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John Legend never break

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John Legend never break

  • Living Legend - The Highwaymen
    "(Nelson) Was it bitter then, With our backs against the wall? (Kristofferson) Were we better men, Than we'd ever been before? (Nelson) Say, if she came again today, Would you still answer to the call? (Kristofferson) Tell"
  • Legend - Liege Lord
    "Take the road until it's end never crouching to the bend of life Through a jungle lined with pain across a sea through dun and rain again Mercury's runner through night turns to day Forging a legend that"
  • Legend - House Of Pain
    "I walk through the valley of death 600 deep,waking up dead from the sleep Just like a diamond watch me shine,bright like the sun,make you want to pull a gun and buck 2 shots for the Peckerwood rockin'"
  • Legend - Nelly Furtado
    "He wants to be, he wants to be, with everything under the sun He wants to be, he wants to be, with everything under the sun Chorus: And like a legend that rises and then falls I cannot be his only one He"
  • Legend - Tamyra Gray
    "I gotta say, I must admit never thought there would ever be someone to open my eyes When you feelThe taste of it swept me away Like a drug Intoxicating, captivating forces put me under a spell And I don't"
  • Legend - The Backstrokes
    "Verse These lights don't hold their endless call anymore, These nights don't feel so alone anymore, 'cause I'm here, eyes wide open at the end of a my'stery, Here, looking over, things I left in the"
  • Legend - Secret Sphere
    "Candlelight shades dance upon her glance, stands in loneliness, her mind to hope...forever, an angel without wings that's her destiny, she feels the emptyness killing her soul Rain, blood, storm and"
  • Like I'm Gonna Lose You (ft. John Legend) - Meghan Trainor
    "I found myself dreaming In silver and gold Like a scene from a movie That every broken heart knows we were walking on moonlight And you pulled me close Split second and you disappeared and then I was all"
  • Why Do I Even Go Home (ft. John Legend) - Consequence
    "Who don’t want me? I need to go home. Why should I never leave it alone? (There she go, give it alone) Oh, no! Who don’t want me?? I need to go home. Why should I never leave it alone? (There she go,"
  • Legend Of Steel - Luca Turilli
    "Sky became darker when the news there came His cruel father was coming too fast Leaving behind him cancer and sorrow So satisfying his thirst for vengeance It's time to call the wisdom of the wind The"
  • A Legend Reborn - Hammerfall
    "You've been fighting for much to long You saw the future and what to come Restless spirits out on the run, among the shadows of the sun You are the rising resistance now We've come to show you a"
  • Legend of John Henry's Hammer - Johnny Cash
    "John Henry's pappy woke him up one midnightHe said, "'Fore the sheriff comes I wanna tell you - listen boy!Said, Learn to ball a jack, learn to lay a track, learn to pick and shovel too, And take my hammer!"
  • Summer Nights (feat. John Legend) - Tiesto
    "I see you in my head You ain;t like the rest You ain;t bringing me down, baby You’re right next to me We’re making history The sun’s about to go down, baby I wanna be wherever you are, baby Impossible"
  • Saint John - Sailor
    "The Bousbir of Casablanca... The Casbah of Algiers... Even the Barrio Chino of Barcelona Could only boast of second place Next to you... The harbour of the world The secrets of a girl The labours of a"
  • Dear John - Eddi Reader
    "Oh, dear John I hate to be the one to break the news But its concerning me and you This is the letter no one ever wants to write You may not believe me But its the hardest thing Ive ever done My eyes see"
  • Lost John - Van Morrison
    "(Lonnie Donegan) Ha! This here's a story about, Lost John Lost John done flew the coop! Hee! How many long gone? Lost John standin' by the railroad track Waitin' for the freight train to come back Freight"
  • One Man Can Change The World (ft. Kanye West, John Legend) - Big Sean
    "They used to tell me I hope you learn to make it on your own And if you love yourself just know you'll never be alone I hope that you get everything you want and that you chose I hope that it's the realest"
  • Legenda - Martin Fitch (Marcin Mroziński)
    "Za lasem, za górą, Żył raz rycerz PawiePióro. Every day I think about tomorrow, Wanna see my Princess much closer. I've decided never feeling sorrow - I will share my heart when I find her. I'll"
  • John - Ten Foot Pole
    "John takes a seat so he can wind his watch Not workin' any more, but it's so good to touch It's the only solid evidence of what he's done and seen It helps him to remember his past life was not a dream Used"
  • A Legend Never Dies - Blackfoot
    "You know we could last forever Together 'til the end of time An everlasting love just like the stories go We'll make history you and I A legend never dies Tonight is the beginning Our once upon a time Like"

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