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Jimmy Buffett Truckstop Salvation

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Jimmy Buffett Truckstop Salvation

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Jimmy Buffett Truckstop Salvation
  • Jimmy Buffett Truckstop Salvation
    "Straight-laced leather-faced he rolled in like he owned the two-bit town Dollar bills bulging from his bell bottomed jeans The population they gathered 'round Nothing this exciting since a fertilizer"
  • Alan Jackson Margaritaville (with Jimmy Buffett)
    "Nibblin' on sponge cake Watchin' the sun bake All of those tourists covered in oil Strummin' my six-string On my front porch swing Smell those shrimp hey they're beginnin' to boil Chorus: Wasted"
  • Alan Jackson It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (W/ Jimmy Buffett)
    "The sun is hot and that ole clock is moving slow and so am i The work day passes like molassas in wintertime, but it's July I'm getting paid by the hour and older by the minute My boss just pushed me over"
  • Jimmy Buffett Jimmy Dreams
    "Jimmy dreams He's a child to the end What a joy When you are your best friend The world's such a toy If you just stay a boy You just spin it again and again Jimmy flies With no use for disguise Just escapes Using"
  • Beth Orton Heartland Truckstop
    "Theres a bridge cross my stream never seems to get broken never could never would never clouds up my day see i wanted to give then i just couldnt take it i wanted to love and i turned round and hated it if"
  • Chimaira Salvation
    "Endless nights filled with misery Sick of familiar patterns Bruise after cut Can't wash away my scars This is a night of... salvation (salvation) One the night of salvation (salvation) This life always"
  • Dolores O'Riordan Salvation
    "To all those people doing lines, don't do it, don't do it. Inject your soul with liberty, it's free, it's free. To all the kids with heroin eyes *, don't do it, don't do it. Because it's not, not what"
  • The Cranberries Salvation
    "To all those people doing lines Don't do it, don't do it Inject your soul with liberty It's free, it's free To all the kids with heroin eyes Don't do it, don't do it Because it's not, not what it seems No,"
  • Grand Incredible Salvation
    "Well I dont think you're being very honest with yourself About your souls' condition or your spirtual health But you dont think about it very often cause it makes you uneasy You know that I love you and"
  • Gabrielle Aplin Salvation
    "You are the avalanche One world away My make believing While I'm wide awake Just a trick of light To bring me back around again Those wild eyes A psychedelic silhouette I never meant to fall for you"
  • Alice Cooper Salvation
    "What if I'm wrong, I've been deceived all along What if I'm wrong What have I done Did I waste a life just for fun What have I done What did I do I did what voices told me to What did I do Where will"
  • Prayer For Cleansing Salvation
    "To all the people doing lines Don't do it, don't do it Inject your soul with liberty It's free, it's free To all the kids with heroin eyes Don't do it, don't do it 'Cause it's not, not what it seems Oh"
  • Rancid Salvation
    "Come on baby won't you show me what you got here I want your salvation whooo Come on baby won't you show me what you got here I want your salvation whooo There's a neighbourhood called Blackhawk where"
  • Lovin' Spoonful Salvation
    "Hes sleeping in the hallway Sick with cold and wine The doors are locked before him His bridges burned behind Like a singin bird in winter With a solitary song Nobody there to hear him Nobody helps him"
  • Roxette Salvation
    "I can barely remember my past Everything seems to disappear so fast But I recall being jealous and alone Gazing at the dreams going by I started my life when you knocked on the door Found something"
  • Planetshakers Salvation
    "We can make a change In this world today With Jesus as our King And He's the only way We lift our voice to You And sing a song of praise You alone are King You're the only way We're gonna lift You high We're"
  • Sacrifice Salvation
    "Mother of salvation stands all alone Save yourself expendable Feeling the rain pour down like bloodshed Look to skies, darken our lives Lunatics take over the insane asylum No provocation but still beat the"
  • Elton John Salvation
    "I have to say my friends This road goes a long, long way And if we're going to find the end We're gonna need a helping hand I have to say my friends We're looking for a light ahead In the distance a candle"
  • Citizen Cope Salvation
    "Say Judas came up to D.C. He'd been down in Georgia for a while He drove a 944 He bought with the soul Of a blonde-headed kid With a left-handed guitar Now he's lookin' for me Citizen C-O-P-E Sign the"
  • Guardian Salvation

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