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Joe Janiak

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Joe Janiak
  • Joe Joe
    "When we turn out the lights The two of us alone together Something's just not right But girl you know that I would never ever let another's touch Come between the two of us Cause no one else will ever"
  • Dusty Springfield Joe
    "(Gamble / Harris / Felder) (Hey, does anybody know) (How I can get in touch with Joe?) If I have to catch a subway Or catch a plane on a runway I've got to find out some way Where did he go? Yesterday"
  • Tina Charles Joe
    "When my daddy came home With a bundle under his cloth And when he opened it up I felt a lump down in my throat It was a little puppy from shivering in the snow I said daddy, daddy Please call the puppy"
  • Dolores O'Riordan Joe
    "There was a time, I was so lonely. (away) Remember the time, It was a Friday. (away) You made me feel fine, We did it my way. (away) I sat on your knees, every Friday. (away) (We walked in fields of golden"
  • The Cranberries Joe
    "There was a time, I was so lonely (away) Remember the time, It was a Friday (away) You made me feel fine, We did it my way (away) I sat on your knees, every Friday (away) (We walked in fields of golden"
  • Scott Walker Joe
    "As old Joe sat a dyin' The baby down the hall was cryin' Somebody had a party goin' on The fat boy you told tales to Moved away the other day To think with no goodbye He could have gone A postcard from"
  • Alabama Shakes Joe
    "Joe What am I to do? I been all around this world Looking for something like you Oh, Joe You know I always roam... But I still ain't got what I want Here... I here, and I'm there I get around, Joe But"
  • Loredana Bert? Joe
    "Joe Eh! Joe che fai quando un odio profondo buca un cielo di piombo e dove vai quando nessuna preghiera cambier latmosfera non chiedi pi niente ci vuole fortuna non chiedo pi niente Eh! Jo"
  • Inspiral Carpets Joe
    "All that I possess is my existence, vagrant more or less Children on the pave, mither bad, but help me through my day This borrowed cigarette, for which my heart will leap and it will laugh A debt to you"
  • Lita Ford Joe
    "(Ford, Holiday, Carter, Dennison) Twenty-one, so young and tender but blue I remember, I remember laughing for no reason with you, laughing Sharing a bottle on the stairs That led to your wooden room"

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