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Jessica Andrews Unbreakable Heart

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Jessica Andrews Unbreakable Heart

  • Unbreakable Heart - Andrews Jessica
    "Andrews Jessica Heart Shaped World Unbreakable Heart An empty house a broken fairy tale A hollow girl with empty arms From an angels tears God made the stars Why cant He make me an unbreakable heart"
  • Unbreakable Heart - Jessica Andrews
    "An empty room a broken fairy tale A hollow girl with empty arms From an angels tears God made the stars Why cant He make me an unbreakable heart In my blue world you shone like heavens fire And left"
  • Jessica - Rick Springfield
    "When you walked into the room looking like Jean Harlow Oh Jessie, everyone looked at you, you're a lady Though I know that you've been around the world Maybe two or three times in your daddy's pocket I'm"
  • Jessica - Meredith Brooks
    "Jessica Oh Jessica Jessica Oh Jessica She walks in and the fighting begins It's the way she is Doesn't matter to her If you value your heart You'll stay away from Jessica And the games that she plays You're"
  • Jessica - Jewel
    "He used to walk with jessica Down to the diner They'd sit and talk for hours About nothin' in particular Just bullshit the time away That's what she used to say She'd wrinkle her nose when she said it That's"
  • JESSICA - Dir En Grey
    "Edward H. Gein Sid Vicious & Nancy Edward H. Gein Sid Vicious & Nancy Sid == Roma-ji == Shounen wa BERURIN no kabe ni tsuba hakituke Kowashitemo ima ga nani hitotsu kaerarezu ni Omoi daseba"
  • Jessica - Quindon Tarver
    "He Used to Walk With JessicaDown to the DinerThey'd Sit and Talk For HoursAbout Nothin' in ParticularJust Bullshit the Time AwayThat's What She Used to SayShe'd Wrinkle Her Nose When She Said ItThat's"
  • Unbreakable - Michael Duff
    "Like a shadow through the dark, in the loneliness of all i see I'm walking around with half a heart, since i lost a bit a part of me I can't let go of the past, and every breath just pulls me back, to"
  • Unbreakable - Lara Fabian
    "Unbreakable Outside This room No one ever sees the whole me Only stronger side But inside This heart There is much to know About me Words can not describe If you look If you really read between the"
  • Unbreakable - Stratovarius
    "Reckless wheel of time We follow how it flies by We still keep believing In wide and comforting lies When it's our turn Together we stay stronger We lay still and silent and watch how hour burns for eternity You"
  • Unbreakable - Westlife
    "Took my hand Touched my heart Held me close You were always there By my side Night and day Through it all Maybe come what may Swept away on a wave of emotion Overcaught in the eye of the storm And whenever"
  • Unbreakable - DJ Sammy
    "I wish this heart of mine could be that unbreakable like a monument for love Built of stones you could not see I keep on telling many sweet lies So unbelievable Guess I make it through this time Hoping"
  • Unbreakable - Guy Sebastian
    "Like a shadow through the dark In the loneliness of all I see I'm walking 'round with half a heart Since I lost the better part of me I can't let go of the past When every breath just pulls me back To"
  • Unbreakable - Jamie Stevens
    "UNBREAKABLE ****************************************** Author: Rodney Ronquillo / Jamie Stevens Composer: Rodney Ronquillo / Jamie Stevens 2002 by Ronquillo/Stevens verse 1: There are times The words"
  • Unbreakable - Seventh Wonder
    "Among us who live inside the town's eyes Oh - tell me what's the catch? We harbor dark in the light.. I can see young ones in the park With smiles they're playing (high on dreams) I need to feel"
  • Unbreakable - Celesty
    "Hagal: Blue lighnings, is all I can see. All those powers I feel them in me. Now I feel I'm invincible. And I know that I am, unbreakable. I feel the fire, it's burning my eyes. And how the water is melting"
  • The Angles Cried With Jessica Andrews - Alan Jackson
    "They came from near They came from far Following a distant star To where he lay Not being sure of what it meant But knowing it was heaven sent They made their way And the creatures gathered round And"
  • Unbreakable Heart - Silje Nergaard
    "Unbreakable heart play your part In the scheming I have done Not to fall for anyone Or let love start Unbreakable heart it's an art You will master by and by 'Til then just be my Unbreakable heart"
  • Unbreakable Heart - Carlene Carter
    "(Benmont Tench) An empty house A broken fairy tale A hollow girl with empty arms From an angel's tears God made the stars Why can't he make me an unbreakable heart In my blue world You shone like heaven's"
  • Unbreakable Heart - Sugababes
    "You might think I would know better than this by now That I should be strong enough to resist somehow Even letting myself wish is a risk, I know To let go and to kiss is just asking for the blow You"

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