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John Prine Iron Ore Betty

  • Iron Ore Betty - John Prine
    "I'm going steady with Iron Ore Betty and she's goin' steady with me we receive our mail in the same mailbox and we watch the same TV I got rug burns on my elbows she's got 'em on her knees yeah, I'm goin'"
  • John Prine - Low
    "I verified the mathand double-checked the syntaxI tried to heal your bodybut it just kept coming backyou never had a chanceI thought I was a poetI had so much to saybut now I want to see the bloodI want"
  • John Prine Christmas - John Prine
    "Pretty paper Pretty ribbons of blue. (spoken) man oh man, I just love christmas It's just so darn neat. I kinda wish every day was christmas, Except christmas eve and the fourth of july. We wouldn't want"
  • A John Prine Christmas - John Prine
    "Pretty paper Pretty ribbons of blue. Man oh man, I just love Christmas it's just so darn neat. I kinda wish every day was Christmas, Except Christmas eve and the Fourth of July. We wouldn't want to"
  • Iron John - Alphaville
    "Alphaville Prostitute Iron John If you open up the cage, you will hurt yourself The King said it's forbidden or you may get hell But the prisoner lets you know where to find the key Under her satin pillow,"
  • Grid Iron Rap - Method Man
    "(feat. Street Life) "Dropped outta school early so I could get me some paper That's a good book, I don't mind you gettin knowledge about the game You dig? So you won't have to have those young girls"
  • Dear John - John Prine
    "(vocals by john prine) When I woke up this morning There was a note upon my door Saying " don't make me no coffee, babe Cause I won't be back no more" And that's all she wrote "dear john","
  • Iron Johan - Alphaville
    "If you open up the cage You will hurt yourself The king said it's forbidden Or you may get hell But the prisoner lets you know Where to find the key Under her satin pillow Yes, there it has to be"
  • Iron Soul - Home Made Kazoku
    "You better watch out Hey Mr. You better watch out It's the AIAN SOURU Oi! Yoku iu ze hontou MUKAtsuku ze Atama gonashi ni are kore TSUBEKOBE Shaberu sharekoube kuchi kara de makase Ore no kaninbukuro PANKU"
  • Back Stabbin' Betty - Cage The Elephant
    "Poor guy that man John Thomas His woman truly was a devil And she wasn't all that honest She tore him down on every level You're a no good lazy motherfucker Gotta a shit job you worthless motherfucker You're"
  • Ore-Ore-O - Ali
    "C'mon, oooooooooooooooooooh, no, yo (Just the north, south, east, west coast and us) Hey, uh, it's Lee I'm amazin', original Asian Lime blazin' hatin'll get you nowhere, but get me Hotter than Cajun, spontaneous"
  • Betty - Taylor Swift
    "Betty i won't make assumptions About why you witched your homeroom but I think it’s cause i me* * Official Lyric Video Utwór "Betty" Taylor Swift pochodzi z albumu "Folklore"."
  • Betty - Chris Cummings
    "I was Archie He was Reggie I guess that made her Veronica The competition was gettin heavy Fighting for her unrequited love And sugar sugar I was so blind and wrong You know that Archie should have seen"
  • Betty Betty - Bubba Sparxxx
    "Uh-uh.. wassup ladies? Bubba can't forget about y'all.. Hey Betty Betty, hush your mouth, let me tell you something Hey Betty Betty, this Bubba K, the one your boyfriend bumpin' He Betty Betty, understand,"
  • Betty - Bernard Lavilliers
    "Tu n'as pas sommeilTu fumes et tu veillesT'es toute corcheT'es comme un chat tristePerdu sur la listeDes objets trouvsLa nuit carcraleTombant sur les dallesEt ce lit glacAller et venirSoleil et sourireSont"
  • Betty - Mad Caddies
    "you did me over played me to the end you took everything i had no feelings left to spend you're not a friend you're just a fiend it's time I opened my eyes to set you my darling don't deserve my sympathy you"
  • Blood And Iron - Nachtfalke
    "O, so it is written son When all waters and land you see All around came to birth Man and beast was one And the gods of the sky Walked the face of the earth Few free and innocent Man strolled paths next"
  • John Riley - Tim O'Brien
    "John Riley came form Galway town in the years of the Irish hunger And he sailed away to America when the country was much younger The place was strange and work was scarce and all he knew was farming So"
  • John O'Reilly - Charlie Robison
    "My name is John O'Reilly and my father worked the fields In the hills of old Kilarny where I helped him turn the wheels My arms grew hard as iron for a boy of 17 And I used my fists for gambling in those"
  • Ore Tenshi - Porno Graffitti
    "Search Out! Oroka mono ga habikoru kono machi Kokonto kono ORE no shokuba sa You know? ORE wa majime na tenshi dakara Dare ka ga kizu tsuite shimau mae ni Ai toiu mei no guuzousuuhaishugi wo Tataki tsubusu Nee,"

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