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Johan nyberg

  • Johan - Fame Factory
    "One day in the mirror a young boy stood and cried His face wasn't pretty and his waist too wide. He prayed for som answers but prays couldn't change his thoughts, a doctor with his lazer took away a lot. One"
  • Johan - Fame Factory
    "I tried to scratch my filthy skin I won't believe the beauticians I see her face in front of me Like so many times before I would like to believe That this precious mind of mine Won't give in for broken"
  • Johan - Fame Factory
    "Oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo oooh I heard her voice through diamond glas, my lady she was near and I reached my arms and closed my eyes oh my heavenly dear Music played, Tschaikowsky try In perfect harmony"
  • Iron Johan - Alphaville
    "If you open up the cage You will hurt yourself The king said it's forbidden Or you may get hell But the prisoner lets you know Where to find the key Under her satin pillow Yes, there it has to be"
  • Listen Girl - Johan - Fame Factory
    "Many times I have tried To get in your life But you're already taken People treating you wrong They drag you along You're taken for granted Things, they ain't gonna be like before I won't let them hurt"
  • Right Here Waiting - Johan - Fame Factory
    "Oceans apart, day after day And I slowly go insane I hear your voice, on the line But it doesn't stop the pain If I see you next to never How can we say forever Wherever you go, whatever you do I will"
  • To A Heart - Johan - Fame Factory
    "i treid to screah my filteskinn i wont belive the beutiseance i see her face in front to me likes many times before i will like to belive that the sprecies mine of mine what go in fore broken things like"
  • Completely Breathless - Johan Becker - Fame Factory
    "I see you walking down the street You smile at everyone you meet And when you're passing by I try to catch your eye I fall in love with how you walk Into that same old coffee shop And everyday's the same And"
  • Eldsj - Loke Nyberg
    "Vers Klockan sig kmpar frn nio till fem och kontorsbyggnaden andas ut. Det blir tack fr idag och vi ses vl imorrn. Man gr hem och dagen r slut. Och dr hemma p bordet str middagen klar och ett 50spnns"
  • Love Is All Around (Johan - Fame Factory
    "I feel it in my fingers I feel it in my toes Your love is all around me And so the feeling grows It's written on the wind It's everywhere I go So if you really love me Come on and let it show You know"
  • Learning To Live-Johan Becker - Fame Factory
    "I didn't know which way to go I had the world but I lost it all Broken hearted and alone Waiting for someone to call I never thought the sun would shine again But I made it because of you I'm learning"
  • Odd Little Things- Johan Becker - Fame Factory
    "Odd little things She don't like romantic movies, or sad songs on the radio She don't like quiet nights alone She's got a different kind of humor, always giving an Elvis smile And I don't get it no matter"
  • Somthing About You-Johan Becker - Fame Factory
    "I might give up I might give in 'cause I know you're about to win I look at you I sense it still That my turn is up again I'm drowning in the pouring rain But since I met you things have changed There's"
  • Johana - Lady Yaco
    "Dile la verdad si tu quieres conseguirle, si luchas cada dia tu no puedes decidirte, cuando se acerca te sudan los pies, el desconoce que tu corazon se agite por ? Dile que est?que ya no puedes con ? que"
  • Conquering America (Johan S Radio Remix) - Bodies Without Organs
    "Spinning around round spinning around The surround sound spinning around Round round down underground The surround sound spinning spinning spinning spinning spinning around Rocking the boat on the Atlantic"
  • Johan Becker - Let Me Love You - Fame Factory
    "There's a fullmoon out tonight There's a feeling of love when you touch me And I hope I get this right Hope that you can make sense out of something Help me make you see What tonight could be Let me love"
  • Let Me Love You (Johan Becker) - Fame Factory
    "There's a full moon out tonight. There's a feeling of love, when you touch me. And I hope I get this right. Hope that you can make sense out of something. Help me make you see, what tonight could be. Let"
  • Sixteen Tons Of Hardware (Johan S Radio Remix) - Bodies Without Organs
    "Sixteen tons of hardware Sixteen tons of hardware Every night has got a crowd to cheer A show to get things right Every band has got a stage to fear A kick when the crowd is in sight Turn on feedback"
  • Coming In From The Cold - Johan
    "I'm coming in from the cold Found a coin and a medal I took the hard way to get here alive Ready the saddle Well I'm coming in gonna stay for awhile With a conscience to fight there's a might It's gonna"
  • Oceans - Johan
    "I've been hanging on so long I've been living on my own Waiting for you I've been helpless since you're gone Getting tired of being alone Keep thinking of you I cannot sleep you never call I can't"

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