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Jodeci In The Meanwhile

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Jodeci In The Meanwhile

  • In The Meanwhile - Jodeci
    "(feat. Timbaland) Sticky, sticky, let's get sticky, word Yeah, I like it In the mirror Can you pose in the mirror baby, get sticky I don't have to be the only one But we can still have fun Till"
  • Meanwhile - The Beautiful South
    "Jack confides in Catherine That he's filing for divorce Catherine gives her promise To keep it secret but of course As soon as backs are turned in soaps They're sharpening their claws Meanwhile my whole"
  • Meanwhile - The Moody Blues
    "Just in a simple conversation You can hear the feeling change Down to the sea And if you need an explanation I defy you to explain But something's not the same And it's bothering me I think I see where"
  • Meanwhile - Clark Family Experiance
    "Concrete mountains, Tiny trees, Claustrophobic, hard to breathe. Livin' like sardines, no space to call your own. Traffic jams, computer lines, Monthly quoters, the daily crimes. In a hurry, and out of"
  • Meanwhile - George Strait
    "She sparkles, she dazzles, she lights up the room We walk together to a table for two Every man stares but her eyes are only for me We take to the dance floor, she squeezes my hand I can't believe just"
  • Meanwhile - Moody Blues
    "Just in a simple conversation You can hear the feeling change Like a river rrunning down Down to the sea And if you need an explanation I defy you to explain BUt something's not the same And it's bothering"
  • Meanwhile... - Little River Band
    "Looked at my window for Robinson Crusoe, all I can see is Daniel Defoe, everyone movin' in different directions, I don't know which way I can go, tell me. Now I like the blues and I like cathedrals, I like"
  • Meanwhile - Fool's Garden
    "You've changed the world around you Is it better now? No starving anymore Hey, is it better now? Your helpless little fingers They've never been as calm as now Your trembling is over It's better now If"
  • Meanwhile - Major Deluxe
    "He's got a half-penny to spend The street is full of passers-by And no one hears what he cries He always plays the same old tunes he learned as a child Oh God, how beautiful he is when he dreams with shut"
  • Meanwhile In Greenpoint... - Nakatomi Plaza
    "it's over now so shut your mouth or let the blood keep coming and keep fighting me and her and he ... i'll ... try to explain ... yeah ... but what's the use? it's all news to you and read the fine print"
  • Meanwhile Back In The City - The Presidents of the United States of America
    "I was standing quiet alone in a crowded disco When a man I did not know showed me the door And told me I had to go Well that kind of humiliation never happens on farm That's why city living does the pysche"
  • Meanwhile My Mother - Peter Hammill
    "Meanwhile, my mother, waiting for what? I don't know... The recall of a favourite memory, or perhaps for a painful one to go? She doesn't let that much show. Meanwhile, above her head all my monologues"
  • Meanwhile, Rick James - Cake
    "Disempowered The scattering flock Dances in a fever At the Castle Rock Dust devils cypress Ripening fruit Ascending quick Into the author's bathroom Fon, Jo and Tootsie Are out on a wire Mans tooth junkies"
  • Jodeci (Freestyle) (ft. J. Cole, Dennis Graham) - Drake
    "Yeah 26 on my third GQ cover Your new shit sound like you do covers Of all of my old shit, oh shit I devoted to making sure that shit goes unnoticed Swear you niggas is hopeless I should run a clinic for"
  • Meanwhile Up In Heaven - Kaiser Chiefs
    "Picture yourself by a rocket Picture yourself in a glittering silver suit Picture yourself getting on it Saluting the news crews, you're the new recruit Do you remember the numbers Hung on the door of"
  • Meanwhile Back in Cleveland - Bill Anderson
    "High a top a mountain lookin' down to Panga Canyon I came to see the blue pacific in the night The stars are like a miollion dancin' diamods on the water And my lover's arms're wrapped around me tight And"
  • Meanwhile Back In Abilene - Roger Miller
    "Movin' all around movin' all around won't you settle down in this old town On the move honey that's my groove travel everywhere breathing in the air I don't have a care in this old world and I feel fine"
  • Meanwhile Back In My Heart - Billie Jo Spears
    "I really always knew that it was just a matter of time Until you'd be a painted entry on the pages of my mind That's what I say when people ask while we're apart But meanwhile back in my heart Nothing's"
  • Meanwhile, back on the satellite - Oblivion
    "Meanwhile, back on the satellite. I look at this place, with words of hate and fear. I pack up my dreams, and get way from here. I shoot for the stars, coast is clear, no atmosphere. You live in a world,"
  • Meanwhile Down At Joe's - Norma Jean
    "I iron and I sew as I watch the late show But something moist keeps getting in my eyes He called and said don't wait he'd be working late and so another lonely night goes by Meanwhile down at Joe's some"

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