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Jessie J burning up

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Jessie J burning up

  • Up (ft. Jessie J) - James Morrison
    "How can I find you When you're always hiding from yourself Playing hide and seek with me Till it gets too dark Too dark, inside your shell Why do I even try When you take me for granted? I should"
  • Brave (with Jessie J) - Don Diablo
    "i wanna /2x tell the world about it give a little /2x something more of me show everyone that ever doubted I gotta whole lotta fire left in me I wasn’t /2x ready to be honest I know and I know I owe to"
  • Remember Me (ft. Jessie J) - Daley
    "Remember me!! So you confess, To all the way you’ve been seeing Now you feel regret, yeah But that don’t mean shit to me No, no So empty what you can say Take a minute please It’s too little too late To"
  • Jessie - Orson
    "Man it must be so cool, You're barely out of high school, A seven album record deal, That was no big deal alright, Oh yeah. Too right you're always out of tune, It's your shaggy hair that makes it swoon, It's"
  • Jessie - Neal McCoy
    "It must Fate or Divine intervention, When he broke down that day, In front of a run down building in Baton Rouge. He pushed his car across the bridge, When he noticed her at the door, An' she said: "Mister,"
  • Burning up - ICP
    "This bitch rochelle fucked on her boyfriend in her boyfriends bedAnd crazy carlos smacked his baby mama off in the headAnd jonathan beat his son like his daddy beat himBut swore hed never do nobody like"
  • We Don't Play Around (ft. Jessie J) - Dizzee Rascal
    "Make no mistakes When we go, we go hard We don't play around We don't play around 5 AM screaming louder than rock stars We don't play around no oh We don't play around no oh I don't wanna tell you how"
  • Calling All Hearts (ft. Robin Thicke, Jessie J) - DJ Cassidy
    "Calling All Hearts To the dancefloor, tonight! Let love start Let love start! Calling all party people in the place to be We gonna celebrate tonight And rock out with the family Here we go Calling all"
  • Jesse - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon/Mike Mainieri) Oh mother, say a prayer for me Jesse's back in town, it won't be easy Don't let him near me Don't let him touch me Don't let him please me Jesse, I won't cut fresh flowers"
  • Jesse - Janis Ian
    "Jesse, come home Theres a hole in the bed Where we slept Now its growing cold Hey Jesse, your face In the place where we lay By the hearth, all apart It hangs on my heart. And Im leaving the light On the"
  • Jesse - Joan Baez
    "Jesse come home, there's a hole in the bed Where we slept; now it's growing cold. Jesse your face, in the place where we lay By the hearth, all apart, it hangs on my heart And I'm leaving the light on"
  • Jesse - Avril Lavigne
    "Yeah, my boyfriend takes me home when I'm too drunk to drive And he doesn't get all jealous when I hang out with the guys He laughs at my dumb jokes when no one does He brings me mexican food from Sombrero's"
  • Jessie James - Bruce Springsteen
    "Jesse James and his boys rode that Dodge City Trail, Held up the midnight Southern mail, And there never was a man with the law in his hand That could keep Jesse James in a jail. It was Frank and Jesse"
  • J - Bjork
    "All these accidents, That happen, Follow the dot, Coincidence, Makes sense, Only with you, You don't have to speak, I feel. Emotional landscapes, They puzzle me, The riddle gets solved, And you push me"
  • Burning Up - Leila K
    "Don't put me off 'cause I'm on fire And I can't quench my desire Don't you know that I'm burning up for your love You're not convinced that that is enough I put myself in this position And I deserve the"
  • Burning Up - Madonna
    "Don't put me off, 'cause I'm on fire And I can't quench my desire Don't you know that I'm burning up for your love You're not convinced that that's enough I put myself in this position And I deserve the"
  • Burning up - Robert Plant
    "My mind is cracked - I stand aloneAnd my way is dark as nightBack on the hill the wind it moansAnd big black clouds fly byThe rain fell down - it drowned my heartIt raged inside my soulA pain that tore"
  • Burning Up - Alpinestars
    "Burning Up lyrics The lights in all the cities have now gone Restless hearts and minds are moving on Baby take the best escape for all Don't know if I'm coming back for more Burning up again I found"
  • Burning Up - Eagle-Eye Cherry
    "Would you believe me, if I said I'd never lie? Though it ain't easy, I can tell you I have tried. But I gotta say, that it comes those days, that I told something untrue. Would you forgive me, if I said"
  • Burning Up - Kylie Minogue
    "Down to the disco Everything stops Walking in solo Everyone drops Hey summer madness Totally cool My heart starts racing When i see you I'm burning up baby I'm burning up Can you feel it burning me My"

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