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Joe You Dropped Your Dime


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Joe You Dropped Your Dime

  • You Dropped Your Dime - Joe
    "Wassup playboy naw man, u cant keep callin me with this shit, man naw she told u what she wanted, all you had to do was give it to her im gonna give u some free game, listen... All she wanted was a little"
  • Dropped - Phantom Planet
    "I can swear I feel the beating of a cold cold heart Or there's a chill because it's showing through your clothing And as far as I can tell there's nothing underneath your v-neck tee I'm begging I'm begging"
  • Dime - Gipsy Kings
    "Tell me, tell me, tell it to me Tell me already If you are loving me Tell it to me please Tell me, tell me, tell it to me Tell me already If you are loving me Tell it to me please Because I am loving you"
  • Dropped Dishes - Spoons
    "If you break a plate or a cup or any dish Youll get two bumps on your head from the cook And he will call the boss And then youll be sorry you ever got this job Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh He sees her Dropped"
  • Joe - Joe
    "When we turn out the lights The two of us alone together Something's just not right But girl you know that I would never ever let another's touch Come between the two of us Cause no one else will ever"
  • Hey, You Dropped Your Purse - Emo Side Project
    "There's this girl I know and love, I think about her every day but she doesn't notice me. I rap about her in my songs and dream about her in my dreams, She means everything to me. Her eyes, her hair,"
  • Joe - Dusty Springfield
    "(Gamble / Harris / Felder) (Hey, does anybody know) (How I can get in touch with Joe?) If I have to catch a subway Or catch a plane on a runway I've got to find out some way Where did he go? Yesterday"
  • Joe - Dolores O'Riordan
    "There was a time, I was so lonely. (away) Remember the time, It was a Friday. (away) You made me feel fine, We did it my way. (away) I sat on your knees, every Friday. (away) (We walked in fields of golden"
  • Joe - The Cranberries
    "There was a time, I was so lonely (away) Remember the time, It was a Friday (away) You made me feel fine, We did it my way (away) I sat on your knees, every Friday (away) (We walked in fields of golden"
  • Joe - Scott Walker
    "As old Joe sat a dyin' The baby down the hall was cryin' Somebody had a party goin' on The fat boy you told tales to Moved away the other day To think with no goodbye He could have gone A postcard from"
  • Joe - Lita Ford
    "(Ford, Holiday, Carter, Dennison) Twenty-one, so young and tender but blue I remember, I remember laughing for no reason with you, laughing Sharing a bottle on the stairs That led to your wooden room"
  • Joe - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * Bloody buccaneers Wake up in the morning, glad to be alive My heart's on fire and I'm shaking All I want is a little peace and quiet Stop me from going crazy yeah Stumble to the kitchen Flashin'"
  • Joe - Jude Cole
    ""Rain down mercy, for the lost and lonely child, For the liars and the losers, reckless in the wild There's no use in pretending, I know I never fooled you, The deepest darkness I've ever known, it comes"
  • Cowboy Joe - UFO
    "(instrumental) I'm not looking to change your mind, There's a place, call it home It's no secret, the world unwinds Maybe now you're not alone It's just another day in the life of Cowboy Joe Straitlaced"
  • Joe Delord - No Fun At All
    "Joe Delord he was a man of resources Came to earth to fight the dark and evil forces With a fire in his eyes strongly burning And a passion just like no one ever seen How compassionate you are Wants to"
  • Give Up, Get Dropped, Lose Out - Your Demise
    "The seaside vultures are swarming as their heroes return home. They consume off the popularity they might gain. False praise and fake smiles. You watch from your closet, your clothes so tight, And the"
  • Digee Dime - Burlap To Cashmere
    "There's a place where I come from It's the place where I belong Where you will never die Wipe the tears off from your eyes Sun and moon and stars above Never match this perfect love Just look to"
  • Dime Piece - Big Moe
    "(Chorus - 2x) Dime piece, that's what she is Sexy sexy, sexy sexy Fell up in the club nigga see this cutie pie See what's going down on a Friday night I was on a drink so a nigga feeling fine She was"
  • Lost, Dropped, And Cancelled - Rainer Maria
    "expect me like one waits for mail, all lost dropped and cancelled. like foreign post, i leave twice a day but take a week to get there. expect me like one waits for rain, or sleet or hail or snowfall."
  • Dime Fangs - Califone
    "Out to seed for the slow entire Can't wait to lose you now, say grace and roll aside Gave your lower lip and tried to steal it back Speeding in your palm all powder, fleece, and tame for you Lit machines"

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