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Jerry Folk - Life Under Water (Feat. Nevve)

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Jerry Folk - Life Under Water (Feat. Nevve)

  • Life Under Water (feat. Nevve) - Jerry Folk
    "Unloved, unafraid, unaware, unconsidered Listen here, little girl, you gotta be bold Hurry along, don't delay, everything will be delivered All that you gotta do, you gotta be strong It's starting out"
  • Jerry - Sonya Kitchell
    "Oh sweet Jerry, the man that she would marry, He'd say Oh, darlin' don't you cry For I will always be by your side And she took Jerry for granted. In her life he was firmly planted. She'd say, Oh, I"
  • Breathing Under Water - Black
    "It?s the silence makes you crazy Find the action Need the thrill I know you will Amusing smiles, familiar faces The perfect fiction The easy pill I know you will I know you Each tick off your heartbeat Find"
  • Head Under Water - Satanic Surfers
    "I can't stand your stupid ugly face in combination with your John Wayne cowboy boots after every time that I have met you I have to clean my ears from all the shit that you have spoken and I'm happy"
  • Hiding Under Water - Beth Hart
    "Heaven dont want me Heaven dont fool me Noone will understand and its alright Feelin these changes Everybody is strangers Noone will lend a hand And i guess thats life (1 2 3 4) Ya say you got a feelin You"
  • Foxy's Folk Faced - Ocean Colour Scene
    "I think everybody's after me They wanna know just what I feel Pushing wires under my nose Everybody's standing on my toes Telling the world what I should know You said you'd seen life from near the"
  • Water Under The Bridge - Adele
    "See you are water under the bridge What are you waiting for? You never seem to make it through the door And who are you hiding from? It ain't no life to live like you're on the run Have I ever asked for"
  • Water - Frayser Boy
    "(feat. Lil' Wyte) Tha Bar Frayzer Boy Nigga Me Being Me Going Down Hey Bay Area Representers Nigga Frayzer Bizzle Lil Wyte Hey It's Going Down Nigga You Got A Problem With Me Nigga I Be Tell Ya Like"
  • Water Under The Bridge - Olivia Newton-John
    "(Lordan) Yesterday the rains came down, there was darkness all around They told me you had gone to find a new life But you left no word of where you'd gone, I fell right to the ground And I needed"
  • Bridge Under Troubled Water - Nerf Herder
    "I know girls like you Need someone to screw up you're life & make you contemplate suicide When you need a friend to blah blah blah blah Call on me yeah You need someone bad to irritate your dad someone"
  • Under Water Knife Fight - A Static Lullaby
    "I smell the shit and piss I swear I found my equal A gutter philosopher He's not clean, He's from the streets But his words are holy to me He narrates his life as a silhouette He's legendary, a martyr"
  • Steak (Under Water Version) - Guttermouth
    "when will my ship come in? man i really gotta know cause i'm tired of living at the y with 50 other guys that smell like frenchmen necesidad un bistek salvar el dia my life has been a wreck, there's no"
  • Folk Raider - Fiddler's Green
    "So long ago, I still remember the first show We played like a bunch of fools you know But even then, they called us folk invaders Just ask me another, caus I don't wanna show off Now there is nothing"
  • Folk Song - David Gray
    "I have waited the night over For some word to come I asked the moon o'er the clover But the moon she is dumb You have made me a promise At midnight we'd go And that we should be married Sailing westward"
  • Folk Singer - Glen Campbell
    "As I walk these narrow streets where a million passin' feet are before me With my guitar in my hand suddenly I realize nobody knows me Well yesterday the motor toots screamed and cried my name out for"
  • Heavy Water Plant Song - Celtic Folk
    "Celtic Folk Miscellaneous Heavy Water Plant Song Heavy Water Plant I left my home at a quarter to ten I headed for the Heavy Water Plant Haven't worked since"
  • The other Jerry Jeff - Jerry Jeff Walker
    "Let me tell you a little story about a trip I made to Mexico, with some friends Of mine that had a pocket full of Mauis and some bad intentions.... Me and old Sue and this feller we knew went down to Mexico"
  • Breathe Under Water - Caulfields
    "Caulfields Whirligig Breathe Under Water Under the water, under the water It's clearer than you think Under the water, make me an offer Confessions I can drink I don't need to talk to him I forgive myself"
  • Under The Water - Merril Bainbridge
    "I get confused when I'm tired But the last time I saw you We were in a room With sunshine in my eyes And water on the floor I watched you float away Take me with you A long time ago We were walking around We"
  • Under The Water - Bainbridge Merril
    "Bainbridge Merril The Garden Under The Water I get confused when I'm tired But the last time I saw you We were in a room with Sunshine in my eyes and Water on the floor I watched you float away Take me"

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