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Johny and Marry palmer

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Johny and Marry palmer

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Johny and Marry palmer
  • Bastille Laura Palmer
    "Walking out into the dark Cutting out a different path Lead by your beating heart All the people of the town Cast their eyes right to the ground In matters of the heart The night was all you had You"
  • Wishbone Ash Fast Johny
    "I fell in love with a dark-eyed lady, She seemed to be on her own, And from nowhere when I came over - A princess without a throne. That night as I was takin' her home, I got a feelin' that we weren't"
  • John Leyton Johny remember me
    "When the mist's a-rising And the rain is falling And the wind is blowing cold across the moor I hear the voice of my darlin' The girl I loved and lost a year ago (Johnny remember me) Well it's hard to"
  • X Johny Hit And Run Paulene
    "he bought a sterilized hypo to shoot a sex machine drug he got 24 hours to shoot all paulenes between the legs he'll throw 96 tears thru 24 hours sexed once every hour johny hit and run paulene l.a. bus"
  • Swallow The Sun Ghost Of Laura Palmer
    "The fountain runs quiet Through the emerald steps and lavender air The statues praise the beauty of hers Flowers bloom around her marble breasts Silver drops of the open night sky Light this ruined garden The"
  • Hot Chip Marrow
    "Hey, off to holiday When we will come back I don't know Hey, I leave this awful grey And I journey way away We're in love Hey, I'm growing each day And I learn some more I'm a marrow Hey, I'm leaving"
    "In the countryside, under the streams Suck the marrow out of her bones Inject me with chemotherapies Suck the money out of her face We are all Americans now Africa, Iceland, Europe and Brazil China,"
  • Ani DiFranco Marrow
    "the answer came like a shot in the back while you were running from your lesson, which might explain why years later all you could remember was the terror of the question. plus, you weren't listening hard,"
  • Dubska Johny
    "x2: Johny siedział na słońcu jasnym Nuda i grzeje Za to chętnie i chciwie Delektował się cieniem Na czworaka tarzał się po knajpianych podłogach x2 Mówi: "Wiem właśnie tak, tylko tam mogę spotkać Boga" x2: Bóg"
  • His Hero Is Gone Marry And Reproduce
    "Born and bred to beak and breed SELFISH FUCKS continue to main continue to demolish to lead the heard to slaughter senseless perpetuation of the human race in the name of TRADITION in the name of GREED"
  • Suburban Kids With Biblical Names Marry Me
    "Any old chance I get I'm gonna marry you Marry you Get my act together and star in school put deposit on a nice little flat get my finances together and show where it's at Any old chance I get I'm gonna"
  • Nina Simone Marry Me
    "HE Marry me Marry Me Come and share my destiny Pair with me Dare with me Stand up and declare with me For we are now Man and wife Solemn vow Made for life I want you right there with me Marry me SHE Marry"
  • BB King Marry you
    "It's the sugar so sweetThe kind i like to eatYou and meTell no one else about itI'm gonna make you mineCause i know we've got the timeNow and then babyHey i want you to knowI wanna marry youIsn't that"
  • B.B. King & Eric Clapton Marry You
    "It's the sugar so sweet Kind I'd like to Meet you at midnight And tell no one else about it I'm gonna make you mine 'Cause I know we've got the time Now and then, baby Hey, I want you to know I wanna marry"
  • St. Vincent Marry Me
    "Marry me, John Marry me, John I'll be so good to you You won't realize I'm gone Marry me, John Marry me, John I'll be so sweet to you You won't realize I'm gone You won't realize I'm gone Many people"
  • Sparks Marry Me
    "(Ron & Russell Mael) Someone to bring me out Someone to let me in Someone, someone... And all the eager-beaver men come macho way their blues They place themselves in place of me and face to face with"
  • Dean Martin Marry Me
    "MARRY ME (Les Reed - Barry Mason) '70 Jewel Music I'm coming back back home to you And I know now for sure that my wandering day is through I've been around most every place But all that I ever see"
  • Glenn Kaiser Marry Me
    "Call it old-fashioned, I don''t care Call it anything you'd like, fair is fair And I love you, and I need you And this will never change From the risin'' of the sun 'til the daylight fades Marry me, marry"
  • Neil Diamond Marry Me
    "Say that you'll marry me Sometimes carry me And I will be there forever more For you And if you marry me I will give every thing And I will do anything That you need Me to You'll know by the love in"
  • B.B. King Marry You
    "It's the sugar so sweet The kind I like to eat You and me Tell no one else about it I'm gonna make you mine Cause I know we've got the time Now and then baby Hey I want you to know I wanna marry you Isn't"

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