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Jon Lajoie - I Kill People

  • I kill people - Jon Lajoie
    "Did you miss me Oooh, yeah What, what MC Vagina's right back in this bitch Two thousand nine is the year that I recorded this song Still not loving police Still got love for the vaginal crease Player haters"
  • Jon Doe - Nine
    "I make it on the humble, it's marvelous sippin fine wine and Champagne Smokin cannibis, poor folks don't understand this Helicopter rides, first class airline flights 50 pairs of Nike's, two gold mics a"
  • Kill - One Hit Wonder
    "It isn't funny anymore It's gettin' crazy now This is america Hey look its crumbling down I think we really got a problem here The solutions oh so clear Put their skulls on posts around the foe Kill the"
  • Head Bussa Feat. Lil Jon - Lil Scrappy
    "LIL JON - let's rise ! for the international headbussaz- wassup LIL SCRAPPY LIL SCRAPPY Lil Scrappy VME CLICK (who are you?) I'm Lil Jon, OKAY !!! BOOM (Chorus) we some headbussaz, we some head bussaz We'll"
  • Dirty Harry (Jon Carter Remix) - Gorillaz
    "I Need A Gun To Keep Myself From Harm The Poor People Are Burning In The Sun But They Ain't Got A Chance They Ain't Got A Chance I Need A Gun Cos All I Do Is Dance Cos All I Do Is Dance I Need"
  • People - Looptroop
    "Chorus (x2):We speak for those who can't speak cause they're afraid/write for those that can't write their own names/stand up for those who's sitting in a cage/and all my people that are suffering today/"
  • 2 Girls 1 Cup - Jon Lajoie
    "How do you show someone you love That they are the one So many ways to express love It's hard to choose just one How you gonna do it Some people like to kiss, some people like to hug, Some lesbians like"
  • Little Jon - Kool Moe Dee
    "Little Jon is on the streets late night on the ave. Lookin at the pretty girls and the things he'd love to have Street life heroes don't mean zero, but that's not what he sees Sidewalk stars and fancy"
  • High as fuck - Jon Lajoie
    "Have you ever watched the sun go down? And you're thinking bout' the world spinning round Have you ever been high as fuck? You're in the bathroom mirror talking to yourself And your dog's looking at you"
  • Sunday Afternoon - Jon Lajoie
    "Ladies and Gentlemen get off the dance floor and start doing your chores! IT'S SUNDAY AFTERNOON! It's Sunday Afternoon and there are a few things that I have to do, and I'm gon do em, I'm gon do em. It's"
  • Show me your genitals 2 - Jon Lajoie
    "Aahhh yeah, i`m back bitches. Women are equal and they deserve respect, Just kidding, they should suck my dick. Vagina (what!) vagina (what!) I want to have sex with your vagina (uhh) Vagina (what!) vagina"
  • People - Jon McLaughlin
    "People doing better, people needing morePeople writing letters, people get ignoredPeople saving money and people saving faceCHORUS:We're needing one reason to live in a worldWhere nothing is worthwhile"
  • Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "Guns dont kill people rappers do, Ask any politican and they'll tell you its true, Its a fact music makes you violent, Like Michael Jackson telling little Timmy to be silent, You don't believe me? Heres"
  • Ask Me Jon - Ocean Blue
    "Ask me, ask me Jon Ask me, ask me Jon How I got here How I got up here Jon How I got here I'm in the bright light now I'm in the bright light now Ask me, ask me Jon Ask me, ask me Jon How I got here How"
  • Ask Me Jon - The Ocean Blue
    "Ask me, ask me Jon Ask me, ask me Jon How I got here How I got up here Jon How I got here I'm in the bright light now I'm in the bright light now Ask me, ask me Jon Ask me, ask me Jon How I got here How"
  • I Kill Children - Dead Kennedys
    "God told me to skin you alive... I kill children I love to see them die I kill children And make their mamas cry Crush 'em under my car I wanna hear them scream Feed 'em poison candy To spoil their Halloween So"
  • Daenerys & Jon Snow - Margaret & Kacezet
    "nie mamy czasu na wojny domowe bo nadchodzą inni musimy być silni nie mamy czasu na wojny domowe bo nadchodzą inni z północy wije zimny wiatr musimy być silni dziś sie czuję jak Daenerys powstaje z ognia"
  • Kill somebody - Q Strange
    "When I get stressed and shit Yo I know you get stressed to We all got stress And all they're trying to tell you is meditation and relaxing and all that shit Fuck that man, that shit don't work There's"
  • Kill Me - Anybody Killa
    "Anybody Killa Hatchet Warrior Kill Me Hatchet Warrior:Kill Me You betta kill me or you die 40 sipping bullets filling the sky When Anybody Killa ride ain't no stopping me Bulletproof preventing you"
  • Kill Me - ABK
    "(Verse 1) You better kill me or you die, 47 Bullets fillin the sky, When Anybody Killa ride, ain't no stoppin' me, Bulletproof preventin' you from poppin' me, Unless your targets on my face, don't think"

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