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Jihn Hiatt

  • Cold River - John Hiatt
    "Well he packed up his suitcase 'Cause the deal gone down She was slipping on her stockings Lord it made the sweetest sound There was a baby in the reeds Along the river outside of town As he wound his"
  • Find You At Last - John Hiatt
    "We were coming down the old turnpike Horse hooves pounding, sledgehammer night You can tell 'em anything you like I was there with you baby Silver and diamonds and a skin full of tears The road narrowed"
  • Old School - John Hiatt
    "He's the old school He don't say when he's hurting He'll just hide away 'til it's over And tears are dry He's the old school and you can't see him cry He was young once just like you A heart wide open"
  • The River Knows Your Name - John Hiatt
    "Oh the river knows your name And your tears falling like the rain All around you suffering and pain Oh the river knows your name And the river hears you cry As the lightning cracks the open sky As"
  • Native Son - John Hiatt
    "You finally found the mainstream In the middle of your life You tapped into a vein Of endless gold chains Now you're locked up tight Tearing down the middle of it Splitting it right in half Bobbing"
  • Dust Down A Country Road - John Hiatt
    "Could not get to sleep It was on my wedding night I was tangled in the sheets And I was dreaming of a light Pouring from her window Coming up through the floor Lifting up the darkness Crashing through"
  • Paper Thin - John Hiatt
    "I was gonna get up off that bar stool Just as soon as I could figure it out Why I was overlooked at the car pool Stood up at the dance with no twist and shout When you're burnin' with your last"
  • Feels Like Rain - John Hiatt
    "Down here the river meets the sea And in the sticky heat I feel ya' open up to me Love comes out of nowhere baby, like a hurricane And it feels like rain Underneath the stars lying next to you Wondering"
  • Alone In The Dark - John Hiatt
    "It's a lonely picture Of an empty glass It's a still life study Of a drunken ass And he howls at the moon Hoping the sun don't come up too fast I'm all alone in the dark now baby I'm all alone in the"
  • Thing Called Love - John Hiatt
    "Don't have to humble yourself to me I ain't your judge or your king And baby, you know you ain't no Queen of Sheba And we may not even have our dignity, no This could be just a prideful thing But"

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