day But now I’m starting to see that it’s just an invention That really wasn’t about me And I’d like to kick it to the corner But"
  • Witness - Brian Kirk And The Jirks
    "Hey my brother are you free? Shaking up the pages of my history The waking hours before my eyes Are shattered by illusions creeping, into lies I walk along with ageless songs like something I could be Can"
  • Witness - Nicole C. Mullen
    "Can I get a witness? ah- yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Can you get with this? ah- yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah(5x) Lookin' for some ladies and some young men To run the race and endure it to the"
  • Mały Wóz (ft. Friz, prod. Lil Kacpi) - Trzech Króli
    "Utwór 'Mały Wóz ft. Friz (prod. Lil Kacpi)' z albumu 'Afryka' od Trzech Króli (premiera 5 maja 2023r.)"
  • Sum More (ft. Lil Yachty) - Lil Baby
    "Jumped right off the porch and straight to the streets I went and got me some dough But that ain't enough, I want some more I want some more and some more Jumped right out of class and straight to the"
  • VVSNIKE (Ft. Lil Toe) - Malik Montana
    "VVS i NIKE VVS i NIKE mam też balenciagi, ale wolę nosić nike VVS i NIKE VVS i NIKE wszyscy pod krawatem ja jak postać z jakiejś bajki VVS & NIKE VVS & NIKE i got balenciaga, but i’d rather wear"
  • Believer (ft. Lil Wayne) - Imagine Dragons
    "First things first I'mma say all the words inside my head I'm fired up and tired of the way that things have been, oh-ooh The way that things have been, oh-ooh Second thing second Don't you tell me what"
  • Murder Man - Pastor Troy
    "Iiiiiii'm comin, two .50 cal's in hand Long goat-tee nigga the Taliban I'm Murda Man, I'm tryna murk somethin This ain't for ??? cheese I'm tryna hurt somethin These niggaz claimin g'z, claimin they run"
  • Damned If They Murder Me - C-Murder
    "I be damned if I do, and damned if I don't Hail Mary, please help me, cause I know my foes won't rest -- until they see me surrounded by grief wear a wrief, and my grave reading rest in peace How can"
  • Wit Me (ft. Lil Wayne) - T.I.
    "Bitch! Put my dick on yo face, put my gun in yo purse Put my work in yo pussy, bitch don't come on a word Bitch the weed til you slime, these niggas greener than lime So many knives in my pockets, the"
  • Michael Myers (ft. Lil Wnyk) - Kosior
    "Jesteśmy dobrzy w tym, a ty się nie nadajesz To nie Milly Rock, to jest pieniędzy taniec Suka dużo szczeka, przyda się kaganiec Pull up na twój blok, suko Michael Myers Ej gram w to, jak Michael Myers Na"
  • Lil homies - 2Pac
    "Fuckin lil' homies..Everybody duckin, my fuckin lil' homiesMy lil' homies..Everybody duckin, my fuckin lil' homies{2Pac}Just pay attentionHere's a story bout my lil' homies, straight thugginLil' bad young"
  • Lil' Homies - Tupac
    "Fuckin lil' homies.. Everybody duckin, my fuckin lil' homies My lil' homies.. Everybody duckin, my fuckin lil' homies Just pay attention Here's a story bout my lil' homies, straight thuggin Lil' bad"
  • Murder - General Public
    "what made the truth sound like a lie led step by step into desire choose to be understanding say you don't care when i know you do i can sleep at night, but each time i try you know i dream of you it's"
  • Murder, Murder, Murder - Insane Clown Posse
    "Murder, Murder, Mur...Murder Murder Murder, Murder, Mur...Murder Murder First I plan my escape Nothing on papes and leave the scene without a trace I'm lookin' dead in her face But she don't see me I'm"
  • Murder Murder Murder - House Of Krazees
    "check this out eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh You never heard of redrum in reverse Bodies in the hearse Now your life's gone cause we wanted you to die Time to kiss your ass good"

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