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Joan Armatrading Opportunity

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Joan Armatrading Opportunity

  • Opportunity - Joan Armatrading
    "Opportunity Came to my door When I was down On my luck In the shape Of an old friend With a plan Guaranteed Showed me the papers As he walked me to the car His shoes Finest leather He said You could wear"
  • Opportunity - Motor Ace
    "I shouldnt talk back to you I couldnt shut my mouth But it feels much better now Youre leaving me no questions Youre giving me no choice And it feels like hanging on Walking to the same thing Does it feel"
  • Opportunity - Aztek Trip
    "In this place It seems like such a shame We all look different One way or the other People screaming Names I've never heard Stares at me in their Anguish and insanity It's not easy, living this opportunity It's"
  • Opportunity - Will Powers
    "I'm donna from the bronx, I never worry about money 'cause I'm a hairdresser and someone always needs a haircut, besides I go to parties and stay out all night, so who has time to worry? and I have Incredible"
  • Opportunity - Sia
    "Under the glow of the very bright lights I turn my face towards the warm night sky And I am not afraid of a thousand eyes And there below Five hundred smiles I used to think What wouldn't I give For a"
  • Opportunity - Elvis Costello
    "Born in the middle of a second big baby boom Those noisy boys just might have spoken up too soon Now I'm looking for a little girl, I wonder where she's gone Big money for families having more than one "
  • Opportunity - Pete Murray
    "And so it goes another lonely day Your savin time but your miles away Your fly was drownin in some bitter tea For seeing lost opportunity Find your mirror go and look inside And see the talent you always"
  • Opportunity - Charlatans Uk
    "Charlatans Uk Some Friendly Opportunity A boy with a stronger emotion, has nothing on me i've got this one Going round round round this sensation i found in my soul Love as it touches perfection, a ballance"
  • Opportunity - Catch 22
    "Hardships faced. We've been disgraced. Our plans for the land are degraded by menacing hands. But history's compelling us, telling us to do it all again. As far as I can see, everything that we had believed Is"
  • Joan - Heather Dale
    "I am as God made me, I have no desire, For a mouth at my breast or a pot on the fire, I heed the higher voices; I go where I'm sent, To mow down the men who refuse to repent, I'm a scythe, in a field full"
  • Joan - Lene Lovich
    "Joan are you listening to my voice? You can't escape - you have no choice. It's just as real as anything said outside your head. The voice inside you bites your mind. You can't ignore the words this time. It's"
  • Joan - Butch Walker
    "Joan moved away to Colorado Said she found God and a boyfriend as well One that won't hit her or make her feel shallow There's a lot to learn about Joan Before I moved in Joan had a fling with the landlord So"
  • Joan - Innocence Mission
    "So.I see their easels at the waterfrom the window.I know his is not -as his is never - with them.Seven years I've watched them sadly,watching with them, understandingJoan, my head hurts, my head hurts.Joan,"
  • Joan - Erasure
    "Power generation You live up your life and it feels like fire Suspended in animation A trick of the light and it drives you higher Blind vision blind faith You really can be sold If you dare to disagree It's"
  • Joan - Art Bears
    "Was I a witch? In the dark days I heard voices Emptied of fear My shell, was a vessel of love Light led me forward Death was not questioned I embraced him my breast with Milk swelling. Child of my life:"
  • Golden Opportunity - Steve Miller Band
    "(Gary Mallaber and Kenny Lee Lewis) Watching the hands strike midnight Reading the writing on the wall Just in time to chase your dream You got a chance to make it You got a chance to take it all Don't"
  • Golden Opportunity - Ian Hunter
    "(Ian Hunter) The kids are OK They're telling you now But you're letting them down Cause you just don't know how And it's a golden opportunity I'm spinning in space I'm laughing away Your so pathetic I"
  • Opportunity Nox - Roxette
    "Well, I like you, I couldn't think of anything but you For a week I was in love with your hairdo I couldn't chew those smart things I used to I knew I was way over the moon When I met you, when I met you,"
  • Lost Opportunity - Queen
    "With the morning I face the sun I lift my head and smile for everyone Every afternoon you'll find me working on I got my new shoes on Got to be moving on That's what they say Every night I'm tossed And"
  • Golden Opportunity - Brave Combo
    "Hello, my life sucks In a thousand ways it's just A disappointing loss of time And Energy My need for control Even down to your very soul Has me soing things I wouuldn't do Even if I were me Chorus"

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