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  • Jessi - Adam Wilson
    "1) Why do you get in my way? I said that you can no longer stay Jessi, just fuck off home Why can't you just leave us alone? I've found someone new Sorry to have to break it to you I never loved you"
  • GANJI (feat. Jessi) - PSY
    "Ganji chaenggyeo I got gratitude and attitude Ganji chaenggyeo I got gratitude and attitude Jeongsin charyeo mome gak jaba Feel bada tallyeokbada sinnage dallyeo kkwak butjaba Da kkeomiji chimchakae take"
  • Never Get Away From Me (For Waylon And Jessi) - Travis Tritt
    "I was a real Casanova in my home town Never really thought about settlin' down That is until you came around Yeah, it's been a few years but I remember it well I was a rowdy no-gooder, you were hotter"
  • Suspicious Minds - Jessi Colter
    "(Jessi Colter, Waylon Jennings) We're caught in the trap, I can't walk out Because I love you too much baby Why can't you see, what you're doing to me When you don't believe a word I'm saying We can't"
  • Velvet & Steel - Jessi Colter
    "What are we gonna call this relationship Not quite in love and not quite it C'mon, c'mon Your eyes shine so bright to mine You make me feel velvet inside C'mon, I said, c'mon You call me a high-steppin'"
  • Bootie Bangs - Jessi Malay
    "yung joc: j malay yung joc...well i must say everything cooler the game between you and me baby you be doin' yout thing girl you make me lose it when you callin' my name, and i really dig the way your"
  • Feel You - Jessi
    "here i am next to you but you don't notice how does it come that you don't know that i'm here next to you you'd never saw me even if i'm in front of you you are looking but not to me it's like you are"
  • Who Dat B - Jessi
    "(...) They already know, yeah! (...) ouuu (...) eah (...) Who dat B? Who dat B? Who dat B? (...) Who dat B? Who dat B? Who dat B? the love hate me cause I keep it real y’all (...) (...) ooo (...) Stackin’"
  • His Eye Is On The Sparrow - Jessi Colter
    "Why should I be discouraged Why should the shadow ever come Why should my heart feel lonely Why should I long for heaven and home When Jesus is my portion My constant friend is he His eye stays"
  • I'm Looking For Blue Eyes - Jessi Colter
    "I'm looking for blue eyes Has anyone seen him Don't you tell me He gave up on me I'm looking for blue eyes I've got to find him Cause something tells me He's looking for me There was a time when blue"
  • Never Got Over You - Jessi Colter
    "What's this feelin' I'm havin' What's comin' over me I'm afraid I can't recover From what you've done to me Without you I feel cold and lonely Oh, my heart feels so strange You've got me walkin' the wild"
  • Out Of The Rain - Jessi Colter
    "Out of the rain, under the shelter I've been so long where the sun don't shine Standin' at the cross-roads Could've went either way But now I've found you And the storm is behind (Out of the rain,"
  • Please Carry Me Home - Jessi Colter
    "When the blood curdlin' scream Of the fear in my veins Pierces the darkness circlin' my brain When the pain in my soul is too great to explain I reach out for you, I'm callin' your name Lord, please"
  • Rainy Day Women N12 & 35 - Jessi Colter
    "Oh, well, they'll stone ya when you're tryin' to be so good Yeah, they'll stone ya just like they said they would They'll stone ya when you're tryin' to go home Then they'll stone ya when you're there"
  • So Many Things - Jessi Colter
    "So many things, so many things So many things stand between us Your heart and mine have touched this time Our eyes can see us Some bright blue autumn morning Some wintery moonlight night You'll reach"
  • Starman - Jessi Colter
    "Maybe you and I can't play Maybe we won't ever be together Maybe childish needs in me Makes me think that I can win forever Maybe the roads we both took Brought us to a different vain level I'll call"
  • The Canyon - Jessi Colter
    "Don't lay your bridle on my shoulder Don't bring your bit to my mouth Don't lay your blanket on my body Just take your saddle and move out Just take your saddle and move out You were playin' with my fire You"
  • The Phoenix Rises - Jessi Colter
    "If I give my heart to you, are you gonna break it If I give my hand to you, are you gonna take it If I give my life to you, are you gonna take it And break it into a million crystals Makin' me desperate"
  • Under Your Spell Again - Jessi Colter
    "I swore the last time that you let me down that I wouldn't see you if you came around I can't tell my heart what's right or wrong And I've been so lonely since you've been gone You've got me under your"
  • You Can Pick 'Em - Jessi Colter
    "You took the wrong road, baby I tried to tell you all along You took the wrong road, baby I tried to tell you all along We've hit the dead end, baby Now, there's no road at all You can pick 'em, baby You"

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