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Jojo Secret Love

  • Jojo - Sprung Monkey
    "It's catching up the time that's gone by And mirrors reflect the worries in my eyes Submerge me in your expectations I'll dazzle you with my performance Someday I just might take your life But for now"
  • Secret Love - Jojo
    "Boy youre so hard to believe Boy youre so hard to believe Just a friend Thats all Ive ever been to you Oh just a girl Who wants to be the center of your world But I aint got much to offer But"
  • Jojo Action - Mr. President
    "I`ll follow the sun Into a new day I`ll follow the sun Right to the place I wanna be We can make the world go round Why don`t you follow me Right to the place I wanna be Yeah, we can make The world go"
  • Jojo - Jacques Brel
    "Jojo Voici donc quelques rires Quelques vins quelques blondes J'ai plaisir te dire Que la nuit sera longue A devenir demain Jojo Moi je t'entends rugir Quelques chansons marines O des Bretons devinent Que"
  • Jojo - Patricia Kaas
    "On a tous des mots d'amour Cachs au fond de soi Un quai de gare Cherbourg O l'autre ne viendra pas On a tous laiss des larmes Dans un htel du Nord Pour un homme ou une femme Qui s'appelait encore Si tu"
  • Freq (feat. Jojo, Leah Labelle) - Pharrell Williams
    "You gotta go inward To experience the outer space That was built for you You gotta go inward (x4) Just picture the love It's pickin' you up Your temple should buzz From the vibration of love You see"
  • Secret - Asia Cruise
    "Hear my phone ring at three a.m. So I pick it up cuz I know its him He said I just wanna call Cuz I had a long day and I just wanna hear your voice He said Im on my way home from a flight And thought about"
  • Secret - Howie Day
    "It's your secret Why would you tell it to me It's your lover on the television, scream Why would you not try to be Why would you not try to see It's about blue hair I want to stay all night with you you've"
  • Secret - Madonna
    "Things haven't been the same Since you came into my life You found a way to touch my soul And I'm never, ever, ever gonna let it go Bridge: Happiness lies in your own hand It took me much too long to"
  • Secret - Quietdrive
    "hey bride of mine i love you so why'd you find another who would make love with you death do us part might be true before the doctor asked me what did i do hey here's the crime if you've got time i'll"
  • Secret - Heart
    "We lead two different lives Just like two lines that never cross And here we are together Standing closer than we are But we're still standing here untouched Too scared to make a move We want so much to"
  • Secret - Omd
    "I've got a secret I can't explain And all the time I've waited for this day All along I was never in doubt I always knew it would never get out There are things that I cannot tell And there are things"
  • Secret - Reba McEntire
    "She's quiet this morning She can't say why Sends her husband off to work With a kiss goodbye Unlocks that old diary Turns to the third of May Adds another tear to the page And it's lonely being the only"
  • Secret - Barbados
    "Noone who knows, does somebody here got a story to sell? Where did you go? I'm writing you letters and sending you mail A day passes by A night fades away, dreamed you will come back and stay Chorus: Got"
  • Secret - CB Milton
    "CB Milton Miscellaneous Secret Do you see her She is here, it's your friend Wants to be by your side When you feel so bad Cause he told you That he's gonna leave all behind All the love you had"
  • Secret - Ken Hensley
    "What is this place I find myself in? Where we're all supposed To think the same way All I see is patience growing thin While the people need someone With something to say In the garden of peace All around"
  • Secret - Hepcat
    "Ooh we know, yes we know now Ooh we know, yes we know now You're trying to keep it a secret (why must you try so) That you found a brand new lover You're hoping that you will believe it (why must you"
  • Secret - Marquess
    "Do you see her? She is here C it's you friend Wants to be by your side When you feel so bad 'Cause he told you That he's gonna leave all behind All the love you had Makes you feel so sad How it hurts But"
  • Secret - M.I.L.K
    "Yeah, know who this is? This is MILK For your angel oh, nae ga dwel guh ya Into your love, Into your heart na reul neu ggyuh nuhl hyang han nae ma eum jo shim seu reh da ga gal geh oh jak eun ji gab sok"
  • Secret - Baby Vox
    "Amu maldo piryo obnun i sungan your love buduroun ne sone gogerul jojhyo ne momul jogshyo onul bamdo gibun johun i shigan my love dalkomhan ne hyokuthe nukkyojyo borin ne couple ring Naman mollassosso"

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