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Johnny OKeefe Wild One

  • Wild One - Johnny O'Keefe
    "Well I'm-a just outa school, like I'm real real cool Gotta shake, gotta jive Got the message that I gotta be alive, I'm a wild one Ooh yay I'm a wild one Oo-oo-ooh baby, gonna break loose, I'm gonna keep"
  • Wild One - Johnny Horton
    "Give me my cycle with star-filled sky above And a good lookin' woman with a heart full of love I'll go to any honky in any old town cause I am the wild one and I'll never settle down I am the wild one"
  • Wild Is The Wind/ Very Bes Of Johnny Mathis - Johnny Mathis
    "Love me, love me, say you do Let me fly away with you For my love is like the wind And wild is the wind Give me more than one caress Satisfy this hungriness Let the wind blow through your heart For wild"
  • Johnny Kool - Brian Setzer
    "Written by b. setzer I had one cup of coffee and a cigarette Then I rolled out of bed with my shirt soaking wet If I was gonna get movin', now was the time So I packed up my bags and my gretsch '59 It's"
  • Johnny Blade - Black Sabbath
    "Tortured and twisted, he walks the streets alone People avoid him, they know the street's his own Cold blade of silver, his eyes they burn so wild Mean as a tiger, society's own child Go the tiger, burn"
  • Johnny Raven - Michael Jackson
    "Free and untamed that's how I've grown Settling down ain't my nature Roots I'll never own Oh your smile But tell me, ain't your child How can you cage a bird Born to be wild Refrain I'm Johnny Raven by"
  • Johnny - Lucky Dube
    "Johnny was a good boy According to his mother But when she wasn' t looking yeah Johnny became a bad boy He got into drugs yeah Oh poor Johnny One day he double-crossed And it cost him his life She"
  • Johnny - Kendall Payne
    "Johnny shot to the moon yeah It's on the nightly news yeah Theres nothing I can do oh Johnny shot to the moon yeah oh Johnny's got Johnny's got Johnny's got Something to say Johnny's not Johnny's not He's"
  • Johnny - Nana Mouskouri
    "When I think of Johnny I remember the spring I remember his laughter And the way he would sing R Oh! How I loved Johnny With my heart I loved Johnny Oh! How I loved Johnny But he never knew I prayed"
  • Johnny - Neil Young
    "Someone wants to blow up the planet Johnny wants to find out why Johnny did a show in St. Louis Love came through the sky. Oh yeah, they were camped out, Waiting for the sun to rise Oh yeah, Johnny sang"
  • Johnny - Salmonella Dub
    "Johnny she'll get under your skin and she won't let no-one else in. She'll take you up and suck you dry and go onto the next guy. Johnny don't believe her Johnny don't believe her oh no Johnny don't believe"
  • Johnny - Thin Lizzy
    "Somewhere on the waterfront Johnny's hiding with a gun Swears he'll kill any man that tells his story He's not sorry for what he's done He broke into a drugstore To cure his daily need He didn't mean"
  • Johnny - Seven Witches
    "Take a gun and kill them all Watch the pain inside them when they fall Have no fear, you are God Johnny controls the tornment for one and all I'm the one you dream of Dark hatred that they scream of The"
  • Johnny - Prince
    "We got a wonderful show 4 y'all 2night, uh (alright, I love it) But first off, before we get 2 the band We'd like 2 bring up this nice funny young man, uh (look at that dog, man, give me one of them) Jimmy"
  • Johnny - New Power Generation (N.P.G.)
    "We got a wonderful show 4 y'all 2night, uh (Alright, I love it) But first off, before we get 2 the band We'd like 2 bring up this nice funny young man, uh (Look at that dog, man, give me one of them)"
  • Johnny - Stereo Total
    "Johnny ist der Mann fr mich Das wusste ich schon ewig Aber er sah mich niemals an Als er vorbeiging an mir dann Tat er so, als sei ich nicht Ich liebte ihn vom Anfang an Und dachte:"Nur er, sonst niemand Johnny"
  • Johnny - Fischmob
    "Ich hab' fr uns Spinat gekocht, doch du bist nicht gekommen, hast noch nie Spinat gemocht Pardon Ich rief dich an, weil ich dachte, da wir uns was zu sagen ham, doch du sprachst mich mit falschem Namen"
  • Johnny - Bergfeuer
    "1. Johnny hat verloren - sein Bier ist wieder leer, Johnny hat verloren - hat keine Hoffnung mehr, Johnny steht am Abgrund: "Soll ich gehen oder nicht? Aufgewhlte Seele - Angst im Gesicht. Johnny"
  • Johnny - Rosenstolz
    "Und dann kamst du zur Tr hinein und ksstest mein Gesicht das muss wohl die Snde sein von der man immer spricht Oh Johnny wenn du bei mir bist werd ich erst gesund Oh Johnny geh' nicht fort von mir ich"
  • Johnny - Justyna Steczkowska
    "Johnny na urodziny Twew prezencie dam Ci - mnie na całą nocJohnny nim zdarzy się ten cud przyjdź ogrzej serca chłód o czwartej popołudniuJohnny na urodziny Twew ramionach trzymaj mnie nim zblednie mrokJohnny"

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