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Jin i loved you audio download

  • I Download - Jin
    "This goes out to all my DSL users, cable modems. No 56k's, ya'll heard? I download music I don't buy music No way jose, unless it's my music I aint been in the record store in a minute My ipod got like"
  • Audio - LSD (Sia, Labrinth & Diplo)
    "we got a ride we got the night I got the bottle you got the light we got the stars we got audio we’re gonna fly we’re getting high you got the moon dust I got te sky we got the stars we got the radio make"
  • Jin Vs. Sterling - Jin
    "(Sterling) Uh, yea, yo, yo, yo, yo, ay yo i'm mad free you actin like I ain't the one, why you got me battlin' Bruce Lee grandson yo, i'm a star he just a rookie leave rap alone and keep making fortune cookies"
  • Jin Vs. Skazoo - Jin
    "yo, i get girls, who you tryin to dis man? he masturbate so much he had to roc a wristband you got guns pointed my way he's so played out, i thought he was the old school joint of the day i got fans"
  • Diary Of Jin - Jin
    "Oh No (Diary Of Jin) What you thought that was it for Jin? You thought I was done....OH NO! You can't be serious Verse 1: Aiyo I'm mad Free, you actin' like I ain't the one Why they keep callin'"
  • Jin Vs. Skitzoe - Jin
    "yo, you a sucka and i mean it kid my girl would never go with you cause she don't like guys with small penises don't make me have to come at you ay yo, cause as a rapper, you really don't have a chance"
  • Jin Vs. Logan - Jin
    "yo, if the rap game is whack, everybody's blamin you you from brooklyn? then biggie must be ashamed of you cause I'ma freestyle, show you how it is matter fact, you from bk, i heard they murder things"
  • Download It - Clea
    "(Download, download, download, download) We're miles away and my heart beats fast And I miss you so bad, I won't last So we'll boot it up and I'll wait for the sign It's telling me, babe, we're online Connection's"
  • Download Damage - Elysium
    "Enter This Fantastic Future Surfin' Down Straight To Inferno Delete Trust & Understanding This Communication Breakdown Feedin' The Digital Demon Save Me As An Ego Breakdown Download Self-Destruction System"
  • I Loved You - Jin
    "I can't believe you broke my heart I loved you girl Damn I loved you (I loved you) But you left me all alone (Why'd you leave me girl?) I loved you (I loved you) But you left me all alone (Why'd you leave"
  • Jin From The Block - Jin
    "They say I changed, I'm still the same It's about time, I got my chance to shine Droppin' advanced lines, designed, to enhance your mind Most of these rappers say nothin' like pantomimes Shorty stay"
  • Fight Music(Audio) - D12
    "Chorus: (Eminem) This kinda music, use it and you get amped to do this Whenever you hear something and you can't refuse it It's just some hit for these kids to trash their rooms with Just refuse whenever"
  • Jin Vs. Sean Nicholas - Jin
    "You ain't a Reggae arist and I aint hatin' on you Stop lyin, Mrs. Cleo is more Jamaican than you I'm nice with it when I'm freein' Who you think you bein'? My pants are new, my sweater is new don't"
  • Jin Vs. Luck Luciano - Jin
    "uh, see, i really don't know what you're doin he got a kobe bryant jersey on, but look more like a light-skin patrick ewing i'm nice wit it when im spittin, come on, in a week or so i'll be spittin"
  • Audio Illusions - Radon
    "Track 5, "Terror" -The sky is high with the living breath, and there's a little bit of luck between alive and death. The words I sing, they're very plain. lt's an eagle on a wing. Hey, we play audio illusions. And"
  • Audio Blood - The Matches
    "Every Friday At Three Shadows Escape From The Factory. If You Can Go To The Show, Hurry Up And Get Back To Me. Tonight We Meet Underground Where The Air Is Thick Like Mud, And The Bands Make Noise That"
  • Audio X - Cypress Hill
    "(feat. Barron Ricks) "T-Minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6.. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. zero!" (Blast off!) Come inside, hello everybody, welcome Think you better be ready for the battle when the shit goes down Cause we warring All"
  • Audio X - Touch And Go
    ""T-Minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6.. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. zero!"(Blast off!) Come inside, hello everybody, welcomeThink you better be ready for the battle when the shit goes downCause we warringAll you fuckin yellow comets"
  • Audio delite - Black Eyed Peas
    "Ever since I was a little younger I always had a rhyme that I flung up In any situation that you brung up Black Eyed Peas would shake a party like thunder Now everybody wanna ask and wonder How the Black"
  • Download The Destruction - Full Scale
    "I'll bless you with a smile Just come to understand your place here You're faceless Take shelter for a while Underneath my wing of thorns and bile My child It's all the same and you're back again And"

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