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John McLaughlin Loving Me

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John McLaughlin Loving Me

  • Loving Me - John McLaughlin
    ""Open up the center of my being Can't there be some room inside of me I'm tired of trying to find a way to make it through these endless days Complacency is not enough for me Constant thoughts of where"
  • Dr John - Jimmy Somerville
    "Gotta be careful who I meet tonight Put up the struggle, I'll put up the fight Loving is different, so full of fear Can't love you right, until the cure is here It's physical breakdown It's emotional"
  • Watford John - Badfinger
    "You show me all your loving Then you turn and tell me no Open up your arms and let it go You give me all your kissing Then you freeze and stop the flow Open up your knees and let it go I don't want a Cinderella I"
  • John - Ten Foot Pole
    "John takes a seat so he can wind his watch Not workin' any more, but it's so good to touch It's the only solid evidence of what he's done and seen It helps him to remember his past life was not a dream Used"
  • John - Talk Show
    "I sit at home 'cause i'm able I sing out loud but complain in the same old way I shake the tree of a table She sells me lies but she sings on anyway I live alone at the stable Betting twice 'cause"
  • John - Bethany Joy Lenz
    "You're everything I thought I wanted as a young girlHandsome and troubled, worldly - wise andmisunderstoodThey call you a scholar but they don't know thedifference andThey call you "professor" but they"
  • John - Zagi
    "Why do we say goodbyes? if our hearts are ten steps behind us? Why do we feel so empty? 'cause we're finally free, but sadly so lonely I am not gonna be something you'd like to see things that scare"
  • Loving - KinKi Kids
    "mezameta asa soba ni ita kimi wa mou inai kurai heya no naka de kitsuku riyou ude o dakishimete ita no wa awai nukumori o wasurete yuku koto ni obiete ita kara wakari aenai hibi to kizutsuke au hibi taisetsuna"
  • Loving - Eddy
    "If I could invent a time machine Then maybe we'd both be seventeen Cruising in my first car, and actin' like movie stars on a Friday night Do you remember those Friday nights We were a rock ready to roll"
  • I've Been Loving You - Elton John
    "Written by Elton John Released as a UK single in 1968 I didn't mean to hurt you You know it's just my way Those things that I said yesterday Were things I shouldn't say Although you're blue Just one thing"
  • Loving You - Olivia Newton-John
    "Loving you, loving you ain't easy But I don't mind if I can stay here by your side Every lonely road you walk along I'll be there too Just say the word love And I would follow you Every lonely road you"
  • Loving me - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Will you let me knowIf I have done you wrong today?Cause you won't say nothing to meAnd I can't help feeling that you're madI can't fight you anymoreI forgot what I'm fighting forWill you help me understandHow"
  • Loving Arms - Olivia Newton-John
    "(Jans) If you could see me now The one who said that she'd rather roam The one who said she'd rather be alone If you could only see me now If I could hold you now Just for a moment if I could make"
  • Dear John - Elton John
    "I got home today Took a look around Trying to find that girl of mine She could not be found All her things were gone She just left a note It don't take no mastermind To figure what she wrote And she"
  • Dear John - John Prine
    "(vocals by john prine) When I woke up this morning There was a note upon my door Saying " don't make me no coffee, babe Cause I won't be back no more" And that's all she wrote "dear john","
  • John Sinclair - John Lennon
    "It ain't fair, John Sinclair In the stir of breathing air Won't you care for John Sinclair? In the stair of breathing air. Let him be, set him free Let him be like you and me. They give him ten for two What"
  • Loving You - Me And My
    "Loving you is like rain falling, sun shining, God calling Loving you is like bird flying, seasons changing, baby crying Loving you is like child laughing, clouds moving, hearts dancing Loving you is like"
  • John, I'm Only Dancing - The Chameleons UK
    "Well, Annie's pretty neat, she always eats her meat Joe is awful strong, bet your life he's putting us on Oh lordy, oh lordy, you know I need some loving I'm moving, touch me! John, I'm only dancing She"
  • John i'm only dancing - David Bowie
    "Well, Annie's pretty neat, she always eats her meat Joe is awful strong, bet your life he's putting us on Oh lordy, oh lordy, you know I need some loving I'm moving, touch me! (CHORUS) John, I'm only dancing"
  • Excuse Me John - Shakespear's Sister
    "You could have been a docker You had it all Feather cut and muscles I hear you're a banker these days Well we took New York And wrapped it up in a silver shawl Yeah yeah yeah You were always kicking in"

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