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Jimmy Eat World Patches

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Jimmy Eat World Patches

  • Patches - Jimmy Eat World
    "I'm not worried about my life, it's too big. Carpet stains on the ground and I think I've found a way out downstairs turn around. Wake me, take me up upside down. Head down, lay down. No one is ever around"
  • Patches - B.B. King
    "I was born and raised down in Alabama on a farm way back up in the woods. Oh I was so ragged folks used to call me "Patches". Papa used to tease me about it, but deep down inside dad was hurtin' 'cause"
  • Patches - BB King
    "I was born and raised down in alabama on a farm way back up in the woods. ohI was so ragged folks used to call me "patches". papa used to tease me aboutIt, but deep down inside dad was hurtin' 'cause he'd"
  • Patches - Alabama
    "(Spoken) I was born and raised down in Alabama On a farm way back up in the woods I was so ragged that folks used to call me Patches Papa used to tease me about it Of course deep down inside he was hurt"
  • Patches - George Jones
    "I was born and raised in Alabama.On a farm way back up in the woods.I was so ragged folks used to call me patches papa used to teas me bout it but deep down in side he was hurtin cause he done all he could.My"
  • Eat - Flop
    "There's no debating about what it is that I'm supposed to do One period of hesitation and my plans have fallen through (chorus) And now the forces of evil conspire To take away what cynicism inspired I"
  • EAT - Poppy
    "My brain is poisoneous my body is a mess my heart is hazardous who could i instead? I tell everyone i am ok but i am ashamed i am dshame and it all eats at me maybe todey i throw it all away let my body"
  • Go Jimmy Jimmy - Aaron Carter
    "I flip the switchesIn the atomosphereIn my drop top marketDoin' my tenI'm a little shootin'Star in the makin'Droppin' Neutron bombsNever fakin'Cuz I'm headin' for the topNo mistakin'And my destiny's mineFor"
  • Patches - Dickey Lee
    "Down by the river that flows by the coal yards. Stands wooden houses with shutters torn down There lives a girl everybody calls Patches Patches my darling of Old Shanty town We plan to marry when June"
  • I Hate Jimmy Page - Mindless Self Indulgence
    "I'm just another little faggot with a problem Fuckin' around over someone else's hard-on I got the balls with the foul-smelling DJ Suckas can reach out and touch me and eat me I lick clit - I like it Lookin'"
  • World Is Static - Jimmy Eat World
    "The longest time away. think last time the friends we made. the longest time away. best friend is too cheap to stay. of course i'll go with you, not every day i get to. of course i'll stay with you, how"
  • The World You Love - Jimmy Eat World
    "I got a story it's almost finished all i need is someone to tell it too maybe, that's you. our time is borrowed and spent to freely every minute i have needs to be made up but how? i'm looking for a nice"
  • Dog Eat Dog - Dog Eat Dog
    "The rush I get when I'm makin' a break yeah It's that cracked out, whacked out look on your face man. Nothing like a ragamuffin making a handplant While I'm pushing all the buttons of a ruthless villian..."
  • Jimmy Neutron - Bowling For Soup
    "Into the stars To buy candy bars Rides a kid with A knack for inventions A super powered-mind A mechanical K-9 He rescues the day From your destruction He's gotta save the world And get to school on time So"
  • Jimmy Gillum - 38 Special
    "I was raised up on the west side of town That's where I met Jimmy Gillum Baddest man around He'd rather fight than eat Mister That's no lie If you cross him up smile and wave goodbye Bad bad Jimmy"
  • It's Jimmy - Kurupt
    "Jimmy Bones Oh yeah, this is really, really real baby Really, really real, yeah Let me tell ya something, J-I-M-M-Y This is about a real nigga, real nigga Jimmy Bones, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy Jimmy Bones,"
  • Forbidden Jimmy - John Prine
    "Forbidden Jimmy Has got a mighty sore tooth From biting too many dimes In a telephone booth He's got half of his bootlace Tied to the dial Thank you operator For getting Jimmy to smile "Call out the Coast"
  • Shadow & Jimmy - Elvis Costello
    "Shadow and jimmy were always yesterday's news Jimmy's a bowler, shadow rents out his green bowling shoes Late friday night when the bars are all shuttered and dark He shadows back jimmy to the lot in the"
  • Go Jimmy Jimmy(Sound Track Jimmy Neutron) - Aaron Carter
    "Jimmy Jimmy who? Neutron, Neutron, Neutron Here we go Verse one I flip the switches In the atomosphere In my drop top market Doin' my ten I'm a little shootin' Star in the makin' Droppin' Neutron bombs"
  • Gotta Eat - Killah Priest
    "Masada 2000 [ VERSE 1 ] My .44 calicol will silence y'all souls, Masada The ghost of the most prolific writer Upon my death bed in roast in fire See my most desires Smell the smoke from my flesh as my"

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