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Joe Ely Baby Do You Love Me Still

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Joe Ely Baby Do You Love Me Still

  • Baby Do You Love Me Still? - Joe Ely
    "Well the sun dont dont dont set Is it androids or elephants that never forget? Have the east and the west met yet? Baby do you love me still? I was born under blue skies in the land"
  • Joe - Tina Charles
    "When my daddy came home With a bundle under his cloth And when he opened it up I felt a lump down in my throat It was a little puppy from shivering in the snow I said daddy, daddy Please call the puppy"
  • Joe - Joe
    "When we turn out the lights The two of us alone together Something's just not right But girl you know that I would never ever let another's touch Come between the two of us Cause no one else will ever"
  • Do you love me still - The Kooks
    "I have thought that you have come back latelyYo take my soul away from me'Cause when I see you You rip my heart outBut all the same you're not to blameBaby, baby, I love you stillI need your heart beating"
  • Joe - Alabama Shakes
    "Joe What am I to do? I been all around this world Looking for something like you Oh, Joe You know I always roam... But I still ain't got what I want Here... I here, and I'm there I get around, Joe But"
  • Joe - Dusty Springfield
    "(Gamble / Harris / Felder) (Hey, does anybody know) (How I can get in touch with Joe?) If I have to catch a subway Or catch a plane on a runway I've got to find out some way Where did he go? Yesterday"
  • Joe - Inspirial Carpets
    "All that I possess Is my existance and faith more or less Children on the pave Mind if I would help me through the day This bar of cigarettes For which my heart will leap, and live and laugh A debt to"
  • Joe - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * Bloody buccaneers Wake up in the morning, glad to be alive My heart's on fire and I'm shaking All I want is a little peace and quiet Stop me from going crazy yeah Stumble to the kitchen Flashin'"
  • Joe - Cole Jude
    "I go to church on Sunday morning Come home and beat my wife My name is Joe, and you know me I've lived here all of my (damn) life What a life I've got this pain I cannot speak of I'm not so bad as people"
  • I Still Love You Baby - Next
    "I still love you babe (and I'm never gonna change baby) I'm still for you girl I'll never leave you baby nahhhhhh ''cause I realize I need you in my life Girl it just ain't right What was said last night ''cause"
  • Where You At - Joe, Papoose - Joe
    "Where you at Where you at Where you at Baby where you at Baby where you at Baby where you at Baby where you at Every word I cut you down is playing in my head Like a scare face crime scene aint no"
  • Let's Just Do It - Fabolous, Joe - Joe
    "You and me girl its just right so why do you deny (how you feel, yeah listen girl) you should be up in my arms at night and by my side (its the way it should be, now listen) we can talk about this forever or"
  • Do you still love me - Dave Clark Five
    "Do you still love meIt's been such a long timeSince I held you in my armsDo you still miss meIt's been such a long timeI still need your lovin' charmsI still rememberThe times when we were just dreamingOur"
  • Hey Joe - Goldie Hill
    "Hey Joe someone's stole your pearly-girlie walked up with your jolly-dolly Maybe now you'll take a dance with me I feel mighty lovey-dovey let me be your noofy-toody I'll be just as sweet as sweet can"
  • Hey Joe - Patti Smith
    "Sixty days Honey, the way you play guitar makes me feel so, makes me feel so masochistic. the way you go down low deep into the neck and I would do anything, and I would do anything and patty hearst,"
  • Fat Joe - Eminem
    "Artist : Eminem Song : Lose Yourself (Soundtrack 8 Mile) Album : Submitted by : FLeXe JaNNeKe Corrected by : -bernardo- Rated : 9.5 (777 votes) Look, if you had, one shot; one opportunity To seize"
  • Get To Know Me - Joe, Nas - Joe
    "'Eyo Joe here's another one, Tim and Bob, Nas They drool on her blue jools on her arm, Too cool on her palm, still move to this song, It's been a minute since I heard some new Joe, This dawg is crazy,"
  • All You Are Love - Joe Ely
    "It might not mean much, to you baby But it means the world to me Just a simple touch of your hand Tells me what love can be In moments like this, when you are near me and can see so far What ever you"
  • Joe - Dolores O'Riordan
    "There was a time, I was so lonely. (away) Remember the time, It was a Friday. (away) You made me feel fine, We did it my way. (away) I sat on your knees, every Friday. (away) (We walked in fields of golden"
  • Joe - The Cranberries
    "There was a time, I was so lonely (away) Remember the time, It was a Friday (away) You made me feel fine, We did it my way (away) I sat on your knees, every Friday (away) (We walked in fields of golden"

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