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Joe Another Used To Be

  • Another Used To Be - Joe
    "I brought you here so that i can express the things i've been thinkin bout give me your ear. cuz i don't normally do this so bare with me through this. there are so many things that i want to say. but"
  • Another Used To - Joe
    "I brought you here So that I could express the things I've been thinking about Give me your ear 'Cause I don't normally do this So bare with me through this There are so many things that I wanna say But"
  • Joe - Dusty Springfield
    "(Gamble / Harris / Felder) (Hey, does anybody know) (How I can get in touch with Joe?) If I have to catch a subway Or catch a plane on a runway I've got to find out some way Where did he go? Yesterday"
  • Used - Pain Of Salvation
    ""I am the unclean The black drop at the bottom of your cup You'd better drink or throw me up 'Cause I am on your lip and tongue God I'm not yours as much as you are mine So let me in to be your lung Just"
  • Used To Be - Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
    "Well you don't love me anymore my darling I'm just a used to be to you Those cold cold kisses that you gave me little darling Proved to me you found somebody new Tomorrow's just another lonesome day And"
  • Used To Be - Charlene
    "Superman was killed in Dallas There's no love left in the palace Someone took the Beatles' lead guitar Have another Chivas Regal You're 12 years old and sex is legal Your parents don't know where or who"
  • Joe English - Kingdom Come
    "(Rehearsal Room "Hello") Hello, call me Joe Got a big mouth, that I know Used to be a problem, didn't care at all The only ones I've listened to were John & Paul Hello I'm just Joe Disbelieve and hate"
  • Joe - Joe
    "When we turn out the lights The two of us alone together Something's just not right But girl you know that I would never ever let another's touch Come between the two of us Cause no one else will ever"
  • Workin' Joe - Stan Rogers
    "I used to love these lazy winter afternoons; Starting out too late giving up too soon; Coming home to coffee and a trashy book; Never paying any mind if things were never done on Time was when a fella"
  • Used to - TQ
    "For my real homies That remember what they used to Used to be the one I looked up to (A lot of people these days) Tell me what the hell done happened to you (Given opportunities take them for granted)"
  • Canyon Joe - Joe Purdy
    "Well I live in the canyon Where the old coyotes howl And they come down from the mountains when the dogs begin to growl And they meet up in the darkness where they fight until the death When the morning"
  • Fat Joe - Fat Joe
    "I was a terror since the public school era bathroom passes, cuttin classes, squeezin asses smokin blunts was a daily routine since 13 A chubby nigga on the scene I used to have the trey deuce and a deuce"
  • Used to be alright - I Mother Earth
    "It's pretty good, the wine The way that we look at Ten to eight in the morning Just talking, still awake in Dawn and dew drinking, thinking Always... Remembering the laughs, the time We got high for seven"
  • She Used To Be Mine - Spin Doctors
    "There she goes, on down the beach Just like the moon, shes out of reach Losing my mind, already lost my girl Blew the top right off my pretty world CHORUS Oh, she used to be mine She used to be mine She"
  • What Used To Be We - Sam Nicosia
    "These mirrors Are becoming Clearer These past days Are in time In the proverbial mirror I don't want to make another mistake Just to pass the time away Yaaaaaa Cause my days go faster Every single time"
  • Used To Be My Girl - Brian McKnight
    "Yea, I feel sexy right there Yea, feel it all this way B. McKnight, wit Tim & Bob This is not another love song See, I know what you're thinkin' You're feelin' like a lucky guy I was the same way 'cause"
  • Days That Used To Be - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    "People say don't rock the boat, let things go their own way Ideas that once seem so right, now have gotten hard to say I wish that I could talk to you and you could talk to me 'Cause there very few of"
  • Days That Used To Be - Neil Young
    "People say don't rock the boat, let things go their own way Ideas that once seem so right, now have gotten hard to say I wish I could talk to you, you could talk to me 'Cause there's very few of us left my"
  • How It Used To Be - Kirk Franklin
    "I ain't gonna lie I can't even count the days Or the many nights I tried living here alone A heart full of pride Couldn't see the enemy was me I was blind and thought my second chance was gone A ship without"
  • House That Used To Be - Old 97's
    "Do you wanna wind up in a graveyard? Like a number on a scorecard. They're gonna wrap you up in corn silk They're gonna cry like you were spilled milk. You'd better take another Quaalude And get yourself"

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