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  • I May Again Know John - John Frusciante
    "If nothing else, Imaginations meet Oooooo Imaginations (?) Yeaaaahhh Love me Yeeeeaaahhhh (?) I thought of life Ohhhhhh (?) Ohhhhhh I Ooooooo I waited (?) ahhh And I make Yeahh hey Oooh yea And I make I"
  • John,John - John Lennon
  • John, John - Yoko Ono
    "John, oh, john, John, Let's hope for peace. Oh, john, let's hope for peace. John, oh, john, Let's hope for peace, Let's hope for peace, Let's hope for peace, Peace, peace, peace. Oh, john, oh, john,"
  • John - Ten Foot Pole
    "John takes a seat so he can wind his watch Not workin' any more, but it's so good to touch It's the only solid evidence of what he's done and seen It helps him to remember his past life was not a dream Used"
  • John - Talk Show
    "I sit at home 'cause i'm able I sing out loud but complain in the same old way I shake the tree of a table She sells me lies but she sings on anyway I live alone at the stable Betting twice 'cause"
  • John - Bethany Joy Lenz
    "You're everything I thought I wanted as a young girlHandsome and troubled, worldly - wise andmisunderstoodThey call you a scholar but they don't know thedifference andThey call you "professor" but they"
  • John - LM.C
    "" tsumaranai yatsu da " to minnani iwa reteru hitei suru kiha naiyo riyuu hawakaru manga mitaina kao de megane ni chou nekutai chibi de gari de nekura de sonoue naki mushi sa dakedo minna hontou no boku"
  • John - Zagi
    "Why do we say goodbyes? if our hearts are ten steps behind us? Why do we feel so empty? 'cause we're finally free, but sadly so lonely I am not gonna be something you'd like to see things that scare"
  • Wayne - John Frusciante
    "(John Frusciante kompozycję "Wayne" zadedykował przyjacielowi, Wayne'owi Formanowi, który zmarł dzień przed tym, jak gitarzysta ukończył numer. "Wayne" to utwór instrumentalny.)"
  • Dear John - Elton John
    "I got home today Took a look around Trying to find that girl of mine She could not be found All her things were gone She just left a note It don't take no mastermind To figure what she wrote And she"
  • Dear John - John Lennon
    "Dear John Don't be hard on yourself Give yourself a break Life wasn't meant to be run The race is over, you've won Dear John Don't be hard on yourself Give yourself a break Life wasn't meant to be run The"
  • Dear John - John Prine
    "(vocals by john prine) When I woke up this morning There was a note upon my door Saying " don't make me no coffee, babe Cause I won't be back no more" And that's all she wrote "dear john","
  • John Sinclair - John Lennon
    "It ain't fair, John Sinclair In the stir of breathing air Won't you care for John Sinclair? In the stair of breathing air. Let him be, set him free Let him be like you and me. They give him ten for two What"
  • Wonder Woman - John Frusciante
    "Tricky: She's so malicious and so delicious Superstitious super suspicious Wonder woman under woman Only woman lonely woman You just rewind and we'll just be fine We'll just be fine you just be mine You"
  • Today - John Frusciante
    "Today will not be happening We've come to far away from being to be at all We're putting the law back in your hands Today we're setting our sights for a new land Lean into me 'cause there's no signs on"
  • John Cherokee - Nieznani
    "Słowa: Andrzej Mendygrał Muzyka: trad. Opowiem wam dziś o Johnie Cherokee, - Alabama John Cherokee! Czerwonoskórym z Miramashee. - Alabama John Cherokee! Ref.: Hej, pociągnij w górę, pociągnij w dół. Alabama"
  • John Doe - Testament
    "He died on thorazine Lost life and any hopes Laid him down on a bed of steel Laid downtown at the city morgue John Doe... a man haunted by his past John Doe... his lost soul will never rest He was raised"
  • John Kanaka - Nieznani
    "Słowa: J. Willam Muzyka: trad. Mój kumpel dzisiaj do mnie rzekł: - John Kanaka-naka, tullai-hej! Roboty nie ruszę, choćbyś się wściekł. - John Kanaka-naka, tullai-hej! Ref.: Tullai-hej, oh, tullai-hej! John"
  • Saint John - Sailor
    "The Bousbir of Casablanca... The Casbah of Algiers... Even the Barrio Chino of Barcelona Could only boast of second place Next to you... The harbour of the world The secrets of a girl The labours of a"
  • John Blaze - Timbaland & Magoo
    "(feat. Aaliyah, Missy) Uhh, yo Uhh.. uhh Uhh, yo yo John Blaze, John Blaze Uhh, uh-huh Uhh, UHH, mm-hmm, mm-hmm Yo John Blaze, ehehehe Why can't, I explain (I explain) explain (explain) And you keep,"

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