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Jimmy Buffett Spending Money

  • Spending Money - Jimmy Buffett
    "Now I'm not talking 'bout excessive greed. The kind that puzzled the scribes and Pharisees. I don't worship it like a golden calf, But change in my pocket is always good for a laugh. I've seen it brighten"
  • Thank God & Jimmy Buffett - Pitbull
    "You know Jimmy Buffett says it best When you lose yourself Is when you find the key to paradise Rest in paradise buddy While we celebrate your life Now let's party Thank God and Jimmy Buffett I rolled"
  • Margaritaville (with Jimmy Buffett) - Alan Jackson
    "Nibblin' on sponge cake Watchin' the sun bake All of those tourists covered in oil Strummin' my six-string On my front porch swing Smell those shrimp hey they're beginnin' to boil Chorus: Wasted"
  • Spending Money - Will.I.Am
    "Now baby look I've I've got nothing but money, honey. Aha And I wanna spend it all, Spend it all on you. Aha Spending money On you./x6 Tonight Spending money Girl lets go to store and spend bank Buy you"
  • It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (W/ Jimmy Buffett) - Alan Jackson
    "The sun is hot and that ole clock is moving slow and so am i The work day passes like molassas in wintertime, but it's July I'm getting paid by the hour and older by the minute My boss just pushed me over"
  • Jimmy - 18 Over Par
    "Jimmy moved here from the city In the middle of last fall He thought he was real cool L.A Dodgers hat and all! He's got the baggiest jeans I don't like him at all Jimmy is bad news I'd like to see him"
  • Money Back Guarantee - Jimmy Buffett
    "(Jimmy Buffett, Michael Utley, Will Jennings) One day you'll be glad I came around I may be the best thing you have found Ain't much you can count on in this town I swear I'm speaking from my heart And"
  • Spending Addiction - Gunna
    "Ride de Ville or the Maybach, depend on my mood More bookings and payments that shit done got huge Hop in the spaceship, take it to the moon Chrome Hearts on my face just to help me look cool Her pussy"
  • Spending Galore - Socratic
    "The search for songs has turned hopeless. So I turn to anything meaningless. "Hey we'll be your friends. I don't sleep. I don't count sheep. I talk to the shepherd. We don't plead. We don't eat. We just"
  • Jimmy Dreams - Jimmy Buffett
    "Jimmy dreams He's a child to the end What a joy When you are your best friend The world's such a toy If you just stay a boy You just spin it again and again Jimmy flies With no use for disguise Just escapes Using"
  • Like Jimmy - Wiz Khalifa
    "I woke up in a bed full of bitches that I ain't even fuckin' Fell asleep in a bed full of bitches that I ain't even fuckin' Like Jimmy, like Jimmy, like Jimmy, like Jimmy I smoke a joint and wrapped a"
  • Jimmy Mathis - Bubba Sparxxx
    "New south, Athems Joy, Mudd Kat'z, The Mathis family, they cant hide that money from us no more Jimmy Mathis please come out here and tell these folks who ya son is, And Mama tell Russell load the shotgun,"
  • Jimmy Choo - Shyne
    "(feat. Ashanti) Yeah Shyne, gang land, murder inc. Haha Alright, turn the beat up I see you, ok! I see you ma, in your thoughsand doller weave Master P's diamond face on ya sleeve Def Island, waist"
  • Makin music for money - Jimmy Buffett
    "When I woke up this morning I was tired as I could be I think I was counting my money When I should have been counting sheep My agent he just called me and told me what I should be If I would make my music"
  • Money - Michael Kiwanuka, Tom Misch
    "money, money i sit really love? money will it be love oh man, again, I swear money, money I feel it killing love money will it be love oh man, again, I swear I think I want everything everything all on"
  • I Used To Have Money One Time - Jimmy Buffett
    "I had Cadillac's in my future Debutantes in my past I made a deal with the devil for a whole lot of money Thinkin' it would last and last But a fool and his money are bound to part And what goes up must"
  • The Jimmy Choos - Chester French
    "Spending my time on a girl I know And she keeps me clean, A first-rate whore knocking at my door Yeah, Miss Pristine A French maid, get paid, touch the floor And she's got me She's got the Jimmy Choo's,"
  • Lil Jimmy Skit - Kanye West
    "Hey Jimmy where you going? I dont know where I'm goin. My Dad died, and he left me his degrees. My mom would always say "Dad, why dont you work?", But he just kept learning. All the other kids parents"
  • Lil Jimmy (Skit) - Kanye West
    "Hey Jimmy, where you going? I don't know where I'm going My Dad died, and, uh, he left me his degrees My mom would always say, "Dad, why don't you work?" But he just kept learning, hmm All the other kids'"
  • Jimmy B. Bad - Tankard
    "I was born in "Dirty Town", early heard the heavy sound Of pounding drums and loud guitars on the radio My mama always said to me "Boy it's time for you to see Life is work, in fourty years you'll be a"

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