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Jessie j mastepiece

  • Up (ft. Jessie J) - James Morrison
    "How can I find you When you're always hiding from yourself Playing hide and seek with me Till it gets too dark Too dark, inside your shell Why do I even try When you take me for granted? I should"
  • Brave (with Jessie J) - Don Diablo
    "i wanna /2x tell the world about it give a little /2x something more of me show everyone that ever doubted I gotta whole lotta fire left in me I wasn’t /2x ready to be honest I know and I know I owe to"
  • Remember Me (ft. Jessie J) - Daley
    "Remember me!! So you confess, To all the way you’ve been seeing Now you feel regret, yeah But that don’t mean shit to me No, no So empty what you can say Take a minute please It’s too little too late To"
  • We Don't Play Around (ft. Jessie J) - Dizzee Rascal
    "Make no mistakes When we go, we go hard We don't play around We don't play around 5 AM screaming louder than rock stars We don't play around no oh We don't play around no oh I don't wanna tell you how"
  • Calling All Hearts (ft. Robin Thicke, Jessie J) - DJ Cassidy
    "Calling All Hearts To the dancefloor, tonight! Let love start Let love start! Calling all party people in the place to be We gonna celebrate tonight And rock out with the family Here we go Calling all"
  • Jessie - Kadison Joshua
    "From a phone booth in Vegas, Jessie calls at 5 a.m. to tell me how she's tired of all of them. She says, "Baby, I been thinking 'bout a trailer by the sea. We could go to, the cat, and me. We'll"
  • Jessie - DSDS
    "From a phone booth in Vegas Jessie calls at 5 am To tell me how she's tired of all of them She says "Baby I've been thinking 'bout a trailer by the sea We could go to Mexico you the cat and me We'll drink"
  • Jessie - Joshua Kadison
    "From a phone booth in Vegas Jessie calls at five a.m. To tell me how she's tired of all of them She says, "Baby, I've been thinking about a trailer by the sea We could go to Mexico; You, the cat and Me We'll"
  • Jessie - Idols Teen
    "From a phone booth in Vegas Jessie calls at five a.m. To tell me how she's tired of all of them She says, "Baby, I've been thinking about a trailer by the sea We could go to Mexico; You, the cat and Me We'll"
  • Jessie - Orson
    "Man it must be so cool, You're barely out of high school, A seven album record deal, That was no big deal alright, Oh yeah. Too right you're always out of tune, It's your shaggy hair that makes it swoon, It's"
  • Jessie - Neal McCoy
    "It must Fate or Divine intervention, When he broke down that day, In front of a run down building in Baton Rouge. He pushed his car across the bridge, When he noticed her at the door, An' she said: "Mister,"
  • Jessie - Zoot Woman
    "Jessie please don't go I know you hear me But words can't reach you now We had too far to go I know I'll miss you And time won't stop the feeling The softest voice is in my ear But must we share this"
  • Jesse - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon/Mike Mainieri) Oh mother, say a prayer for me Jesse's back in town, it won't be easy Don't let him near me Don't let him touch me Don't let him please me Jesse, I won't cut fresh flowers"
  • Dear Jessie - Rollergirl
    "Running, running, running through the love parade Pink elephants and lemonade Dear Jessie hear the laughter Running through the love parade Dear Jessie see the roses Raining on the love parade Pink elephants"
  • Kim & Jessie - M83
    "Kim and Jessie They have a secret world in the twilight Kids outside worlds They are crazy about romance and illusion Somebody lurks in the shadows Somebody whispers Somebody lurks in the shadows Yeah"
  • Dear Jessie - Madonna
    "Baby face don't grow so fast Make a special wish that will always last Rub this magic lantern He will make your dreams come true for you Ride the rainbow to the other side Catch a falling star and then"
  • Jessie James - Bruce Springsteen
    "Jesse James and his boys rode that Dodge City Trail, Held up the midnight Southern mail, And there never was a man with the law in his hand That could keep Jesse James in a jail. It was Frank and Jesse"
  • J - Humanos
    "J no sou quem era Meus sonhos no so iguais J no sou quem era A hora sincera E eu sinto que me estou a agitar J no fico espera J no fico espera mais J no fico espera De ver acender Essa luz que me"
  • J - Tiktak
    "M alan saada tarpeeks, t on nyt loppu M tiedn ett sul on joku muu M nn sun lpi suoraan, s luulet liikaa Ei taida mun jutut sua kiinnostaa Kun sun silmt seuraa muita, et mua kohta en muistakaan S oot kuin"
  • J - Ney Matogrosso
    "J te falei Ouvi dizer por a J gritei, telefonei, cantei por toda a cidade Pelo beco, pelo meio da avenida central, no jardim J divulguei Anunciei por a Por e-mail, por correio veio toda a verdade J mandei"

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