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Joe Jackson Hit Single

  • Hit Single - Joe Jackson
    "You might have seen me hangin' around I never miss one night I could be on the town I used to be another one like you Always running home to that special one or two And when I think of all the years of"
  • Jackson - Charlie Daniels
    "And sin kept my life in a whirl Lust, greed and money and sensual pleasures Mark the boundaries of my narrow world I was headed for hell but as far as I fell Your spirit still followed me down Then when"
  • Single - Kalan Porter
    "I'm the hit I'm the hook That you're looking for If you're looking for A single one You can feel What I got You can bet I'm everything you need You need You need You might not see it now But one"
  • Single - Bad Astronaut
    "Day one just starting to make it my obsession 4 AM, two stars, drunk in hell, waiting for sun. Day two I call you by mistake "Hello, how are you, I'm fine, I miss you too" You don't give a shit Thers's"
  • Hit Me Right (Single Version) - Down Low
    "Intro: As yall grooving along to this out there Were gonna keep pumpin it up for the summertime (Hit me right)) Down Low is back, kicking it for the nine eight Hit me right, and do it right outthere (Hit"
  • Fat Joe - Fat Joe
    "I was a terror since the public school era bathroom passes, cuttin classes, squeezin asses smokin blunts was a daily routine since 13 A chubby nigga on the scene I used to have the trey deuce and a deuce"
  • Gone Funky (Parody 'Gone Country' - Alan Jackson) - Cledus T. Judd
    "(Cledus T. Judd/Bruce Burch/Bob McDill) She's been playin' them low life honky tonks for thirty years in Texas. She's sick and tired of all them Reba songs they keep requestin'. She's about to lose her"
  • Anti-Jackson Rap - Pratt Dave And The Sex Machine Band
    "I'd like to say hi to all the girls in the balcony Okay-get my Brooke Shields doll out Get my left glove on my left hand Are ya ready? I'm sick of Michael Jackson I'm tired of all that So this is the Anti-Jackson"
  • Buddens(Joe Budden Diss) - The Game
    "-Game talkin- (pshh) We got a problem Houston... Not Marcus Houston, or his lil' rappin side kick We got a real motha fuckin problem... And theres only gonna be one of these songs, After that I'ma knock"
  • Jackson - Wanda Jackson
    "( duet with Mike Post ) Well we got married in a fever a hotter than a pepper sprout We've been talkin' bout Jackson ever since the fire went out I'm goin' to Jackson I'm gonna mess around Yeah I'm goin'"
  • Joe Friday - Alvin Youngblood Hart
    "It was late one Friday evenin', it began to rain and snow Letter from my baby, say, she ain't comin' home no mo' I gotta call up Joe Friday and put him on my baby's trail I'm 'on' get all hold of it if"
  • Joe Torry - Bad Language
    "Bad Language Miscellaneous Joe Torry Bad Language Joe Torry nu nun nu nu nu nu nu nu nu I took the guy, he lookd like a pup, the choice was mine, and i blew him up, all his fat, all his chunks, youll be"
  • Old Joe - Widespread Panic
    "Well, Old Joe, he moves slow He likes to look at things and paint pictures on his radio He says they make the songs look better. One day, Joe met a girl Sweet breathing thing Dancin' naked, nudey, in"
  • Workin' Joe - Stan Rogers
    "I used to love these lazy winter afternoons; Starting out too late giving up too soon; Coming home to coffee and a trashy book; Never paying any mind if things were never done on Time was when a fella"
  • Feelin' Single - R. Kelly
    "I can’t believe you’re playing me like this, I thought the love we shared, the contacts we’ve had. Remember? Yeah Feels like it’s over, My heart tells me she’s in love with someone else. Gave me the"
  • Single Again - Gary Stewart
    "Today, I heard the awful news Someone told the gospel truth Said you've been running 'round With a stranger who just hit town He's got a black mustache And a red Cadillac Now he's got you And I've got"
  • Valley Joe - Mac Dre
    "-=- Lil Bruce -=- They say pimpin' aint easy And nigga, they aint neva lie We ride back to back thru the track faul on suicide Watch me glide on twenties Get money Smokin' backwoods on pills Breakin' bitches"
  • Hit Me, Hit Me - Dead Prez
    "Call me....... oohoohhoooohhhoooohohhooo Dis code red, if u black, we need green, know what I'm sayin? Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, hit me, hit me, Michael Jackson, Bob & Whitney, hit me, hit me, Magic"
  • Hit Me - Dead Prez
    "Call me....... oohoohhoooohhhoooohohhooo Dis code red, if u black, we need green, know what I'm sayin? Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, hit me, hit me, Michael Jackson, Bob & Whitney, hit me, hit me, Magic"
  • Jackson (Alan That Is) - Cledus T. Judd
    "Parody of Jackson by Johnny Cash (G. Rogers/E. Weeler), Bexhill Music Corp. (ASCAP)/Quarter Music Inc. (ASCAP) New lyrics by Cledus T. judd and Chris Clark, La-Po Music (BMI)/Music Genesis (ASCAP) Well,"

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