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Joel Grey

  • Joel - Boo Radleys
    "Thru' all the hurt and the pain I don't regret a single day My friends are not the ones who Tell me who my friends should be But don't be afraid, you know you make me happy Remember that I've found myself"
  • Joel - Heaven Shall Burn
    "Golden domes and massive towers False icons, show their perfect smiles All joy and benefactions, they give it with a smile Big hearted deeds and wise words They donate it all with pleasure As you have"
  • The Max Rebo Band (Billy Joel - The Pianoman) - Song Parodies
    "(copyright Steven Cavanagh 1993-2002) It's nine o'clock down at Jabba's place the regular crowd waddles in there's a wierd thing sitting next to me it has three eyes and mottled grey skin. Fett"
  • Bird Joel - Red House Painters
    "My baby sleeps in blue Warm and naked pale and pretty I feel the seventh wave Of the ocean in the motion I feel a brand new sickness Coming over me like a storm Used to feel so good beside her There"
  • Shades Of Grey - Billy Joel
    "Some things were perfectly clear, seen with the vision of youth No doubts and nothing to fear, I claimed the corner on truth These days it's harder to say I know what I'm fighting for My faith is falling"
  • Grey - Nasum
    "Grey is the feeling, grey is my view of society Grey is the tension, grey is the face - face of disgrace Grey is the building, grey is the room in which I live Grey is my life, grey is the colour of hopelessness All"
  • Grey - Spineshank
    "Undo this guilt Bathing in filth Grey - That lurks inside of me Grey - Feel I can't take it Grey - That works inside of me Grey Slowly I run hurt me for fun Grey - That lurks inside of me Grey - Feel"
  • Grey - Room Eleven
    "Light can't find it's way Through my window oh The [?] says yesterday Children scream and laugh outside But all I can do Is Hide yeah hide And I am Grey Grey Whoo I am I'm grey The plant on the table"
  • Grey - Dover
    "GREY I saw grey, yeah laying on the street, crying on the inside I saw grey was you, you said just "thank you sir" I know this is my fault I didn't know you sorry I saw grey, yeah laying on the street,"
  • Grey - Canaan
    "Let the light regenerate its power to heal is in the silver and the light Light to the seventh Let the darkness degenerate its power to hurt is in the gold and the dark darkness to the ninth Let the"
  • Grey - Tarot
    "A graveyard grows inside my head They planted things inside me I am soiled by the stale thoughts of long dead I was told to leave childish things behind Two plus two, A B C Death of dreams spreading disease"
  • Grey - Yellowcard
    "Grey skies clouding up the things we used to see with wide eyes Maybe everything was meant to be this way Will it ever change But are we stuck here on our own (Chorus) It's all gone grey It's all gone"
  • Grey - Ani DiFranco
    "The sky is grey, the sand is grey, and the ocean is grey. I feel right at home in this stunning monochrome, alone in my way. I smoke and I drink and every time I blink I have a tiny dream. But as bad"
  • Grey - The 69 Eyes
    "Please stay - don't let it burn away As the night draws It shadows on you And the darkness Turns you blue As the darkness turns to blue And the night follows you Don't let the moonlight burn you Please"
  • Grey - Aardvarks
    "Everything I see is coloured grey that's no recognition in dismay every system has its second sight indefinable the ruling might Talking black and white to lay down what is wrong and right tell the lie"
  • Grey - Emperor
    "when all is dark there are no points of reference and we no longer navigate by the stars we just end up somewhere ...nowhere... where lights are dim and shades of black are grey time appears like a golden"
  • Grey - Aardvark
    "Everything I see is coloured grey that's no recognition in dismay every system has its second sight indefinable the ruling might Talking black and white to lay down what is wrong and right tell the lie"
  • Grey - New Young Pony Club
    "Oh, my swansong sounds like a remedy Take your bad medicine You can't catch me, no you can't catch me Load me up Sometimes it fits like I wanna see But then these fits take a hold of me And that noise"
  • Grey - Bathory
    "They say we're free to speak to speak whatever we may haveto say and that we're free to wear it all in every fucking way.It's up to fucking you to fulfill your damned fucking lifewith ease and to carry"
  • Grey - Flowing Tears
    "Down in the city lights of God, No more the circle turns to break, And in our moral lies we yearn to relate... For all the beauty that you're not, And all the plans you never made, In our bleak decay pretend"

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