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Jhonny no girl

  • Jhonny - La Polla Records
    "Esta va para los Estados Unidos A ver cuando invaden Estados Unidos y se quedan all y no salen en su puta vida Johnny coge el bombardero Y lo eleva por el cielo No hay caon que alcanze a Johnny Ni rival"
  • Hollaback Girl - Girl Authority
    "Uh huh, this my shhhh All the girls stomp your feet like this A few times I've been around that track So it's not just gonna happen like that Cause I ain't no hollaback girl I ain't no hollaback"
  • Rising Girl - Rising Girl
    "I'm coming to study Study all the nice fine girls I'm coming to study Study best place in world I want to have a nice trip Walking with the sun all day I'm sitting with a rasta man On a green brown coco"
  • Material Girl - Girl Authority
    "Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me, I think thier okay. I they don't give me proper credit, I just walk away. They beg and they can plead buth they can't see the light (that's right, that's right.) Cause"
  • No Ordinary Girl - Jordan Pruitt
    "Don't go jumping to conclusions Draw me in to your confusion Don't you know that you're intruding So back off for a while It's never been up for debating We got something worth the waiting I can"
  • No Ordanary Girl - Kate Alexa
    "I've got a special power That I'm not afraid to use Every waking hour i discover something new So come on this is my adventure This is my fantasy It's all about living in the ocean being wild and free "
  • No little girl - Staind
    "Last night I saw her face It made me lose my place, it did It made me wonder How did I fumble into space Can't eat a thing at all My appetite is way to small, it is Except for beverages I really love that"
  • No Name Girl - John Prine
    "I got a girl that ain't got no home She ain't very fat just skin and bones She don't cast no shadow because she's so thin Never knows where she going but she knows were she's been She Never knows where"
  • No Ordinary Girl - Sahlene
    "I can't believe we've come to this No one cares to tell Right from wrong Cause it feels like we're On a fast train run Speeding far away from home Some things should be paid to see But it doesn't"
  • Girl - Whitesnake
    "I have never known a woman Who loves me like you do, You treat me like a dog An' make me shake my tail for you. I know the game you're playing When you're turning all your tricks. It's written on"
  • Girl - O-Town
    "She's a special girl With his own money, job & credit cards A sexy girl You better be careful or he'll pull your card In this world You won't find any like him Standin' round And I want a girl like her And"
  • Girl - Pepe Deluxe
    "Girl What you doing coming home Lord This time o'night Cheating me You think your sweet talk this time Will make things alright But I've been through these changes girl How many times before And I don't"
  • Girl - Ben Kenney
    "hey ma i got a girl we got it made she's everything in my world dont fret, i'll be home soon i packed a bag and soon i'll be close to you it means so much to me that she's in love with me this girl she"
  • Girl - Terence Trent D'Arby
    "Girl,look at the way she smiles at me Girl,look at how free she seems to be The sky is no shelter in the summer The sun is so dazzling without a cloud The people are floating but then i see her And now"
  • Girl - Giuffria
    "Be my, be my baby Yesterday, I was watching the turning tide, of a memories of a changing shore line Otherwise, was nevermore. Life was different , you closed the door Still in all my heart is true,"
  • Girl - The Time
    "Girl, I called you up to say, that I'm havin' trouble sleepin' ever since you went away. Girl, I know you need a little time, to get your head together. But baby, I can't stop cryin'. (chorus) Girl, why'd"
  • Girl - Anouk
    "Girl girl girl When I hear him talk Ooh my mind gets blocked girl Speak up 'cause my jaw is locked Which is good, good for me girl It hides like a warning sign But I'm too blind to see Speak up yes I'm"
  • Girl - Buck-Tick
    "natsu no owari no sora no you ni kimi wo miteiru to nanda kasou totemo ii yokan ga surunda Just a single girl wasureteshimai taku naru you na koto sekai ga kuzure sou na sonna kotoba kari janai hazu darou Just"
  • Girl - Adam Sandler
    "Arsenio (chris rock): Now don't leave us hanging with just that. Jp: Yeah, I hear that, arsenio. Yo guys, lets kick it! (music starts playing) Jp: Yo now, before we start singing, You also want to know"
  • Girl - K-Ci & JoJo
    "Baby I was born to give you all of my love Baby I was born to give you all of my time Just so we can be together And share a love, to last forever baby(to last forever) The best thing you gave was sent"

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