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Johnny Cash - Goin' By The Book

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Johnny Cash - Goin' By The Book

  • Johnny Cash - Jason Aldean
    "(Watch ya got) Quit my job flipped off the boss took my name off the payroll. (screw you man) Picked up my cell rang my baby's bell said I'm three miles from home. I said sugar why don't you put on that"
  • Johnny Cash - Yelawolf
    "The windows cracked on the Chevrolet My cigarettes in the ash tray The engines off and the radio's down So nervous my whole body shakes The parking lot's full of people and They ready to see the preacher"
  • Johnny Cash - Sons And Daughters
    "You began a search I know many have tried Not a blind man among you For years let fate decide So swallowed and followed and played through start to end With the good weight all carried by your faithful"
  • Johnny Cash - Ian Moore
    "He, he is floating round the room Elevated and aloof With his electric bible And he says Its not easy being Johnny Cash With my apocalyptic rap And my electric bible Electric bible They dont know what"
  • Hello I'm Johnny Cash - Alabama 3
    "what's your name? what's your name? my daddy he was a gambler abandoned mamma when I was four all he left us was his old gramophone player his 45 records he kept under the floorboards now my boss says"
  • Cash - The Blow Monkeys
    "Why? Why? I met a girl Well I'm not in love With her Oh! Woo-hoo Come on Hit me! Oh no Doo-doo-doo Oh yeah Slamming with my baby I'm not sure if it's just hazy Or sublime Sublime Slamming with my sunshine I'm"
  • Cash - Vic Chesnutt
    "Do your math!Eat your clams!I always hated the L.A. Rams.Climb up on the roof, As a shadow wanders across your room. Wishing you was Roseanne Cash and I was Roger Crowell.Groom your trees, groom your"
  • Cash - Red Car Wire
    "She said, she likes Waking up closer rather than apart But her heart's in California, Her heart's in California And she can't wait to wake up In the city, in the summer By the ocean near the coastline So"
  • Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover) - Acid Drinkers
    "Love is a burning thing and it makes a firery ring bound by wild desire I fell in to a ring of fire... I fell in to a burning ring of fire I went down,down,down and the flames went higher. And it"
  • Book - Oblivion
    "I want a world that does not spin, one that lets all the problems in. I fell asleep with the TV on, my dreams got messed up, and that's not all. I bought a ticket for a quick train, but it never came,"
  • Devil Went Down To Georgia - Johnny Cash & Travis Tritt - Johnny Cash
    "Devil Went Down to Georgia It's been ten long years since The devil laid his fiddle at Johnny's feet And it burned inside his mind The way he suffered that defeat In the darkest pits of hell The devil"
  • By The Book - Michael Peterson
    "(Michael Peterson/Robert Ellis Orrall) I slowly turned the pages and see all these smiling faces it's hard to believe it was today, ten years ago here is the invitation, to our wedding celebration just"
  • By The Book - Michael Penn
    "Always been horseblinded Could never see Past the two shades on the periphery I ask you for mercy And beg clemency But something I'm thinking is sticking with me When you're all alone And I am not around I"
  • Frankie's Man Johnny - Johnny Cash
    "Well now Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts They were true as a blue blue sky He was a long-legged guitar picker with a wicked wanderin' eye But he was her man nearly all of the time Well Johnny he packed"
  • Cash Cash - Cash Cash
    "Theres a girl inside tonight Cause shes got nowhere to go And her loves are running wild Oh her loves are running wild yeah yeah yeah yeah Theres a girl inside tonight Cause shes got nowhere to go"
  • Johnny - Bad Boys Blue
    "I can hear them talking as I'm walking down the street They're saying, You're a fool, got to get back on your feet You tried so hard to keep her love and don't know what to do And ever since she left your"
  • Johnny - Neil Young
    "Someone wants to blow up the planet Johnny wants to find out why Johnny did a show in St. Louis Love came through the sky. Oh yeah, they were camped out, Waiting for the sun to rise Oh yeah, Johnny sang"
  • Cash Money Nigga - Lil Wayne
    "im A Hot Boy Hot Gun Hidden In My Hot Car headed 4 Da Top Where U Goin At not far i Got The Block Blocked Off yall Niggaz Startin 2 Look Like Bottles Of Chris I'll Pop Ya Top Off i Take The Ring Off"
  • Johnny - Violent Femmes
    "Oh Johnny do you miss your mother do you miss your father oh an johnny, do you miss me oh and I was so hungry I just wanted to attack and I was so hungry and that mean I'll never look back Oh Johnny sometimes"
  • Johnny - Gadjits
    "He met her in a bar, she liked his fancy car He looked into her jugs and knew right then he wanted her Took her to the railroad tracks and from there was no turning back (chorus) Oh Johnny, say it ain't"

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