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Jimmy Buffett The Last Line

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Jimmy Buffett The Last Line

  • Margaritaville (with Jimmy Buffett) - Alan Jackson
    "Nibblin' on sponge cake Watchin' the sun bake All of those tourists covered in oil Strummin' my six-string On my front porch swing Smell those shrimp hey they're beginnin' to boil Chorus: Wasted"
  • The Last Line - Jimmy Buffett
    "I've given my life for songs that I sing As a matter of fact, I've given everything But time has come to not make a sound Time has come to lay my burden down Ohhh wo, ohhh wo It's come from behind, and"
  • It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (W/ Jimmy Buffett) - Alan Jackson
    "The sun is hot and that ole clock is moving slow and so am i The work day passes like molassas in wintertime, but it's July I'm getting paid by the hour and older by the minute My boss just pushed me over"
  • Jimmy - Moriarty
    "Jimmy won't you please come home Where the grass is green and the buffaloes roam Come see Jimmy your uncle Jim Your auntie Jimmie and your cousin Jim Come home Jimmy because you need a bath And your grandpa"
  • Jimmy - 18 Over Par
    "Jimmy moved here from the city In the middle of last fall He thought he was real cool L.A Dodgers hat and all! He's got the baggiest jeans I don't like him at all Jimmy is bad news I'd like to see him"
  • Jimmy - Boogie Down Productions
    "Intro The J, the I, the M, the M The Y, the J, the I, the M It's Jimmy! It's Jimmy! x2 Verse 1 Here is a message to the Super-Hoes Just keep in mind when Jimmy grows It grows and grows and grows, so"
  • Jimmy Jimmy - Madonna
    "Where you goin' boy, I see your legs twitchin' Jimmy Jimmy, oh Jimmy Jimmy My daddy says you just need a good lickin' Jimmy Jimmy, oh Jimmy Jimmy You say you gonna be the king of Las Vegas Jimmy Jimmy,"
  • Jimmy - Upstanding Youth
    "Jimmy wakes up hoping today will be a better day, hoping somehow today will be better than yesterday. Frustration, hate, and lies and anger are all he sees today. What a lame day when Jimmy hasn't even"
  • Jimmy Dreams - Jimmy Buffett
    "Jimmy dreams He's a child to the end What a joy When you are your best friend The world's such a toy If you just stay a boy You just spin it again and again Jimmy flies With no use for disguise Just escapes Using"
  • Jimmy Come Lately - Small Fred
    "I pull out the choke, pump hard on the gas Oh, this wheezin' old bus is complaining. The Dungeness winter is blowing its last It's cold, but for once it's not raining. "Good morning, Jennifer, welcome"
  • The ballad of Jimmy & Johnny - Rancid
    "Jimmy and Johnny two friends of mine skinhead what they clam Outside similarities but no they don't feel the same See Johnny thinks Jimmy's a mod and Jimmy thinks Johnny's a punk Jimmy listens to ska and"
  • Jimmy Gillum - 38 Special
    "I was raised up on the west side of town That's where I met Jimmy Gillum Baddest man around He'd rather fight than eat Mister That's no lie If you cross him up smile and wave goodbye Bad bad Jimmy"
  • Dear Jimmy - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
    "Clock watching, heart stopping, So pretty, he's got me Playing the waiting game, longing to say his name How will else, nothing else, In my head but he True love can be so strange, I'm in the firing range Why"
  • Dear Jimmy - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
    "Clock watching, heart stopping, So pretty, he's got me Playing the waiting game, longing to say his name How will else, nothing else, In my head but he True love can be so strange, I'm in the firing"
  • Jimmy Dean - Icehouse
    "There's a mist over Broadway Breathing cool sheets of rain Lights his last cigarette and Turns his back to the wind BRIDGE She says, baby, I don't know Just how to explain And I can't see the sense And"
  • Jumpin' Jimmy - Tonic
    "Come on baby walk with me Come on baby talk with me Underneath the tree line Oh Come on baby lay me down We don't have to make a sound Underneath the tree line Oh Sister moon's been shining all day Nothing"
  • Jimmy Jimmy - The Undertones
    "Little mummy's boy He wasn't very old Though he was very small He did what he was told Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy - Oooh Jimmy Jimmy Poor little Jimmy wouldn't let go He'd stay awake at night Lying in his"
  • Jimmy - The 69 Eyes
    "I would've never thought you could be crying As you saw Jimmy in Giant Angels never same since they stopped flying Bright beautiful flames burn brightly THat's the same Little runaway with my heart"
  • The Last Line - Jill Sobule
    "Far away, another time I was yours and you were mine Entwined we spiraled down so far together Smoke and mirrors and rolled up bills We had it all and then more still But it was not enough to last forever It"
  • Jimmy Jazz - The Clash
    "The police walked in for Jimmy Jazz I said, he ain't here, but he sure went past Oh, you're looking for Jimmy Jazz Sattamassagana for Jimmy Dread Cut off his ears and chop off his head Police came looking"

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