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John Hiatt Living A Little Laughing A Little

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John Hiatt Living A Little Laughing A Little

  • Living A Little, Laughing A Little - John Hiatt
    "Laugh everyone at the clown He's the best one in town, Ummm ummm Ride on his merry-go-round Spinning faster than sound Uuuuh huh Uuuuh huh Laugh as the funny man cries Though his makeup is smeared Uuuuh"
  • Laughing - The Church
    "Five o' clock, fade away the shadows Leaving by the window or the door And they're laughing Laughing at you anyway Yeah they're laughing Laughing at you every day Eight o' clock, underneath the lamplight Slow"
  • Laughing - Church
    "Five o'clock, fade away the shadowsLeaving by the window or the doorAnd they're laughingLaughing at you anywayYeah they're laughingLaughing at you every dayEight o'clock, underneath the lamplightSlow poison"
  • Little Billie John - Venerea
    "oh no there is something wrong with little billie john nowadays I can't seem to ding-a-long-lang my ding-a-long-ling-long what's going on aye-aye-aye, oh I can't take it no more I can't make it no more oh"
  • A John Prine Christmas - John Prine
    "Pretty paper Pretty ribbons of blue. Man oh man, I just love Christmas it's just so darn neat. I kinda wish every day was Christmas, Except Christmas eve and the Fourth of July. We wouldn't want to"
  • Seven Little Indians - John Hiatt
    "There were seven little Indians Living in a brick house on Central Avenue Gathered 'round their daddy Tellin' stories in the living room From a slightly unrealistic point of view Momma was off yonder"
  • Little Girls Pointing And Laughing - Alexisonfire
    "(We can't) I still can (stop now.) remember what you did. Your eyes filled, (We've got) discomfort. (to slow down.) Bare foot in a public washroom. Spill on me your nostalgia And cataracts that fell behind"
  • Little Head - John Hiatt
    "I'm dirty as a man hole cover I'm lookin for my long lost lover She turned me out and now I'm sinkin' I'm just so easily led when the little head does the thinkin' I'm talking with a tight red sweater I'm"
  • Little John Of God - Los Lobos
    "(David Hidalgo/Louie Perez) He can't run He can't play He does things in a different way Little John, Little John of God He tries to speak but no one hears A little boy's pains and a little boy's fears Little"
  • Like little Willie John - Mark Lanegan
    "There was nothing I could do Where's Willie John? Dead so long Born to fall, nothing at all Who's gonna grieve When you're gone? I once believed I wouldn't bleed I seen all these good looking women While"
  • Kick A Little - Little Texas
    "My daddy always was a gentleman Never the kind who ever forced his hand He would always be the last one to raise his voice If anybody ever put us down Well, you can bet that he would stand his ground And"
  • Kick A Little - Texas Little
    "My daddy always was a gentle man Never the kind to ever force his hand He would always be the last oone to raise his voice If anybody ever put us down Well you can can bet that he would stand his ground Then"
  • Have A Little Faith In Me - John Hiatt
    "When the road gets dark And you can no longer see Just let my love throw a spark And have a little faith in me And when the tears you cry Are all you can believe Just give these loving arms a try And"
  • Help I'm a fish (I'm a little yellow fish) - Little Trees
    "(Chorus) I'm a little yellow fish in the deep blue sea, will somebody help me? I'm a little yellow fish in the deep blue sea, will somebody save me? Do you wanna know how living is beneath the waves? Do"
  • A Little Mercy - Axxis
    "They built cathedrals for the glory and the fame While the kids down in the streets Are dying in it's name They try to hide away the truth from you and me Must we be blind to see? Sometimes life means"
  • A Little Rhyme - Beatles
    "Rodney Burke: Now, for the final number, John's got a card in his hand with a little rhyme on it. What is it? John: It's from the form up a third at Hemel Hempstead. Rodney: Oh! John: It says, "Dear George,"
  • A little excited - Greg Brown
    "I'm a slow boy, I take it easyI poke around, I'm a little lazyI don't get loud, I don't get shookSit over in the corner and write in my notebookBut I get a little excited, I get a little excitedI get a"
  • A Little Pleasure - Veda Hille
    "How about a little living in this life, life? A little passion walking on a knife, knife? You only have the one, let's have a little fun I want my boy to look around With his eyes lit with excitement To"
  • A Little Samba - Ugly Duckling
    "1 ... 2 ... 3 ... (CHORUS) This is just a little samba With all the typical drama Feel the rhythm of the conga (come on) This is just a little samba (Andy and Dizzy tag-teaming) Yo man, I'm living grandiose,"
  • Living In A Box - Living Colour
    "The morning is dead and the day, is, too. The step is up here to meet me but the velvet fool. All my loveliness I have felt today. It's a little more than enough to make a man throw himself away. And I"

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